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A man on a mission to bring high quality Cannabis and Marijuana seeds to the masses. Once a professional 'cash-cropper' now devoted to helping people buy the best marijuana seeds and strains for their needs.

The End Of The Season Sale

By |2022-09-26T22:00:57+01:00September 26th, 2022|Free Marijuana Seeds 420|

Celebrate outdoor harvest time with this special, End of the Season Sale. From today, buy a 10-seed packet from some of our top-selling strains and receive a second, identical packet, completely free of charge. All prices include postage and packaging, together with guaranteed delivery to all parts of the USA. Find out more...

Durban Poison Seed Sale

By |2022-09-21T14:15:28+01:00September 21st, 2022|Free Marijuana Seeds 420|

Durban Poison, a pure Sativa Marijuana strain, popular in the USA since its arrival from South Africa in the 1970's. Tall, bushy and easy to grow, the Feminized seeds are a popular choice for both indoor and outdoor growers. Now available in Autoflowering form, grow your own, high-quality buds, faster and easier than ever before. Celebrate the release of these new Marijuana seeds with a free, 10-seed packet, added to all qualifying purchases. Find out more...

Indoor Autoflowering Seeds For Sale

By |2022-09-14T16:19:48+01:00September 14th, 2022|Best Marijuana Seeds|

When it comes to fast, easy harvests, our selection of feminized indoor Autoflowering seeds for sale are the perfect choice. Find 'old-school' classics and new, powerful hybrid strains, all sold with guaranteed germination as standard. Make growing your own Marijuana easy during the Winter months. All you need is a single grow room and some of the best Autoflowering seeds for sale in the USA. Learn more here...

Do Si Dos Seed Sale

By |2022-09-07T15:15:25+01:00September 7th, 2022|Free Marijuana Seeds 420|

The Do Si Dos Marijuana seed sale starts today. For the coming days, our friends at I Love Growing Marijuana are giving away 10-free Do Si Dos Marijuana seeds with every 10-seed packet purchased. Enjoy some of the most powerful, potent buds, generous harvests and lip-smacking flavors, with these high quality seeds. Find out more...

Labor Day Seed Sale

By |2022-09-01T18:47:39+01:00September 1st, 2022|Free Marijuana Seeds 420|

The Labor Day seed sale has begun, with some of our very best Marijuana seeds for sale included in this buy-10-get-10-free offer. Choose from a selection of the finest Feminized seeds, guaranteed to germinate, producing the most vibrant female plants. Or perhaps try one of our pure-female Autoflowering strains, perfect for fast and easy, indoor harvests. Learn more...

The Higher Education Seed Sale

By |2022-08-24T20:28:47+01:00August 24th, 2022|Free Marijuana Seeds 420|

The outdoor growing season is coming to an end, with indoor operations starting back up. A great time to learn more about growing Marijuana plants. To help you, I Love Growing Marijuana have put together a collection of some of their finest strains, each one perfect for low-stress training methods and adaptable to a number of cultivation techniques. Find out more here...

Godfather OG Seed Sale

By |2022-08-17T19:52:47+01:00August 17th, 2022|Free Marijuana Seeds 420|

If you enjoy Marijuana with an ultra-high THC content, Godfather OG is the strain for you! With recorded levels of up to 30%, this is the 'Don' of the Cannabis and Marijuana world. Enjoy big yields, huge buds and relaxing effects from this High Times Cannabis Cup winning strain. Best of all, buy Godfather OG Marijuana seeds during the next few days and receive an extra 10-seed packet free. Find out more...

Buy Autoflowering Seeds

By |2022-08-15T13:54:06+01:00August 15th, 2022|Buying Marijuana Seeds In USA|

Buy Autoflowering seeds online and begin growing your own high-quality buds this Summer. Discover just how fast and easy growing Marijuana can be when you select the right seeds for growing outdoors during the Summer months. Autoflowering Marijuana seeds make growing easy. With a small amount of knowledge, even a complete beginner can produce a successful harvest. Learn more about fast, Autoflowering harvests...

Last Chance Auto Seed Sale

By |2022-08-10T09:31:25+01:00August 10th, 2022|Free Marijuana Seeds 420|

Free Marijuana Seeds Last Chance Auto Seed Sale. Spent the last week's thinking about buying Marijuana seeds and producing an outdoor crop? The Last Chance Auto Seed Sale is about to begin, giving you one last opportunity to generate your own, low-cost, high-quality, outdoor buds. Best of all, buy Autoflowering seeds online during the

New Gorilla Glue Seed Sale

By |2022-08-03T09:42:57+01:00August 3rd, 2022|Free Marijuana Seeds 420|

If you're a regular visitor to the site, you've probably seen our incredible Buy-10-Get-10-Free Deals. Now it's the turn of Gorilla Glue. A highly popular Marijuana strain, producing generous harvests of large, resin-coated buds. Enjoy potent THC levels and a relaxing, creative high. Perfect for evening and night-time use. Find out more...

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