How To Grow Cannabis

Best Tips For Growing Cannabis Plants

Our Best Tips For Growing Cannabis.

The last twenty years has seen a relaxation of the Cannabis laws across many parts of the USA. Government and State attitudes towards the plant have changed. From the zero-tolerance ‘War-on-Drugs’ policies of the late twentieth century. To legalized use and cultivation for adult residents. Many new businesses have been formed, tax revenue has been collected and more people than ever can legally grow their own Cannabis and Marijuana plants.

If you enjoy the effects of Cannabis and state laws permit, cultivating your own plants and buds can be a fun, relaxing and very rewarding hobby. Plants can be grown outdoors over the Summer months, or within a purpose-built, indoor growing area. Generate your own potent buds and high-quality harvests for a fraction of the cost. With a little knowledge and care, you’ll be surprised just how easy growing Cannabis can be.

Avoid the disappointment of low-quality buds. Whether you grow indoors or outside, utilizing a selection of methods and techniques, at various stages of the plants life, can yield big rewards. With a greater understanding, comes improved flavors, aroma’s and potency levels, all leading to bigger, better harvests. Find out more with our Best Tips For Growing Cannabis.

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Buy The Best Cannabis Seeds For Your Growing Style.

Selecting the best Cannabis seeds for your growing method and experience is essential. Buy Feminized Cannabis seeds to ensure every plant is female. Cultivated indoors or outside, these plants will flower when subjected to twelve hours of undisturbed darkness per-day, taking an average of 8 – 9 weeks to achieve complete maturity. With a wide choice of strains available, take some time to find the flavor’s and effects, you enjoy the most.

Cannabis plants can be successfully cultivated indoors and outside, given the correct conditions. Indica-dominant plants are generally squat and bushy, generating dense, resin-coated buds. Sativa-dominant plants grow taller, requiring a week or two longer to fully mature. Many of the most popular strains are hybrids, containing elements of both varieties of Cannabis. Choose varieties best suited to your growing method and climate. In states where the Fall begins early, select fast-maturing varieties, as well as those more resilient to damp, colder conditions.

Growing Cannabis indoors can produce a constant supply of the highest quality buds. Many modern hybrids perform better in controlled environments and although the necessary equipment requires an initial investment, these costs can soon be recouped in savings. Indoor grow tents, lights and fans can all be purchased online, with prices to suit all budgets. Purchase the best quality equipment you can afford. Low levels of light, or a lack of fresh air, will reduce your total yield.

Buy Cannabis seeds from a reputable supplier. It may be tempting to save a few dollars on cheap Cannabis seeds, but this often ends with a disappointing harvest. Professional breeders pride themselves on quality, supplying the best, freshest seeds. Buy Cannabis seeds with guaranteed germination and read reviews from other customers. Find the best strains for your growing methods, with the right flavor’s for you.

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Understand The Cannabis Life-Cycle.

Cannabis seeds are both the beginning and end, of the plant’s life-cycle. Once fully mature, seeds can be stored for months and years in the correct environment, ready to be activated, long after the ‘mother-plant’ has died.

Given the right conditions, these seeds will germinate, grow and flower, producing buds and, if fertilized, the seeds for the future generation. By fully understanding the life-cycle of the Cannabis plant, we can use a variety of methods, at different stages of the plant’s development, to maximize growth and quality.

Best Germination Tips For Growing Cannabis Plants

Germination Guide

Tips For Germination

It’s germination time! This specifically applies to seeds that are not autoflowering seeds. Put your cannabis seeds under lights and get them into germination mode while the weather’s still chilly (or at least unpredictable) outside.


Good quality seeds can be stored almost indefinitely, ready to be activated in following seasons. Naturally produced seeds contain a mix of both male and female plants. While feminized seeds are devoid of all male chromosomes, guaranteeing a pure-female plant. High-quality Cannabis seeds can be expensive, so it’s essential every seed you purchase germinates, producing a successful harvest.

Correctly germinating your Cannabis seeds and giving them the best start in life, ensures the maximum chances of success. From seed to sprouting can be as quick as just a few days, so being prepared is vital. Soaking the seeds for twenty-four hours before placing them within a paper-towel maximizes the success-rate.

Remove them carefully as the tap-root becomes exposed, placing them delicately in a light, soil mix. Water the medium sparingly and provide the seedlings with quality light. Over the coming weeks the young plant will grow and develop, advancing into the vegetative stage.

Find out more with our Tips For Germinating Cannabis Seeds.

Best Tips For Vegetating Cannabis Plants

Vegetation Guide

Tips For Vegetation

In a small space where vertical growing is required using the SCROG method is probably going to be your best friend. SCROG ensures that your plants grow in neat and tidy, which is a must if you’re looking to optimize a small amount of space.

The Vegetative Stage.

As your young seedling develops, it’s time to move it outdoors, or into a larger pot. During the next few weeks, the plant will grow rapidly, producing new leaves and branches, filling the available area. This growth period is called the vegetative stage and is the period of time when growers can most affect their potential yields. There are a variety of methods that can be employed during this phase, depending upon your growing style and choice of strain.

Maximizing light hours and intensity during this stage will help the plant to grow faster. Air-flow and movement improves structure, adding strength to the branches. Your plants will require a selection of nutrients and minerals to achieve maximum growth rates, as well as a regular supply of water.

During the vegetative stage, a range of low-stress training techniques can be utilized, maximizing the number of future budding sites and potential harvests. Tall strains can be controlled using the Screen-of-Green method, bending and topping. While squat, dense Indica-dominant strains are better suited to the Sea-of-Green technique, pruning and super-cropping.

Find out more with our Tips For Growing Cannabis.

Best Tips For Flowering Cannabis Plants

Flowering Guide

Tips For Flowering Cannabis Plants

There are several simple things you can do to make your buds grow bigger and more potent! You’ll need to remove dying leaves, give your plant an extra boost of nutrients, check that the soil PH is balanced, and increase the light intensity as the plants increase in size.

The Flowering Cycle.

The flowering cycle begins when the plants receive twelve hours of undisturbed darkness per day. For outdoor growers, this starts natural towards the end of the Summer months, July and August. While indoor growers can send their plants to flower whenever they wish, with a simple reduction in light-hours. The plants may stretch during the first few weeks, then growth will slow, as they focus on bud development.

Over the next 8 – 9 weeks, the plants will pre-flower, bud and mature ready for harvesting. Nutrient levels should be adjusted, reducing Nitrogen, while increasing Potassium and Magnesium. As the buds begin to ripen and change color, around week 6 – 7, begin flushing your plants, feeding them only water. Check the Ph levels are at 6.2, for optimum uptake and take care not to over-water and drown the roots.

Growing indoors allows for a greater degree of environmental control. Ensure the temperature and humidity levels are correct. Prune lower leaves and weak branches to improve air-flow and watch for changes in the pistils and trichomes color, indicating peak ripeness. Outdoor growers need to pay attention to the weather as their plants mature. Cold, damp air can quickly cause bud-rot and mold.

Find out more with our Tips For Flowering Cannabis.

Best Tips For Harvesting Cannabis Plants

Harvesting Guide

Tips For Harvesting Cannabis Plants.

The easiest way to determine if a bud is ripe for harvesting is by checking its pistils. If the buds are starting to develop, they’re all white, and they’ll start to discolor around the fourth week of flowering. If most pistils are white, the marijuana plant isn’t ripe enough for harvest and the bud is still lacking alot of weight and THC.

Harvesting Your Cannabis Buds.

After a couple of months in flower, your plants should be ready to harvest. Don’t be tempted to cut them down too early, the buds gain the majority of their weight and density towards the end of the flowering process. However, leave the buds too long and they will pass their peak ripeness, increasing the chances of mold.

Time your harvests to suit your own tastes. Buds taken slightly early have an uplifting, energizing effect. While those left a little later induce a more narcotic, relaxed sensation. Use a magnifying glass to closely inspect the trichomes. When they appear full of a milky liquid, the buds are at peak ripeness.

Plan your harvest. Decide if you’re going to cut-down the whole plant, or just the upper-most, mature buds. Often growers will leave these lower sections of the plant for an extra week to mature. Plants can be rejuvenated and forced back to vegetative growth after harvesting. Leave enough shoots to produce new branches if you’re going to re-grow the plant.

Find out more with our Tips For Harvesting Cannabis.

Best Tips For Growing Autoflowering Cannabis Plants

Autoflower Guide

Tips For Growing Autoflowering Plants.

Try growing autoflower strains, these will be ready for harvest in 10 weeks and are perfect for beginner growers who are just starting out. Autoflowers are typically small, compact plants and require minimal maintenance or specialized care.

Autoflowering Cannabis Seeds.

Autoflowering seeds are a faster, easier way to grow your own Cannabis. Completely feminized, guaranteed to produce female-only plants, they grow and bud simultaneously, with no need for hours of darkness to promote flowering. Per-plant yields are smaller than traditional Cannabis plants, but the quality, flavor and effects remain the same.

Many outdoor growers plant Autoflowering seeds from Spring through to the middle of Summer. Given long-hours of strong sunlight, the plants grow, bud and completely mature over a period of 10 – 12 weeks from sprouting. Easy to grow, these strains can provide a constant supply of fresh, high-quality buds throughout the Summer months.

More and more indoor growers are choosing to grow Autoflowering seeds. Maintaining a constant 18/6, on-off light-cycle, produces the biggest, best-quality harvests. This allows indoor growers the opportunity to grow plants of all ages under a single light-source. Replacing a mature plant with a fresh seedling will produce a constant supply, with no need for a change in light-hours.

Find out more with our Tips For Growing Autoflowering Cannabis Seeds.

Buy Cannabis Seeds In The USA.

Growing your own Cannabis can be as easy, or as complicated as you wish to make it. From fast, easy-to-grow Autoflowering seeds, planted outdoors. Through to indoor growing rooms, automated, hydroponic and fully controlled. Whatever your style, or level of experience, make sure you buy Cannabis seeds from a registered, reputable supplier.

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With strain reviews, growing guides and nutrient tables, find all the help and support you need to produce your own successful harvest. Discover a wide choice of seeds, suitable for all levels of experience and growing methods.

Save yourself money with a choice of Mix-Packs. Each one contains three different strains with a complimentary theme. Available in 5, 10 and 20, receive 15, 30 or 60 seeds in total. Enjoy a massive discount compared to individual pack purchases.

New to growing Cannabis and looking for some help? Our Grow-Kits contain the seeds, nutrients and additives you’ll need to produce your own successful harvest. Choose from several different feminized kits, or the popular Autoflowering Grow Kit.

Buying Cannabis seeds online in the USA is safe, secure and perfectly legal. Make sure you buy Cannabis seeds from the best suppliers and producers for the biggest harvests.

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