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Attitudes are changing, cash is being replaced by plastic, shops replaced by apps, letters by emails and buying cannabis seeds in the USA online, commonplace. With many States now permitting residents of legal age to grow a limited number of cannabis plants for personal use, the demand for both recreational and medical strains of cannabis has increased substantially.

Since the State of Colorado legalized the public possession of up to 28 grams, and the cultivation of up to six plants per household for personal consumption, many other States have altered their laws, including; California, Massachusetts, Nevada and Maine, leading to a huge increase for high quality cannabis seeds across the USA.

With the changes in the laws governing cannabis seeds USA citizens across many states can now legally grow their own plants for personal use, with many areas now permitting the use of cannabis for medical and recreational purposes, without the need for a prescription.

With States as far apart as Alaska to California allowing the possession and cultivation of cannabis seeds, growing methods and techniques differ. While Southern States enjoy long, warm Summers and the slow onset of Fall, Northern States have a very short outdoor growing season with fast-flowering strains a ‘must’ for outdoor growers, and popularizing indoor growing methods and techniques.

Here at Marijuana Seeds US we have a wide and varied selection of the highest quality cannabis seeds for sale, all hand-selected and guaranteed to germinate. Whether you are new to growing cannabis seeds in the USA, or a seasoned veteran, we have a large choice of strains perfect for all levels of experience. Learn more about the different types of cannabis seeds USA.

Autoflowering Cannabis Seeds USA

Buying and planting autoflowering cannabis seeds in the USA is one of the easiest ways to produce your own regular harvests of high quality cannabis buds throughout the Summer and early Fall. Requiring very little care or attention, these feminized autoflowering strains flower and completely mature, regardless of the time of year, or daily hours of sunlight.

Devoid of male chromosomes, each seed is guaranteed to produce a pure female cannabis plant, growing and flowering simultaneously until completely maturity over an average of eight weeks from sprouting. With no set hours of darkness required, regular planting over the Spring and Summer, with the plants maturing after just eight weeks, will result in regular harvests throughout the mid and later months of the season.

Smaller than conventional cannabis plants, yields are reduced but the taste, aroma and effects remain similar. Highly adaptable and very easy to grow, autoflowering cannabis seeds are the perfect choice for growing outdoors, regardless of experience, especially in States which permit a limited number of plants per household.

Beginning with Lowryder, autoflowering seeds have become more and more popular due to their speed and easy-to-grow nature. We offer a wide and extensive choice of feminized autoflowering seeds in a variety of pack sizes and prices.

Learn more about Lowryder and many more autoflowering strains.

Best selection of autoflowering seeds in USA.

Autoflowering Seeds

We offer a selection of the very best autoflowering seeds, each guaranteed to germinate and produce strong, stable female-only plants, capable of flowering regardless of the number of hours of darkness they receive. The highest quality genetics ensure discreet, compact plants, capable of quality harvests in the fastest time possible. The number #1 choice for ‘guerrilla-growers’ across the USA during the Summer months, with guaranteed delivery and germination assured with every purchase.

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High CBD Feminized Autoflower Seeds USA

The increase in popularity of medical cannabis has led to the creation of High CBD seeds, strains with a lower THC content and higher levels of CBD than traditional, recreational cannabis. Recent studies show that CBD may have certain health benefits and assist in the treatment of a range of ailments, illnesses and conditions.

It has long been accepted by the medical community that CBD can help to reduce seizures in epilepsy suffers, and medical cannabis is routinely prescribed across many parts of the USA to help reduce and manage the condition. Other medicinal uses include the reducing chronic pain, especially joint and muscular pain, including arthritis.

We offer a selection of High CBD autoflowering strains in our cannabis seeds USA collection, each based on a long established, stable medical strain. Very easy-to-grow and with similar characteristics to traditional autoflowering seeds, they are the perfect choice for growing outdoors, during the Spring and Summer months.

Combined growing and flowering allows these high CBD autoflowering seeds to completely mature in approximately 8 weeks from sprouting, producing indoor yields of between 100 – 150 grams of high quality, dried medical grade cannabis per square meter. Cultivated outdoors with a warm, sunny climate, harvests of up to 150 grams per plant can easily be achieved.

With an equal, balanced CBD and THC content of between 6 – 9%, Kush CBD Autoflowering seeds are one of our most popular, easy-to-grow medical strains, appealing to both recreational and medicinal users alike, regardless of their growing experience.

Find out more about CBD Kush auto and other High CBD strains.

High CBD seeds with low to High THC content.

High CBD Autoflowering Seeds

CBD is well known for it’s medicinal benefits and medical applications. Research and studies have shown that high CBD can actively assist in reducing conditions such as PTST, chronic pain, rheumatism and many other ailments. We have some of the best high CBD strains available, all with superior genetics and guaranteed germination. Enjoy total and complete support from purchase to harvest, assuring you of the very best seeds, strongest plants and balanced, medical marijuana buds.

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CBD Feminized Cannabis Seeds USA

For those people wanting greater medicinal benefits, and lower THC levels, we have a collection of CBD feminized cannabis seeds for sale. Stable, high quality strains with elevated CBD levels of up to 15%, while reducing the THC content to less than 1%, inducing very little psychoactive effects or ‘high’.

Choose from a selection of medical CBD seeds, all completely feminized and guaranteed to produce a pure female cannabis plant. Highly adaptable, many of the strains can be grown indoors within a purpose built growing area, or outside over the course of the growing season.

Flowering times average approximately eight weeks, with the plants requiring at least twelve hours of uninterrupted darkness per night to produce their best harvests. Yields vary, depending upon the strain and growing conditions, with above average, per plant harvests easily achievable.

Many of the States allow medical cannabis users to grow a limited number of plants for medicinal use, other States classify cannabis strains with less than 0.3% THC content as Hemp. With a selection of CBD seeds available offering these low THC levels, it’s possible to grow cannabis without breaking the law.

One of the most popular medical strains currently available is Carmagnola, a feminized cannabis strain with a 6 – 9% CBD content and 0.3% THC level. Very easy-to-grow and perfect for outdoors, this fast-flowering strain induces virtually no ‘high’ and is perfect for making oil and edibles with.

View Carmagnola in our feminized CBD seeds section.

New strains available - Feminized CBD seeds.

Popular CBD Feminized Seeds

With a wide variety of flavors, aromas and medicinal applications, our selection of CBD seeds contain extremely high concentrations, while reducing the THC levels to a fraction of 1%. These marijuana seeds won’t grow plants that get you high, but they will produce traditional buds with large doses of medical CBD. Marijuana with high CBD levels are often considered a ‘day-time’ smoke, leaving the user pleasantly high and relaxed, while still able to function and perform in their usual manner. Users looking for the most powerful high’s should avoid strains with an elevated CBD content.

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Feminized Cannabis Seeds USA

Feminized cannabis seeds are the preferred choice of many growers, offering guaranteed female plants and stable, uniform harvests. Our feminized cannabis seeds USA collection contains a wide selection of seeds, from ‘old-school’ classics including Blueberry and Northern Lights, to the new and extremely potent USA strains, such as Wedding Cake and Girl Scout Cookies.

Feminized cannabis seeds are devoid of all male chromosomes, ensuring that every seed purchased produces a pure female plant. Highly adaptable, many strains are able to grow either indoors, or outside, given good growing conditions and a warm, sunny climate.

Flowering begins when the plants receive twelve hours of uninterrupted darkness per night, allowing indoor growers the opportunity of increasing or decreasing the vegetative period to any length of time, depending on their individual growing methods, techniques, or available space.

With many different strains available, feminized cannabis seeds offer a choice of flavors, aromas and effects. Indica dominant varieties produce dense, sticky buds with ‘couch-locking’ effects, while Sativa dominant cannabis seeds produce taller plants with a longer flowering time and a more creative, euphoric sensation.

A popular favorite with many indoor and outdoor growers are our Blueberry feminized cannabis seeds. Uniform and stable, they produce identical plants time after time, with an easy-to-grow nature, and natural resilience to many common bugs, molds and bacterial rooting problems. Enjoy fruity, aromatic Blueberry buds, perfect for both recreational and medicinal users alike.

Find out more about Blueberry and feminized strains.

Feminized cannabis seeds USA collection.

Feminized cannabis seeds USA

All of our feminized marijuana seeds are sold with guaranteed germination and the assurance of pure, female-only plants, capable of producing the highest quality buds with a defined set of traits and attributes. Each and every purchase is guaranteed to arrive and germinate, removing much of the disappointment often associated with buying marijuana seeds online. Enjoy total and complete support from purchase to harvest with these premium quality feminized marijuana seeds.

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Medical Cannabis Seeds USA

Our medical cannabis seeds USA collection contains a selection of high quality, feminized seeds, containing good levels of both THC and CBD, providing a balanced ‘high’ and medicinal benefits. A popular choice with many recreational users and growers, choose from a wide variety of strains, including a selection of autoflowering seeds and money-saving Mixed packs.

Original cannabis seeds, found growing naturally, can be split into two, separate classifications. Indica varieties, which are short, bushy and hardy, with a short flowering period, and Sativa’s, that are found near the equator, grow taller and require a longer, more gentle flowering phase.

Both varieties produce a different form of ‘high’ with Indica strains providing a ‘body-buzz’ and ‘couch-locking’ effect, while Sativa strains produce more of a creative, euphoric sensation. Medical benefits also differ with Indica’s able to provide chronic pain relief, help to sleep and relaxation. While Sativa’s can energize and invigorate, reducing stress, depression and other mental health issues.

Many of the most popular strains in our cannabis seeds USA collection contain both Indica and Sativa genetics, often referred to as hybrid strains. Containing high levels of both CBD and THC, they are enjoyed by both recreational and medical users alike for their potent, powerful highs and therapeutic, medicinal benefits.

Many of the modern, most popular strains are based upon ‘Old School’ classics, mixing their genetics with new and exciting flavors. Northern Lights is one such strain, combining both Sativa and Indica properties, to produce aromatic and colorful buds, with both recreational and medicinal properties.

Click below to learn more about Northern Lights, part of our Medical Cannabis seeds USA collection.

Grow Medical cannabis seeds In USA.

Medical Marijuana seeds USA

Large parts of the USA allow the use of medical marijuana for registered patients suffering from a variety of conditions and ailments. We offer a wide selection of medical marijuana seeds, each capable of generating the highest quality buds, suitable for reducing and managing many of these conditions. We supply the very best medical marijuana seeds, all sold with guaranteed delivery and germination to all parts of the USA. Secure payment and ‘stealth’ shipping practices ensure you will receive your purchase, without adding any more unnecessary stress into your life

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Buy Cannabis Seeds In The USA

You can buy cannabis seeds in the USA online and enjoy secure payment facilities, completely private transactions and guaranteed ‘stealth’ delivery when you order your seeds through us. All of our recommended seeds and strains are produced and shipped by I Love Growing Marijuana, one of the world’s leading producers and suppliers of high quality cannabis and marijuana seeds.

Choose from a wide selection of stable, completely guaranteed seeds, from fast-maturing autoflowering strains, to medical seeds and potent, recreational varieties. Select a payment method that suits you best, all fully secure and totally confidential.

Delivery is fully guaranteed to all parts of the USA, and included in the price, with ‘stealth’ shipping and postage methods used as standard. Enjoy first-class customer care from purchase through to harvest, answering any issues or concerns, helping you achieve the very best harvest possible.

If you’re looking for value, buy cannabis seeds in the USA included in our special offers. From time-to-time I Love Growing Marijuana hold promotions and offers on a variety of their seeds, often doubling the amount of cannabis seeds you receive for your money.

Buy 10 get 10 free cannabis seeds with these special offers.

Buy 10 seeds get 10 free cannabis seeds on selected strains.

Buy Marijuana seeds in the USA with guaranteed delivery and germination. We offer the best marijuana seed deals, many in regular, autoflowering and feminized form. These cannabis deals change every month so you can grow more strains for half the price. If you purchase 10 marijuana seeds online you will also receive 10 free cannabis seeds on selected strains.

Click here to view the latest cannabis seeds on sale in USA

How To Grow Cannabis Seeds In The USA

Once you’ve selected your favorite strains from our cannabis seeds USA collection you will want to achieve the very best, and biggest harvests possible. Seasoned growers often have a wealth of experience and knowledge they can use to help their plants produce the largest, highest quality yields possible, while new growers often lack these skills.

Whether you’re growing indoors or outside, having a basic understanding of how cannabis plants grow, flower and mature is essential in producing a good harvest. Super-cropping, pruning and bending, as well as growing methods such as the Sea-of-Green or Screen-of-green technique, can substantially increase both indoor and outdoor yields, utilizing all available space.

Different strains require different amounts of flowering time, with some plants maturing after just seven weeks, while others require up to ten weeks to fully ripen. They all however, follow similar rules, needing twelve hours of uninterrupted darkness to flower at optimum levels, and require similar nutrients to produce the largest, most potent buds.

You can fast-track all the necessary information, avoiding many of the common mistakes made by both new and experienced growers, by downloading the free, Marijuana Grow Guide. Packed full of up-to-date information, this free, no obligation download is available from I Love Growing Marijuana,regardless of whether you buy from our cannabis seeds USA collection.

Learn how to correctly germinate your cannabis seeds and increase the yields from your plants.

Grow Cannabis Seeds Like A Pro In USA

Get bigger, tastier buds with the free, Marijuana Grow Guide.

Learn How To Grow Cannabis Seeds In USA

Take the fast-lane, and produce high quality buds and a worthwhile harvest from your marijuana seeds by using the techniques, tips and methods employed by professional, Amsterdam commercial growers. Download the free, no obligation Marijuana Grow Bible and save yourself hours of internet searches and produce a potent harvest, first-time and every-time. For many beginners it’s all about how to grow marijuana. However, seasoned and professional gardeners know that growing marijuana plants is only half the process, and understanding when, and how to correctly harvest, dry and manicure the plants and buds is just as important

Download the free grow guides online

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