Critical Kush Marijuana Seeds

Critical Kush Feminized Marijuana Seeds

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Critical Mass Feminized Marijuana seeds are now available to buy online. A blend of the finest Critical Mass and OG Kush genetics, the resulting plants are all female and perfectly stable.

Top quality genetics and superior breeding have produced a squat, bushy plant with the yields of a good quality Critical strain. Combined with the power and potency of the OG Kush, these new seeds are a perfect choice for growing indoors in Canada.

A plant of limited height, reaching between 90 – 120 cm when fully mature, it produces strong, close branches and multiple budding sites. The large, dark green leaves are typical of a good Indica, and may require pruning during flowering to improve the air-flow.

Perfect for growers with some knowledge or previous experience, not recommended for complete beginners. The large buds can suffer from mold issues during the later parts of flowering, if the humidity is too high.

Critical Kush can produce very bushy plants with good harvests of dense, heavy buds. Very popular with outdoor growers across southern parts of the USA and warmer parts of Europe, it produces creamy, sweet buds with a powerful and intense high.

Critical Kush Marijuana Strain Review.

A popular strain with an average 9 – 10 week flowering cycle, we recommended Marijuana growers in Canada cultivate these plants indoors to achieve the best quality harvests. The Sea-of-Green technique produces the best results from these Critical Kush Feminized Marijuana seeds, due to their reduced height and bushy structure.

As with all traditional Marijuana seeds, flowering begins when the daylight hours are reduced below 12 per day. Indoor growers will achieve the best results when flowering under a 12/12 on-off light-cycle. Outdoor growers will have to wait for the daylight hours to naturally decrease towards the end of the Summer months.

With over two months required in flower for these Critical Kush Feminized Marijuana seeds to fully mature, growing them outside in Canada will not produce a worthwhile harvest. The cold night air, heavy moisture content and short daylight hours are not the best conditions. Growers in southern US states however, can generate large plants and high-quality harvests.

An Indica dominant plant producing large dense, resin coated buds. THC levels are high, between 14% -20% inducing a relaxing high with physical effects. The buds have a sweet lemon and pine fragrance and flavor, producing a rich, thick smoke. Perfect for night-time use and assisting restful sleep.

Critical Kush Feminized.

Heavy yields of sweet flavored buds with a high THC content
PLANT TYPE : Feminized
SATIVA or INDICA : Indica dominant strain
THC LEVEL : High 14% – 20%
CBD : Low
YIELD : High ( Up to 600 grams per sq meter )
FLOWERING PERIOD : Average ( 9 – 10 weeks )
CLIMATE : Sunny / Mediterranean
MEDICAL : Can reduce pain, stress and insomnia
EFFECTS : Relaxing and uplifting
RECOMMENDED FOR : Indoor, Outdoor
Seedbank: Crop King Cannabis Seeds Review
Critical Kush Marijuana Seeds

Strain: Critical Kush

Plant Type: Feminized

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