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Super Silver Haze is a world famous Cannabis strain, winning the High Times Cannabis Cup in 1997,8 and 1999, as well as countless awards and ‘expo’s since. A legendary plant with a frosted, silver appearance due to the extreme resin production and overall, light green colouring.

Created using a mix of Skunk, Northern Lights and a high quality Haze, these feminized, stable seeds produce female only plants with large running colas and multiple buds. Almost all indoor growers wish to grow unseeded buds, this requires the growing and flowering area to be totally free of any male plants and pollen. These Super Silver Haze feminized seeds contain no male genes or chromosomes, and are totally guaranteed to germinate, and produce only female Marijuana plants.

Best results are obtained by growing these seeds indoors under good environmental conditions, although this strain has shown a resistance to mold, where it will yield approximately 550 grams per square meter.

The dominant Sativa genetics contained in these Super Silver Haze Medical Marijuana seeds produce a fast, hard-hitting cerebral high that leaves you feeling very relaxed, happy and euphoric. A very energizing, clear buzz that’s perfect for daytime use. The increased THC levels of 18% combined with a medium CBD content induces a very uplifting effect, while lacking the heavy body-stone that some hybrid strains can induce.

You can buy Super Silver Haze feminized seeds from I Love Growing Marijuana seedbank, available in packs of 5, 10 and 20 feminized seeds, all guaranteed by Robert Bergman himself.


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High Quality Marijuana Seeds

An almost pure Sativa, Super Silver Haze is well-known for it’s large glistening buds and generous coating of resin. A fast-maturing Haze producing a clear, energizing high that can be enjoyed all day with no loss of effect.

PLANT TYPE : Feminized
SATIVA or INDICA : 10% – 90% Sativa dominant
THC LEVEL : High at 18%
CBD : (Medical) Medium
YIELD : High ( 550 gr/m2 – 19 oz )
FLOWERING PERIOD : Average ( 65 days )
CLIMATE : Sunny / Mediterranean
Smoking Effects:

The dominant Sativa genetics produce a strong, powerful high leaving the user feeling happy, uplifted and relaxed, while the inclusion of a small amount of Indica genes produce a slow building ‘body-buzz’ that be be energising and euphoric. A great strain for a long-lasting daytime high.

Plant characteristics:

Named Super Silver Haze for its glistening appearance, expect long-running cola’s and large buds, totally covered in resin. With a high percentage of Sativa genetics, the plants can grow very tall, Screen-of-Green, topping and bending during the end of the vegetative and beginning of the flowering stage will enhance yields as well as reduce any future height issues.

Medicinal Use:

Super Silver Haze can have a positive, uplifting effect on both the mind and body. It can help reduce pain and fatigue in the body, as well as stimulating positive and creative thoughts which can enhance a person’s mood, reducing stress and depression.


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Guaranteed germination conditions:

If you follow the germination instructions exactly and your cannabis seeds do not germinate, then they will be replaced for free. If less then 50% do not germinate, I love growing marijuana will replace double those seeds in your next order. If more then 50% do not germinate, free replacement seeds will be send right away.

NOTICE: You may be asked to return the ungerminated feminized seeds.

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