About Marijuana Seeds USA

Hi and welcome to About us and our website, Marijuana Seeds US.

With our fifty years experience between myself and business partner, we felt the time was right to build a site dedicated to our favorite hobby and pleasure…..growing and smoking high quality marijuana. Combining our joint love of the good weed and technical abilities seemed a perfect match, and after much planning and creating, we finally launched our latest website at the beginning of June.

As long-term cannabis seed customers, we know the disappointment that low quality seeds can bring, the confusion and frustration of lost seeds and the sheer annoyance of ‘dud’ seeds that never germinate, or one’s that sprout, only to ‘limp-off’ and die within the first few days of growth. Luckily we haven’t suffered any of those problems for a number of years, having found a supplier that guarantees delivery, as well as germination, and supplies only seeds of the highest quality.

Deciding to promote only the highest quality marijuana seeds was easy, we affiliated ourselves with I Love Growing Marijuana, the world’s best online marijuana seed producer and supplier, cultivating a business relationship to promote their finest seeds and strains. Then began the long process of turning our knowledge of their seeds, into easy to read information, displaying all the details we believe relevant in deciding which are the best marijuana seeds for your growing style and experience.

Whether it’s recreational or medicinal use, we can offer strains perfectly suited to your needs and tastes. High quality Indica dominant seeds, great for faster harvests. Sativa variations that love growing outdoors, or autoflowering seeds, for those discreet and ‘guerrilla growers’.

So why choose to buy your marijuana seeds through us? We promote and offer only the highest quality seeds, all sold with guaranteed delivery and germination. Through our affiliated partnership with I Love Growing Marijuana, we can offer every single customer the complete assurance of guaranteed delivery, germination and quality, as well as all the help, information and customer support you may need to produce a successful harvest.

With a wealth of highly stable and successful marijuana strains available, we are proud to have launched this website and hope to see you visit again soon to read our ‘Blog’ updates and enjoy the sensational new seeds and strains currently being developed.


My order arrived safely in 12 days, all 10 seeds spourted and look strong and healthy. Highly recommended…

Steve, Maine

Thank you Eden, you guys have been great getting me started. Seeds shipped quickly to Cali cant wait to order more.

Suzy, California

Very good strains! Discreet packaging and fast delivery. Awesome company.

Billybong, Nevada