Buy CBD Cannabis Seeds.

With a wide variety of flavors, aromas and medicinal applications, our selection of CBD seeds contain extremely high concentrations, while reducing the THC levels to a fraction of 1%. These marijuana seeds won’t grow plants that get you high, but they will produce traditional buds with large doses of medical CBD.

Whether you wish to grow your plants indoors, or outside during the season, we offer a complete collection containing some of the best CBD seeds available. All completely feminized, each seed is guaranteed to germinate, producing a pure female plant.

As well as our conventional feminized CBD seeds, all of which require uninterrupted hours of regular darkness to flower, we also offer three Autoflowering CBD seeds, perfect for beginners and growing outdoors. These three autoflowering strains each provided exceptionally high levels of CBD, with a low, negligible THC content.

Reports and studies from a wide number of countries, conclude that CBD can have a positive impact on a wide number of medical ailments and conditions. If you want to grow marijuana purely for its medicinal benefits and properties, without the feeling of being ‘high’ or ‘stoned’, these are the best seeds for you.

Choose from a selection of cannabis seeds for sale and different strains, each offering its own unique flavor and medicinal benefits. Select a pack size and payment method from the secure options, and enjoy free, guaranteed delivery to all parts of the USA and Europe, together with all the help and support you may need from purchase through to harvest.

CBD Cannabis Seeds For Sale.

Autoflower CBD Seeds Mix

Autoflower CBD Mix Pack

Autoflowering CBD Seeds Mix

Containing equal amounts of both THC and CBD, they produce a balanced high and positive effects, perfect for both recreational and medicinal use.

Blueberry CBD Feminized Seeds

Blueberry CBD Feminized

Blueberry CBD Marijuana Seeds

Blueberry CBD is a potent high-CBD Indica dominant marijuana strain. It delivers a unique euphoria while also providing relief.

Carmagnola CBD Feminized Seeds

Carmagnola CBD Feminized

Carmagnola CBD Marijuana Seeds

Carmagnola CBD is an Indica dominant marijuana strain with close to no THC. Growing Carmagnola CBD seeds are a great way to enjoy GMO free legal cannabis.

Kush CBD Autoflower Seeds

CBD Kush Autoflower

CBD Kush Autoflowering Seeds

CBD Kush Auto seeds are easy to grow and fast flowering, no trimming is required during the grow cycle. Enjoy guaranteed results with this 50% Indica 50% Sativa hybrid.

Kush CBD Feminized Seeds

CBD Kush Feminized

CBD Kush Marijuana Seeds

Kush CBD is a medicinal strain which produces high CBD and low THC levels, These seeds can be grown under most conditions producing great yields.

Critical Mass CBD Autoflower Seeds

Critical Mass CBD Autoflower

Critical Mass CBD Autoflowering Seeds

Critical Mass CBD Auto is a rich, autoflower version of the popular Indica dominant strain of marijuana. Produces high yields and relaxing effects.

Critical Mass CBD Feminized Seeds

Critical Mass CBD Feminized

Critical Mass CBD Marijuana Seeds

Critical Mass feminized is a cannabis strain that promotes relaxation without the couchlock effect. Great yields, if your new to growing this strain provides fuss free cultivation.

OG Kush CBD Feminized Seeds

OG Kush CBD Feminized

OG Kush CBD Marijuana Seeds

OG Kush CBD seeds by I Love Growing Marijuana are sure to be a hit with our USA customers, with fast flowering times between 8-9 weeks this legendary strain could help you treat a wide range of physical conditions in no time.

Strawberry kush CBD Feminized Seeds

Strawberry Kush CBD Feminized

Strawberry Kush CBD Marijuana Seeds

Strawberry Kush CBD has less than 0.2% THC with a very high CBD levels upto 8%. These hand selected indica dominant seeds produce small easy to grow plants ideal for beginners.

White Widow CBD Autoflower Seeds

White Widow CBD Autoflower

White Widow CBD Autoflowering Seeds

White Widow is a legendary strain now available with higher CBD and lower THC levels in autoflowering form, Flowering time is just 8 weeks.  A complex body stone with a clear cerebral high .

White Widow CBD Feminized Seeds

White Widow CBD Feminized

White Widow CBD Marijuana Seeds

CBD White Widow strain contains the highest CBD content, the results give you a powerful mental high and calming physical relaxation stone.


Organic CBD Oil 5% Free Shipping to USA

5% CBD Oil

We offer the highest quality CBD oil made from industrial hemp and containing little, if any THC. Highly effective, this 5% CBD oil is sold in 100 ml bottles fitted with a handy dripper for precise self medication, with each bottle containing approximately 200 drops.

Related CBD Cannabis products.

Big Bud Seeds

Low CBD Seeds

Low CBD Feminized Seeds

Although many smokers compare THC levels, it is often the CBD content that controls the effects marijuana produces. A strain with high THC and CBD may seem tempting, but a lower CBD level produces a much stronger ‘high’ and ‘stoned’ sensation.
White Widow Seeds

Medium CBD Seeds

Medium CBD Feminized Seeds

We offer a wide selection of strains containing medium CBD levels, perfect for both recreational and medical marijuana users alike. Whether it’s a Sativa, Indica or hybrid strain, a balanced THC/CBD content produces the cleanest, clearest high.
Blueberry Seeds

High CBD Seeds

High CBD Feminized Seeds

Marijuana with high CBD levels are often considered a ‘day-time’ smoke, leaving the user pleasantly high and relaxed, while still able to function and perform in their usual manner. Users looking for the most powerful high’s should avoid strains with an elevated CBD content.