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Bergman’s Plant Food.

Robert Bergman’s Plant Food provides all the nutrients necessary to achieve vigorous and healthy marijuana growth. Used in conjunction with the scheduled feeding chart, it covers the complete life-cycle of the plant,  from seedling, through to boosting the buds size and weight, prior to harvest.

Perfect for both new and experienced growers, Bergman’s plant food is available as a complete fertilizer set, containing enough nutrients for the complete growth and flowering of either 5 or 25  marijuana plants. Alternatively, each individual pack may also be purchased independently.

If you want the biggest harvests and tastiest buds you’ll need to provide your marijuana plants with a complete range of nutrients from common Nitrogen and Phosphorous, through to a host of micro and macro nutrients required for exponential growth.

Produced as four separate compounds, Bergman’s Plant Food contains all the nutrients required at each stage of the plants development, with specially designed formula’s following a designated feeding schedule. As the plant develops from seedling through to growth, flowering and finally maturity, each selected formula with provide your marijuana plants with the perfect combination of nutrients, ensuring maximum growth at each stage of their lives.

Whether you are choosing to grow indoors or outside, using soil, an inert medium, or a hydroponic set-up, Bergman’s Plant Food offers the complete feeding solution, providing all the plants needs while removing the guess work of which compounds to use, and when, by following the feeding pattern charts provided.

We recommend buying Bergman’s Plant Food when you buy Marijuana seeds to produce the healthiest, strongest plants, and generate the highest quality, biggest harvests possible. Learn more about each individual compound, and their role in the life-cycle of the plant.

Bergmans Seedling Fertilizer

Seedling Fertilizer.

N-P-K  11-40-13

Designed to give each young marijuana seedling the very best start, with the perfect blend of nutrients for the first few weeks of their lives. Ensures strong, healthy root development and rich, vibrant growth.

Bergmans Growtime Fertilizer

Growtime Fertilizer.

N-P-K  19-5-20

The growth phase is critical in the plants development if you wish to produce large, high quality harvests. This specially formulated compound ensures the plants receive all the nutrients they require for healthy development of the leaves, branches and rooting system, while protecting your plants from diseases and deficiencies.

Bergmans Flowertime Fertilizer

Flowertime Fertilizer.

N-P-K  16-6-30

Specially formulated for marijuana plants, Bergman’s flowering plant food stimulates the development of budding sites, and maintains healthy leaves and roots to achieve maximum growth. Used as soon as the plant begins to flower, the high levels of potassium assist in the production of large, potent buds.

Bergmans Plant Booster

Plant Booster.

N-P-K  19-5-20

This unique plant booster contains added nutritional power for flower stimulation and explosive growth. Applied at various stages of the plants development it helps to induce early flowering, generating larger buds, while enhancing and promoting a healthy rooting system for added nutritional intake. Assists in building larger, more potent buds.

Buy Bergman’s Plant Food

Whether you’re growing indoors or outside. In soil or another form of inert medium, Bergman’s Plant Food will provide everything your plants need to healthy, prolific growth. Achieve your best results ever and be amazed at the difference correct marijuana plant food compounds can make to both the quality and quantity of your harvests.

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