Buy Cannabis Grow Sets.

These complete grow sets offer the very best in quality and value with each one containing twenty of the finest cannabis seeds for sale, as well as all the necessary feeds, boosters and plant protection formulas your plants could require to achieve the highest quality, most potent buds and cola’s.

Choose between a selection of kits each offering quality and quantity, with a variety of different flavors, aromas and highs. Twenty marijuana seeds, all guaranteed to germinate and create the finest plants, with the potency, traits and attributes you expect from that strain.

A complete set of Flower Power nutrients are included in the price, specifically designed to produce the very best yields and highest quality buds. While the three plant protection formulas will ensure your plants don’t suffer from many of the bugs, molds and diseases often suffered by both indoor and outdoor marijuana growers.

Containing all you need for a high quality grow this season, each of these packs offer a different strain,  with it’s own set of traits, characteristics and attributes. Each purchase is covered under the delivery guarantee, and all seeds are 100% guaranteed to germinate, select the pack that best suits your needs below.

Marijuana Grow Kits For Sale.

Complete Marijuana Seeds Grow Sets For Beginners

Beginners Grow Set

Beginners Seeds Set

Beginners Grow Kit contents include 20 white widow autoflowering seeds. 3 plant protectors and complete set of plant nutrients for each stage of your plants delvelopment.

Complete Marijuana Seeds Grow Sets, Gold Leaf

Gold Leaf Grow Set

Gold Leaf Seeds Grow Set

Gold Leaf Grow Set will produce high yielding, high quality Cannabis plant that grows well both indoors and outside during the Summer months.

Complete Marijuana Seeds Grow Set For Heavy Yields

High Yield Grow Set

High Yield Seeds Grow Set

20 feminised Big Bud seeds guaranteeing female-only plants with large cola’s, dense buds and heavy yields. Easy to grow and perfect for larger indoor grows.

Complete Marijuana Seeds Grow Set For Medical Use

Medical Grow Set

Medical Seeds Grow Set

20 feminised Cheese seeds, guaranteed to germinate producing the highest quality female Cheese Cannabis plants, perfect for indoor growers.

Complete Marijuana Seeds Grow Sets White Widow

White Widow Grow Set

White Widow Seeds Grow Set

20 feminised White Widow seeds, guaranteed to germinate and produce the strongest, vibrant Cannabis plants.