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Available in Feminized, Autoflowering and CBD Medical formats.

Looking for White Widow Seeds For Sale? When it comes to finding the very best White Widow seeds for sale, we have them all, with some of the highest quality feminized, autoflowering and CBD enriched varieties available. Whether you’re growing Marijuana for personal, commercial or medicinal purposes, beginner to experienced ‘cash-cropper’ our White Widow Marijuana seeds for sale are of the very best pedigree, hand-selected and guaranteed to germinate.

Created in Amsterdam back in the late 1980’s, White Widow quickly established itself as a leader in feminized Marijuana seeds. Unlike the Land-race strains that had been available up until then, White Widow Marijuana seeds offered a blend of both Indica and Sativa genetics, producing a stable, vibrant plant with close branches, multiple budding sites and an abundance of dense, resin coated buds.

A perfect strain for both indoor and outdoor growers with an easy-to-grow character and natural resistant to many common Marijuana plant diseases. White Widow seeds have a highly regarded reputation of  producing uniform plants and crops, and has been the foundation of many new and exciting strains.

Well-known for its abundant resin producing, resulting in crystallized buds with a ‘white’ appearance, this is one of those Marijuana strains that can be found all around the world, from the Amsterdam Coffee shops, to the USA Marijuana Dispensaries.

White Widow Marijuana is often prescribed for medicinal use, with studies and reports showing possible medical benefits when used to help alleviate a range of ailments and conditions. Until recently, medicinal users would have to use strains that contained high levels of THC as well as CBD, but with the inclusion of the CBD White Widow, users can now enjoy all the flavor and aroma of the White Widow Marijuana strain, but with lower THC levels and a much higher CBD content.

With a choice of Feminized, Autoflowering and Medical White Widow Marijuana Seeds For Sale, choose the variety that suits your needs the best.

Feminized White Widow Seeds For Sale.

One of the most popular strains and cultivated around the world, these feminized White Widow seeds for sale are of the highest quality, guaranteed to germinate and produce vibrant, stable, pure female Marijuana plants with identical traits and characteristics.

A great choice for both indoor and outdoor growing techniques, producing uniform plants that are perfect for both Sea-of-Green and Sea-of-Green growing techniques. Flowering times are average for a 60% Indica dominant strain, requiring approximately 9 weeks for the plants to completely develop and mature ready for harvesting. Grown outdoors, White Widow is generally mature around mid-October, depending upon conditions.

Yields are good, with indoor growers producing approximately 18 oz of high quality Marijuana buds per square meter, and similar per-plant yields when cultivated outdoors, under good conditions. Once dried and cured the buds take-on a glistening ‘white’ appearance, due to an abundance of crystals and offer a complex flavor and aroma with hints of spices, sweet sugar and pepper.

The mix of both Indica and Sativa genes induce a powerful, energizing effect, combining a relaxing ‘body-stone’ with a euphoric ‘high’. THC levels are around 19%, while a medium CBD content can assist and help with a number of conditions, including depression, anxiety, ADHD, PTSD, arthritis and chronic pain.

We offer feminized White Widow seeds for sale in a variety of pack sizes, choose between 5, 10 or 20 seed packets.

White Widow Seeds

White Widow

White Widow Feminized Seeds

One of the first true indoor marijuana plants and still as powerful and potent as ever, White Widow is a popular medical marijuana choice offering high levels of natural pain relief and relaxing high. Energizing and a great social strain.

Autoflowering White Widow Seeds For Sale.

Autoflowering seeds have become extremely popular over the last few years, offering quick and easy harvests to growers, regardless of their experience. From new growers, to ‘cash-crop’ and guerrilla growers, these autoflowering White Widow seeds for sale produce quick and easy harvests in a fraction of the time traditional feminized seeds require.

Once germinated and sprouting, these White Widow seeds grow and flower simultaneously over approximately 9 weeks until reaching complete maturity. With no requirement for set hours of darkness, they quickly grow, flower and mature, especially during the Summer months, allowing for several plants per year to be sown and harvested from the same space.

By combining the growth and flowering cycles, the plants are smaller than traditional feminized Marijuana seeds, achieving yields of approximately 4 oz per square meter indoors, and similar per-plant yields when cultivated outdoors. The buds have the same ‘white’ crystallized appearance that the White Widow strain is famous for, with a similar aroma and flavor, make the buds indistinguishable from traditional feminized buds.

THC and CBD levels are also similar, offering a light ‘body-stone’ that’s enough to help you relax and sooth away the stress and tension of the day, while the Sativa influences ensure an energy boost and happy, euphoric feeling. A very easy-to-grow Marijuana strain, producing quick, high quality harvests for all levels of experience.

Buy Autoflowering White Widow seeds for sale in packs of 5, 10 and 20 seeds, all sold with guaranteed delivery and germination.

White Widow Autoflower Seeds

White Widow Autoflower

White Widow Autoflowering Seeds

The most famous medical marijuana strain just got easier to grow with these White Widow autoflowering seeds. Great for beginners, requiring very little knowledge to produce a high quality crop, within twelve weeks from germination.

Medical CBD White Widow Seeds For Sale.

White Widow has always had a reputation as a medicinal Marijuana strain, helping to reduce stress, depression, anxiety and chronic pain. Its blend of Sativa and Indica genes induce both a ‘body-stone’ to combat pain and a euphoric ‘high’ that’s lightens a person’s mood and helps them relax.

However, both our feminized and autoflowering varieties contain elevated levels of THC, and while recreational users enjoy the sensations this can cause, many medicinal users do not wish to feel ‘high’ all the time.

If you find White Widow Marijuana is too strong for you, but enjoy the medical benefits it can bring, why not consider our CBD White Widow seeds for sale. Completely feminized and devoid of all male chromosomes, each seed is guaranteed to germinate, producing a pure female plant with all the taste, aroma and look of traditional White Widow buds, but without such high levels of THC.

Specially created for the medicinal user, these medical White Widow seeds for sale offer an equal balance of both THC and CBD, of between 6 – 9%. With a much higher dosage of CBD, and lower THC levels, these buds induce a totally different effect, with a smooth, calming high and increased medicinal value.

If you enjoy the relaxing sensations, mild euphoria and energizing ‘body-buzz’ that White Widow Marijuana provides, but want more medicinal value from your weed, these CBD-rich seeds are a perfect choice. Easy to grow, and mature after 9 weeks of flowering, enjoy similar yields of frosted ‘white’ buds, with that ‘Widow’ flavor and aroma.

These CBD White Widow seeds for sale are perfect for medical use, choose from 5, 10 or 20 seed packets, all sold with guaranteed delivery.

White Widow CBD Feminized Seeds

White Widow CBD

White Widow CBD Feminized Seeds

CBD White Widow strain contains the highest CBD content, the results give you a powerful mental high and calming physical relaxation stone.

White Widow Seeds For Sale Online.

With feminized, autoflowering and CBD medical varieties available, we offer White Widow seeds for sale to suit all needs and growing techniques. Whether your looking for a fast-flowering, easy-to-grow Autoflowering strain, indoor or outdoor traditional feminized varieties, or a CBD-rich medical strain, we have the best quality White Widow seeds for sale.

Buying Marijuana seeds online is easy, all our recommended White Widow seeds are dispatched by I Love Growing Marijuana, a world leader in the production and supply of the highest quality Cannabis and Marijuana seeds. Enjoy free, guaranteed shipping to all parts of the USA, and with the I Love Growing Marijuana delivery promise, if your seeds fail to arrive, replacements will be shipped totally free of charge.

With the very best customer care, helping with any inquires from purchase through to harvest, you can relax in the knowledge your in safe hands and your crop of White Widow buds will be of the very best quality. With a variety of payments methods, all totally secure, find the very best White Widow seeds for sale here at Marijuana Seeds US.

Widow Mix Pack Marijuana Seeds

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Best Selection Of Widow Seeds

White Widow is a legendary strain now available with higher CBD and lower THC levels.  We stock several different types of widow seeds including White Widow, Chronic Widow and Black Widow all available to purchase in the Widow Mixpack or as individual seeds.

Learn How To Grow White Widow Marijuana Seeds.

Whether your new to growing Marijuana seeds, or a seasoned ‘cash-crop’ grower, it’s always good to ‘brush-up’ on your skills and reaffirm your knowledge. The internet is full of both good and bad information, and sometimes it’s difficult to know what to believe.

We can help!   Download the free Marijuana Grow Guide today and learn the secrets to producing an abundance of powerful, potent buds.

Written by Robert Bergman, once a professional Amsterdam  ‘cash-crop’ grower, and now the founder and owner of I Love Growing Marijuana, it simply, but accurately all aspects of growing Marijuana, from the best germination techniques to ensure the maximum number of plants possible.

If you want to grow the best Marijuana buds, increasing the yield, flavor and potency of your buds, download the free, no obligation Marijuana Grow Guide today and learn the secrets of the Pro’s.

Find the very best information and all the help you require, with our White Widow seeds for sale.

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How To Grow White Widow seeds.

Learn How To Grow Marijuana Seeds.

Find all the answers to growing White Widow Marijuana seeds in USA. The I Love Growing Marijuana seedbank offer in depth guides packed with information for each stage of the growing process from germinating your seeds through to harvest.

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