Autoflower Sweet Seeds Mix

Autoflower Sweet Mix Pack Seeds.

Autoflower Sweet Seeds Mixpack, sometimes you get the chance to try a sweet-flavored, potent strain, and realize just how good some of the new, popular forms of Marijuana can be.

With the Autoflowering Sweet Mix Pack seeds you get the opportunity to try three, all feminized, guaranteed female and save yourself up to 40% on their individual packet prices.

Autoflowering seeds have become extremely popular with growers all around the world, producing good yields, fast harvests and potent, high quality buds. Their ability to flower almost from sprouting, regardless of the number of light hours they receive, makes them a perfect choice for planting outdoors from early Spring and throughout the Summer season.

With no dedicated vegetative period, Autoflowering strains remain squat, bushy and dense, making them a perfect choice for guerrilla growers.

Their ‘throw-and-grow’ nature and smaller size makes them far easier to disguise and camouflage, while the 8 – 10 week total time from sprouting to harvest means several crops can be cultivated over the course of a full growing season.

With a choice of 5 or 10 seeds from each of the three featured strains, choose from 15 or 30 feminized Autoflowering seeds per pack. Postage and packaging are free to all parts of the USA, with guaranteed delivery as standard.


Zkittlez Autoflower SeedsA fruity assortment of flavors with that ‘taste the Rainbow’ motto. An extremely easy-to-grow autoflowering Marijuana strain, capable of flowering under almost any conditions in just eight weeks. 70% Indica, with a cerebral high that can motivate or relax you depending upon your mood.

A perfect strain for both beginners and guerrilla growers, the plants are compact and dense, making them very easy to disguise. THC levels of approximately 23% ensure a potent, powerful high, and with yields of between 4 – 6 oz per plant when grown outdoors, and similar per square meter yields when cultivated indoors under good conditions. A highly popular choice with new and experienced growers alike, due to its combination of fruity flavors and relaxing, pain-relieving qualities.

Gelato Autoflower Seedsa highly popular feminized strain that’s capable of producing huge yields, now available in autoflowering form. Easy to grow and with a total growing/flowering time of just 10 weeks, it retains that sweet, ice-cream flavor, this Marijuana strain is so well-known for.

An almost perfectly balanced blend of 55% Indica and 45% Sativa the buds offer a relaxing body-buzz and euphoric cerebral high. THC levels of approximately 20% ensure a long-lasting, uplifting sensation that can help you unwind, without becoming ‘couch-locking’. Both indoors and outside, Gelato Autoflowering seeds are capable of producing large yields of heavy, dense buds. Given long hours of strong sunlight, together with the right nutrients, watering and plenty of fresh air, individual plant yields can reach up to 18 oz.

Wedding Cake Autoflower Seeds – A combination of Girl Scout Cookies and Cherry Pie with a 70% Indica dominance, if you’re looking for a sweet vanilla and ginger flavored smoke with an energizing effect, this is the one! Perfect for daytime use, it produces average THC levels of up to 17% that can vitalize, energize and invigorate both your mind and body.

You may think that producing resin-coating, deliciously tasting buds in under 10 weeks was impossible, you would be wrong! These fast and easy to grow seeds have taken California, the USA and World by storm, developing a devoted band of growers and smokers, who love that sweet vanilla and ginger flavor. Apart from the taste, the high differs from many other Indica dominant strains, inducing a burst of energy and creative thought that can make you the life and soul of any party.

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High Quality Marijuana Seeds

Three fast-flowering and easy to grow Autoflowering strains with a sweet-tasting flavor.

PLANT TYPE : Autoflowering
GENETICS : Indica | Sativa Mix
THC LEVEL : High at 17% – 23%
CBD CONTENT : Medium To Low
YIELD : Medium – High
FLOWERING : Average 56 – 70 days
CLIMATE : Sunny | Continental
RECOMMENDED FOR : Indoor | Outdoor
Mixed Cannabis Seeds For Sale
Autoflower Sweet Seeds Mix

Product Name: Autoflower Sweet Mix

Product Description: These three fast flowering strains will be ready to harvest in just 10 to 14 weeks. High THC, sweet tasting cannabis buds.

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  • Autoflower Sweet Mix Pack

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