Manitoba Marijuana Laws.

Bordered by the U.S. states of North Dakota and Minnesota, Manitoba is Canada’s eighth largest province by area, and fifth largest by population. Together with the rest of Canada, all residents of Manitoba have to right to legally grow four marijuana plants for personal use. The public use of cannabis and marijuana has also been legalized, except for areas near children and where tobacco smoking is prohibited.

Residents can choose whether to grow indoors, or outdoors on private land, and can cultivate all four of their legally permitted plants at the same time, or stagger planting as desired. Although Manitoba is one of the most Southern parts of Canada, the short Summer season and fast onset of Winter can make growing marijuana outdoors difficult, with more and more people constructing indoor growing areas for dedicated marijuana growing.

Growing Marijuana Seeds in Manitoba, Canada.

Marijuana is considered a relatively easy plant to grow and can be cultivated either inside or outdoors. A deciduous plant, the seeds can produce either a male, or female plant, with both required for the production of seeds. Marijuana buds, enjoyed by both recreational and medical users for their relaxing properties, are only produced by female plants, and so the majority of marijuana growers in Canada buy feminized marijuana seeds, ensuring each plant produces flowers and buds.

If you want to grow a few plants for personal use, decide whether you wish to grow indoors or outside through the Summer growing season. Indoor growers will need to purchase equipment to provide the plants with the light and fresh air they require. Outdoor plants will rely on nature to provide all the plants needs.

With a wide selection of cannabis and marijuana seeds available online, careful strain selection can be a key factor in producing a successful crop. While some strains require a little more skill and experience to produce their best harvests, others virtually grow themselves, and are perfect for new and inexperienced growers

Growing Marijuana Outdoors in Manitoba

With a short growing season and fast onset of Winter, the outdoor cultivation period in Manitoba is limited to just a few months. Growers have the choice of buying either conventional feminized marijuana seeds, or Autoflowering seeds to produce their harvest. If you decide to grow outdoors, spend a little time selecting the right strains for your climate and environment. Many of the strains available require a minimum of eight weeks to flower and mature, and the further north you live, the shorter the growing season becomes.

In general, Indica dominant seeds are preferred for outdoor growing. Their hardy nature and compact growth is better suited to colder conditions than Sativa dominant strains. Flowering times are usually shorter, providing a better chance of the plants achieving complete maturity before the climate becomes too cold and damp for the plants to flower.

Autoflowering seeds are gaining in popularity with outdoor marijuana growers in Canada. Their easy to grow nature and shorter life cycle make them an ideal choice for growing outdoors in colder countries with short Summers. Unlike traditional marijuana plants, autoflowering strains grow, flower and mature simultaneously, regardless of the number of light hours the plants receive, reducing the overall time from sprouting to harvest to an absolute minimum.

Candy Cane Feminized Seeds
Early Miss Autoflowering Seeds
NYC Diesel Autoflowering Seeds

With a wide selection of strains to choose from, autoflowering seeds provide a great way to grow marijuana outdoors in Manitoba. Even with the shortest of Summer seasons, these plants have the time to grow and flower, providing a low-cost means of producing your own outdoor cultivated marijuana buds.

Recommended Outdoor Marijuana Seeds.

NYC Diesel Autoflowering Seeds

NYC Diesel has always been a highly popular choice with both growers and smokers around the world, and are now available as autoflowering seeds. The unique citrus – fuel flavour is just as evident as it is with buds from conventional feminized seeds, but the plants are much easier and quicker to mature.

Completely feminized, each seed will produce a pure female plant that will grow and flower simultaneously, almost from the moment it sprouts. Requiring a total of just 7 weeks, or 50 days from sprouting to achieve complete maturity, these NYC Diesel autoflowering seeds are one of the fastest strains to grow. Planted in the Spring, you can produce your own good quality buds during the Summer months.

Yields vary, and are lower than those from conventional marijuana seeds due to their shorter life-cycle, but in general, plants generate between 150 – 250 grams per plants.

THC levels are moderate, approximately 14%, with a low CBD content, producing a relaxing, clear high that’s leaves the user feeling happy, creative and sociable.

Highly recommended for the outdoor marijuana grower due to the ease and speed the plant develops and matures, you can buy these feminized autoflowering seeds in packs of 5, 10 and 25 seeds. Find out more about NYC Diesel Autoflowering Seeds.

Growing Marijuana Indoors In Manitoba

With all adult residents having the legal right to grow and possess marijuana for personal use, many households are constructing indoor growing areas to cultivate their permitted number of plants. Marijuana produced indoors is often of higher quality that outdoor cultivated buds, as growers have a greater degree of control over the plants environment.

Initial set-up costs are more expensive, requiring the purchase of growing lights, venting and air circulating fans, but once constructed, it can be used to grow marijuana all year round. With better environmental control, growers can choose to cultivate a greater variety of strains, selecting from either fast-flowering Indica dominant strains, or the longer flowering Sativa varieties.

A total of four plants can be cultivated per household at any one time, so both indoor and outdoor growers are advised to purchase feminized seeds to maximize potential yields. With a wide and varied selection available, choose the strain that suits your growing style, taste and experience the best.

Feminized Seeds
Cali OG Kush Haze Feminized Seeds
Green Crack Feminized Seeds
Sour Diesel Feminized Seeds

Whether you choose to grow marijuana indoors or outside during the Summer season, we highly recommend buying your favourite strains from Crop King Seeds when buying marijuana seeds in Canada. Highly trusted and with a first-class customer support service, they have helped countless Canadians buy high quality cannabis and marijuana seeds for home growing.

Offering a wide selection of both feminized and autoflowering seeds,  find out more about buying marijuana seeds in Canada.

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