Early Skunk x Rosetta Stone Marijuana Seeds

Early Skunk x Rosetta Stone Feminized Marijuana Seeds

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These Early Skunk x Rosetta Stone Feminized Marijuana seeds are one of the latest additions to our collection of recommended Canadian Cannabis seeds. A lesser-known strain, it’s now available to buy from Crop King Seeds.

An Indica dominant hybrid form by crossing a fast-flowering Early Skunk with the complex Rosetta Stone strain. The results are amazing! A fast-maturing feminized plant with a close branching structure and thick, dank buds.

A great choice for growing outdoors in warm, sunny climates, it can also adapt to many indoor growing techniques. Left untrained the plants can reach up to 2 meters tall with a bushy structure and multiple budding sites.

Indoor growers should use the Screen of Green method to avoid unwanted height problems later in flowering. An easy to grow strain, but some experience will help to produce a more even canopy and bigger harvest.

Yields can be impressive, given good conditions, producing a variety of large buds and colas. Once dried, the buds have a sweet pine aroma and slight earthy flavor. The effects are quite physical, producing a relaxed state and mental calmness.

Early Skunk x Rosetta Stone Marijuana Strain Review.

A fast-maturing strain without compromising on yield. Early Skunk x Rosetta Stone Feminized Marijuana seeds are perfect for outdoor growers across the southern parts of the USA. Cannabis growers in Canada will produce bigger and better quality harvest indoors. This is due to the cold night-time temperatures affecting bud development in the later stages.

A completely stable strain, guaranteed to produce the finest female plants. Feminized seeds contain no male chromosomes, eliminating the need for sexing. As every seed sprouted will become a female Marijuana plant, harvests are maximized with no wasted resources, time or space on unwanted, unproductive male plants.

As with all traditional Feminized Marijuana seeds, the vegetative and flowering stages are separated. While the plants receive at least 12 hours of strong sunlight, they will grow new leaves and branches, quickly developing in height and structure. As soon as the daylight hours reduce below 12 per day, and the plant receives 12 hours of uninterrupted darkness, it will begin to flower.

Indoor growers can increase or decrease the amount of vegetative time they allow their plants before flowering them. Plants cultivated outdoors will naturally flower as the Summer months come to an end.

Given good conditions, these Early Skunk x Rosetta Stone Feminized Marijuana seeds require 7 – 8 weeks to fully mature. Cultivated outdoors under warm, sunny conditions, growers can expect to harvest approximately 550 grams per plant. Indoor growers can expect up to 500 grams per plant, with some training and experience.

THC levels of between 15% – 22% induce a relaxing body-buzz and calming cerebral effects, perfect for night-time use. It can also reduce pain, stress and inflammation, helping to combat arthritis and rheumatism.

Early Skunk x Rosetta Stone Feminized.

Fast-maturing strain with heavy yields and medicinal properties
PLANT TYPE : Feminized
SATIVA or INDICA : Indica dominant strain
THC LEVEL : High 15% – 22%
CBD : Medium 0.5%
YIELD : High ( Up to 500 grams per sq meter )
FLOWERING PERIOD : Average ( 7 – 8 weeks )
CLIMATE : Sunny / Continental
MEDICAL : Can reduce stress, anxiety and depression while aiding restful sleep
EFFECTS : Relaxed body sensation with a calming cerebral high
RECOMMENDED FOR : Indoor, Outdoor

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Early Skunk x Rosetta Stone Marijuana Seeds

Strain: Early Skunk x Rosetta Stone

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