Grapericot Pie Feminized Cannabis Seeds

Grapericot Pie Feminized Seeds

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Grapericot Pie Feminized Seeds an explosion of fruit-filled, candy flavors, announces the arrival of these new Grapericot Pie feminized marijuana seeds for sale. An exciting, enticing new variety, perfect for modern, indoor growing techniques and Sea-of-Green cultivation methods. Already established as a superior-quality hybrid, amaze yourself at just how easy growing your own potent, flavor-filled buds can be.

Created in Oregon by Certified Seeds, Grapericot Pie marijuana seeds are quickly gaining a reputation as a ‘top-shelf’ recreational strain. A blend of 60% Indica, 40% Sativa genes, the strain grows like a typical Indica, but with the uplifting, cerebral effects of a good quality Sativa. Enjoy the best of both worlds with these new Grapericot Pie marijuana seeds for sale.

A true hybrid marijuana strain, with a complex, three-way genetic back-ground. Grape Octane OG forms the foundation, crossed with the lesser known Flavor Crystals. Although not well-known across many parts of the USA, Flavor Crystals is a mouth-watering, flavor-filled variety, comprising of Legend Orange Apricot and Grape Pie. Hence the name, Grape-Apricot-Pie.

Grapericot Pie Feminized Seeds For Sale.

Grapericot Pie feminized seeds are completely stable and guaranteed to germinate. Each seed will produce the finest female plant, capable of producing heavy yields and high-quality harvests. An easy-to-grow strain that can adapt to many different cultivation techniques, from simple soil-culture, through to fully automated, hydroponic set-ups, delivering ‘cash-crop’ harvests.

A typical Indica-dominant variety, the plants excel when cultivated indoors under controlled conditions. Ideal temperatures are between 68 – 77 degrees Fahrenheit, with ample, strong lighting and an abundance of fresh-air. The seedlings require a 4 – 8 week vegetative cycle to fully grow and develop, depending on your cultivation methods and available growing area. Growers in warm, southern states can plant the young seedlings outdoors from the middle of Spring. Harvest times are around mid-October, generating up to 19-ounces per plant.

With good growing conditions and sufficient room, Grapericot Pie marijuana seeds can reach up to five-feet tall when fully mature. Once the plants have achieved an even canopy across the growing area, reduce the lighting to twelve hours per-day, to induce the flowering cycle. Prune large leaves and lower branches to improve light-penetration and air-flow around the buds, enhancing quality and development, as the buds begin to grow.

Complete maturity requires between 8 – 10 weeks for the buds to fully ripen. Correct environmental controls and high-intensity lighting can help achieve the shorter flowering times. Close-quarter, Sea-of-Green style growing methods work the best with this strain, offering faster vegetative periods and quicker flowering cycles. Typical yields can reach between 14 – 16 ounces of the highest quality buds per square meter, given ideal conditions.

A new and flavor-packed marijuana strain, you can now buy Grapericot Pie feminized marijuana seeds online. Receive the highest quality seeds at low, low prices, direct from the I Love Growing Marijuana depot, based in California. Enjoy postage, packaging and fast, guaranteed delivery, included in the price.

Now available for sale in a choice of 5, 10, or 20 feminized seeds per-pack, receive the very best marijuana seeds at the lowest prices. From beginner to seasoned veteran, be one of the first in your area to grow and produce these exciting new feminized marijuana seeds for sale.

About Grapericot Pie Feminized Seeds

Grapericot Pie is an exciting new variety, offering generous yields of large, dense buds with a sweet candy and grape-like flavor. This mouth-watering, fruit-candy flavored marijuana strain produces high-quality harvests with very little knowledge or experienced required. Easy to grow feminized seeds, with THC levels of up to 20%. One of our latest, top-quality feminized seeds for sale.

Strain: Grapericot Pie
Plant Type: Feminized
Genetics: 60% Indica 40% Sativa
THC Amount: High up to 20%
CBD Content: Low
Yield: 10 – 12 oz per plant
Flowering: Average 9 weeks
Harvest Month: All year
Climate: Mediterranean | Sunny
Grow Difficulty: Easy
Medical Marijuana: Yes

The aroma is a light, subtle mix of ripe fruits, with an earthy quality, infusing the smooth, creamy smoke with an intoxicating, sweet aroma. The flavor is like grape-candy, but with a tangerine twist, courtesy of its Legend Orange Apricot genetics. Mouth-watering and very enjoyable, leaving a refreshing, grape-flavor coating the tongue and taste-buds.

THC levels of between 18% – 20% induce a fast-acting, cerebral high, very uplifting and creative. Unlike many Indica-dominant hybrid strains, Grapericot Pie marijuana buds don’t induce the ‘couch-locking’ effects many, modern, hybrid varieties produce. Its uplifting, energizing effects are already making it a favorite with many day-time and ‘wake-and-bake’ users, generating an energizing, yet relaxed approached to their day.

With CBD levels of less than 0.5%, Grapericot Pie marijuana has limited medicinal benefits. Its sociable qualities and uplifting, creative thoughts can help to ease stress and reduce anxiety, improving a person’s mood and generating a more positive outlook. The candy-fruit flavors can help to stimulate the appetite, easing the effects of chemotherapy and helping to reduce eating disorders.


  • Plant Characteristics: A plant with typical Indica characteristics, large leaves, strong branches and thick stems. Maximum heights of 5-feet when fully mature generate bushy plants with multiple budding sites. The short flowering cycle of 8-weeks has made it a favorite with indoor, Sea-of-Green growers.
  • Medicinal Use: With less than a 0.5% CBD content, the strain has limited medicinal benefits. Its uplifting, energizing effects can help reduce fatigue, as well as reducing stress and anxiety. While its fruity-candy flavors can stimulate the appetite, reducing the loss of taste, suffered by chemotherapy patients.
  • Smoking Effects: The dried buds offer a combination of mouth-watering flavors and light, subtle aromas. A ‘wake-and-bake’ special with an uplifting, cerebral high. The body-buzz is energizing, rather than relaxing, making it stand-out from many other Indica-dominate varieties.

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NOTICE: You may be asked to send back the ungerminated Grapericot Pie cannabis seeds.

Grapericot Pie Feminized Seeds For Sale
Grapericot Pie Feminized Cannabis Seeds

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