Growing Autoflowering Marijuana Indoors

Growing Autoflowering Marijuana indoors can be one of the fastest ways to produce a high quality harvest, learn more.

Grow Autoflowers Indoors

Growing Autoflowering Marijuana Indoors.

Many people don’t consider growing Autoflowering Marijuana indoors, new and inexperienced growers often don’t understand the difference, or benefits, while other, more experienced growers, sometimes believe Autoflowering seeds are for outdoor growers. There are many benefits to growing Autoflowering Marijuana indoors, and through this article, we hope to explain why.

Are Autoflowering Seeds Female?

All our Autoflowering seeds for sale are completely feminized, guaranteeing that each and every seed germinated produces a pure female plant. With no need to sex the plants, or risk of rogue males, growers can relax, assured in the knowledge that the seeds they plant will produce a crop of female plants and harvest of Marijuana buds.

New growers may not realize that natural, non-feminized Marijuana seeds for sale are either male or female, creating plants of one sex or the other. While the female plants produce flowers and buds, male plants create pollen, necessary for fertilization.

A male Marijuana plant can fertilize many female’s, and once the female flowers have been pollinated, the plant turns its energy to seed production, rather than bud creation and development. Unless you’re interested in creating seeds, male plants are unwanted, and a waste of time, space and resources.

Whether you’re growing Marijuana indoors, or outside, the best quality plants, and highest yields per area can only be achieved by growing female plants, created from guaranteed feminized seeds. With all our recommended Autoflowering seeds devoid of any male chromosomes, they are completely feminized and guaranteed female.

How Do Autoflowering Seeds Grow?

As explained above, both feminized and Autoflowering Marijuana seeds produce pure female plants, generating harvests of buds and cola’s, enjoyed by recreational and medicinal users. However, their are subtle differences between the two different varieties, especially in the way they grow and flower.

Traditional feminized Marijuana seeds have two distinct phases, growing and flowering. While the daylight hours are more than twelve per day, the plant will remain in a vegetative state and grow. Once the daylight hours decrease below twelve hours per day, the plants begin their flowering cycle, developing buds and cola’s over the next 60 – 70 days, achieving complete maturity.

Autoflowering Marijuana seeds differ, combining both the growing and flowering stages together until reaching complete maturity. Once germinated and sprouted, the seedlings quickly grow, developing flowers almost from the start. On average, Autoflowering seeds require approximately 60 days from sprouting to grow, flower and completely mature ready for harvesting.

With no requirement for set, regular hours of darkness to induce flowering, Autoflowering Marijuana seeds flower regardless of the number of hours of darkness the plants receive, including flowering and completely maturing under a 24 hour light cycle. In general, Autoflowering plants produce their biggest and best harvests through late Spring and Summer, enjoying 18 hours of strong, daily sunlight.

Benefits of Growing Autoflowering Marijuana Indoors.

Benefits of Growing Autoflowering Plants Indoors

Now you have a brief understanding of what Autoflowering seeds are, and the similarities and differences between them and traditional feminized Marijuana seeds, we can explore the possible benefits of growing Autoflowering Marijuana indoors.

Average growing rooms and purpose built tents are two meters tall. When pot height and growing lights are fitted, the height available for the plants to grow is limited, and many new growers allow their plants to grow too tall before they begin flowering. This can cause problems during the later stages of flowering, when the plants have finished stretching and are developing their best top cola’s and buds.

With no set vegetative period, Autoflowering Marijuana plants remain squat and bushy, producing close branches and multiple budding sites. Height issues are rarely a problem, with many of the strains reaching no more than a meter tall when fully mature and ready to harvest.

With separate growing and flowering times, growers must decide when to send feminized Marijuana plants to flower. Once the light cycle has been altered from 18 of light, down to 12, the plants will begin to flower, maturing over an average of 9 more weeks. Each crop will require a minimum of 12 weeks to become established, grow, flower and mature.

With their combined cycles, growing Autoflowering Marijuana indoors reduces the time required from planting to harvesting to between 8 – 9 weeks total. Yields will be reduced slightly, but with no need to alter the light cycle from 18 hours per day, growers, both new and experienced, are not required to decide when the time is right.

If you are growing and flowering in the same area, you will need a period of time to grow the plants, before altering the number of light hours they receive and begin flowering. This means a minimum of 12 weeks between harvests, and a maximum of four crops per year from a single area.

Growing Autoflowering Marijuana indoors can produce quicker, more regular harvests from the same, single growing space. With the lights set to 18 hours per day, plants can be introduced into the area as seedlings, develop, flower and fully mature, without needing to be moved, or the light-cycle altered, allowing for regular planting and harvesting, all year long.

With different feminized Marijuana seeds producing a wide variety of heights, widths, growing and flowering characteristics, cultivating a variety of strains within the same area can be difficult and challenging, even for an experienced, season grower.

With many Autoflowering strains available, and all of them producing plants of a similar height and area, growing Autoflowering Marijuana indoors allows new growers the opportunity of cultivating a variety of strains and enjoying a wide choice of flavors, aroma’s and highs.

Growing Autoflowering Marijuana Indoors – Seeds and Mix Packs

One of the great advantages of growing Autoflowering Marijuana indoors is the chance to grow a variety of strains effectively within the same growing area. To help growers decide which strains they may enjoy, we offer a choice of two Autoflowering seed packs for sale, each containing three different and individually packaged strains.

The Auto Flower Mix pack contains Amnesia Haze, Blueberry and Northern Lights. All three strains are easy to grow, producing stable, uniform plants and top quality, generous harvests. All three strains are completely feminized and autoflowering, producing their best harvests under eighteen hours of daily light and within 8 – 9 weeks from sprouting.

Auto 2.0 Mix pack contains three All-American classics, loved by recreational and medicinal users alike, these three, highly popular strains can be found in Marijuana dispensaries across the country. Bubble Gum, OG Kush and Jack Herer, all individually packaged within one pack, and all completely feminized and autoflowering.

Autoflower Mix Pack

Autoflower Mix Pack

Autoflowering Seeds Mix

Compact, easy to grow, and capable of producing their best harvests during the very height of Summer make autoflowering seeds a popular choice for growing outdoors in the USA. Contains Amnesia Haze, Blueberry and Northern Lights.
Autoflower 2.0 Mix Pack Seeds

Auto 2.0 Mix Pack

Auto 2.0 Seeds Mix

A perfect choice to provide regular harvests throughout the growing season. Contains Bubblegum, Jack Herer and OG Kush Autoflowers.
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With a wide and varied choice of seeds available, growing Autoflowering Marijuana indoors can be a great way to produce fast, regular harvests of easy to grow, top quality weed. With little experience, even new and beginner growers can generate good harvests of buds, with potent, recreational ‘highs’ or increased CBD levels for medicinal purposes.

We offer a complete and comprehensive collection of the finest Autoflowering Marijuana seeds, offering ‘old-school’ classics and modern popular strains. Find out more about growing Autoflowering Marijuana seeds indoors and choose from our many available strains.

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