Hindu Kush

Hindu Kush Feminized Seeds

Hindu Kush feminized marijuana seeds are a pure, 100% Indica variety that are easy to grow, generating good, high quality yields both indoors and outside during the growing season. Originally from the mountainous border area between Pakistan and Afghanistan, their reduced size and bushy characteristics are perfect for withstanding the harsh, windy conditions.

Completely feminized, guaranteed to germinate and produce a pure female marijuana plant, Hindu Kush seeds are perfect for cultivating outside during the growing season, and indoors, within a purpose built area. Their reduced height and close lateral branching structure make them an ideal choice for the Sea-of-Green technique, maximizing the budding area for the biggest harvests.

A perfect choice for beginners and more experienced growers alike, their tough, hardy nature provides Hindu Kush marijuana plants with a natural defense to many of the common pests, molds and diseases that marijuana plants can be susceptible to. Their natural ability to produce excessive amounts of resin, coating much of the plant, means the trim and lower quality parts can be utilized to make strong edibles and concentrates.

Grown indoors, Hindu Kush feminized marijuana seeds are perfect for growing areas with height issues. Rarely exceeding a meter, the plants prefer to build width and density, rather than height, due to its mountainous origins. Flowering occurs quickly, with complete maturity after 7-8 weeks, or from late September for outdoor growers.

Yields of approximately 14 ounces of dense, hard and heavily crystallized buds are common per square meter, when grown indoors within an ambient environment with plenty of fresh air-flow. While outdoors, Hindu Kush plants can yield as much as 17 ounces of quality buds each, given good conditions and a warm, sunny climate.

Now available in packs of 5, 10 and 20 feminized seeds, with stealth shipping and guaranteed germination included in the price.

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Hindu Kush Feminized Seeds For Sale.

High Quality Marijuana Seeds

Hardy and easy to grow pure Indica strain with a potent ‘body-buzz’

PLANT TYPE : Feminized
SATIVA or INDICA : 100% Indica
THC LEVEL : High at 18%
CBD : (Medical) Low
YIELD : High ( 400 gr/m2 – 14oz )
FLOWERING PERIOD : Average ( 56 days )
CLIMATE : Sunny / Mediterranean
RECOMMENDED FOR : Indoor, Outdoor, Medical, Beginner
Seedbank: I Love Growing Marijuana ( ILGM )
Hindu Kush Feminized

Strain: Hindu Kush

Plant Type: Feminized

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