Complete Marijuana Plant Protector Collection.

Bergmans Plant Protector

Stop Bud Rot, Infections and Bugs Destroying Your Plants.

Marijuana Plant Protector keeps your plants strong and healthy with the complete Marijuana Plant Protector collection. Three individually packaged formula’s, specifically designed to combat the most common problems faced by the Marijuana growers.

Don’t take chances with your crop. Bugs, mold and bacterial root infections can have devastating consequences on the quality and quantity of your harvest. Ensure your plants are in peak health by using the Marijuana Plant Protectors. Now available for sale online.

Bergman’s Marijuana Plant Protector.

Bergman’s Marijuana Plant Protector is a set of three powerful formulas. Designed to enhance growth and nutrient uptake, they also defend against mold, bugs and bacterial root infections. Used in conjunction with each other, they provide a powerful defense system, helping you achieve high-quality buds and impressive harvests.

Many growers have seen their Marijuana plants devastated by spider-mites and other bugs. Or woken to find their biggest and best buds destroyed by mold. To have come so far and failed to harvest quality buds can be annoying, upsetting and, in some cases, financially painful.

For just a few Dollars, you can stop these problems happening to you! Improve the health and vitality and your plants, while protecting them from attack. Don’t wait until there’s a problem, by then, it’s too late. Prevention is better than cure. If your buds are attacked by mold, there is no cure!

Marijuana Plant Protector Contents.

Bug Blaster

Bug Blaster.

Bugs such as aphids, white-fly and spider-mites can attack your plants at anytime. You can have a clean, sterile environment and still discover bugs feeding on the under-side of the leaves.

All of these bugs are detrimental and harmful to the plant. Some are easily visible, such as webbing around the buds from spider-mites. Others are less noticeable, but all reduce the quality and quantity of your harvest.

The Bug Blaster formula contained within the Marijuana Plant Protectors eliminates all of the most common bugs. Stopping the pests in their tracks, killing them. Caterpillars, white-fly, aphids and spider-mites can all be prevented, even cured by spraying your plants with the Bug Blaster formula.

The formula also contains a foliage feed. Sprayed directly onto the leaves it can help improve the plants immune system. Stronger, healthier plants produce bigger harvests and better quality buds.

Mix the formula with water and spray directly onto the leaves as a fine mist. Pay careful attention to the underside, as that’s where many of the bugs hide. Use on your plants from seedling through to the first weeks of flowers to prevent any attacks.

Mold Control

Mold Control.

There are several forms of mold that can attack Marijuana plants. Leaf septoria, botrytis, rust and powdery mildew are some of the most common. Often attacking the buds just as they mature, mold and bud rot can destroy a crop almost overnight.

Spores from fungi and mold float in the air, getting trapped in the buds. Warm daytime temperatures and moist, cool night-time air form the perfect breeding ground for bud-rot and mold to develop. Attacking the buds from the stem outwards, it can be difficult to detect until it’s too late.

The Mold Control formula contains a range of fast-acting ingredients, including Potassium Bicarbonate and Neem Oil. Used from the very onset of flowering, it forms a protective coating against the development of molds and fungi.

As the buds develop, the formula builds a barrier against the development of spores, eliminating any potential future problems. Don’t risk your biggest, most dense buds, that’s where mold develops first.

Mix the Mold Control formula with water and apply as a fine mist from the end of the vegetative stage. Spray all around the growing tips and developing buds, preventing the possibility of future bud-rot problems.

Root Protector

Root Protector.

The roots are the very heart and engine of a plant and are often overlooked by new and inexperienced growers. Through the process of osmosis, water and nutrients are drawn into the roots, before being distributed around the plant.

Over time, salts and bacteria can ‘build-up’ around the roots, reducing their ability and efficiency. These deposits can be clearly seen on the roots of hydroponically cultivated plants. Left unchecked, bacteria can harm your plants, reducing your harvest.

The Bergman Root Protector formula uses a variety of helpful bacteria and a selection of minerals and nutrients, to fight off harmful bacteria and diseases. Preventing them from attacking and affect the roots of your plants.

Mix the formula with water and apply evenly around the stem and roots of your plants. Given from the seedling stage, the plants will enjoy greater nutritional uptake and improved vitality.

The additional minerals and ingredients help to improve a plants immune system, improving the quality of your buds. Enjoy greater yields, flavor and aroma when your plants are happy and healthy.

Buy The Marijuana Plant Protector Online.

You can buy the Marijuana Plant Protector formulas online and receive free, guaranteed delivery to all parts of the USA. Produced and dispatched by I Love Growing Marijuana, enjoy fast, direct delivery from their base in Modesto, California.

For just a few Dollars, protect your plants from the most common problems faced by Marijuana growers around the world.

Don’t think these problems won’t happen to you. Don’t wait until it’s too late. Prevention is better than cure!

The three Marijuana Plant Protectors are sold as a complete package, giving your plants all the protection they need. Used in conjunction with each other, they improve a plants defenses, strengthening its immune system.

Buy the Marijuana Plant Protectors today and see the difference they can make to your harvests.

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