Moby Dick Feminized Cannabis Seeds

Moby Dick Feminized Seeds.

For some of the biggest plants, buds and yields, Moby Dick Feminized Marijuana seeds are the perfect choice. Created from White Widow and Haze, the strain has amazed growers around the world with its fast, substantial grow and heavy yields. Now available online, buy Moby Dick Marijuana seeds. Grow some of the largest buds and best harvests this coming season.

A 75% Sativa, 25% Indica hybrid, the strain offers the best of both Marijuana characteristics. The rapid growth produces a tall plant, which can easily exceed one-meter when cultivated indoors. While the Indica, White Widow genes, produce strong, close branches, creating large, bushy plants, with multiple budding sites.

Growing Moby Dick Marijuana seeds is much like catching a whale. It’s not the easiest, but the rewards can be huge. Its natural resilience to mold and bud-rot, as well as many bugs and pests, have made it a favorite with many growers across the USA.

All of the seeds are feminized and of the highest quality. Germination is guaranteed, with each seed capable of producing the finest, female plant. As with all traditional Marijuana seeds, the plants require a period of approximately 4-weeks, before being sent to flower.

If you are growing Moby Dick Marijuana seeds indoors, it can be a challenge for new and inexperienced growers. Although the plants are fairly easy to grow and resilient, the size and speed at which they develop can be a challenge. Give your plants a large pot, plenty of nutrients and space to develop to their full potential.

Low-stress training techniques and the Screen-of-Green method are excellent ways to control the height of your plants. Both can help create a more even canopy and increase future harvests. You can learn more about these techniques in our How To Grow Cannabis section.

Cultivated outdoors in a warm, sunny climate, Moby Dick Marijuana seeds excel, creating some of the tallest, largest plants. Heights of over 10-feet are not uncommon, given ideal conditions. Flowering times average approximately 9-weeks indoors, while outdoor plants should be fully mature around late-September.

Yields vary, depending upon conditions, growing techniques and other variables, with indoor plants capable of producing up to 12 ounces of top-quality buds per-plant. Outdoor plants, cultivated over a season can generate up to 24 ounces each, given a Mediterranean-style climate.

Once dried, the buds have a clean, crisp aroma with subtle hints of citrus and eucalyptus. The flavor is light, with a soft vanilla taste and hints of pine. A smooth smoke, with little harshness, the perfect choice on a warm, sunny afternoon.

THC levels of up to 21% induce an energizing, uplifting high. Not as strong as some of the new, hybrid strains, the effects are perfect for daytime use, leaving you feeling creative and invigorated. A great social strain. Despite its low CBD content, medicinal uses can include reducing stress, anxiety and depression, combatting chronic pain and improving the appetite.

Now available in a choice of pack sizes, buy Moby Dick Marijuana seeds online and produce some of the best buds and biggest harvest possible.

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Moby Dick Marijuana Seeds For Sale

High Quality Marijuana Seeds

Big yields, huge buds with an uplifting, social high.

PLANT TYPE : Feminized
GENETICS : 75% Sativa 25% Indica
THC LEVEL : Very High at 21%
CBD : ( Medical ) Low
YIELD : High 12 – 24 ounces per-plant
FLOWERING PERIOD : Average ( 9 weeks )
CLIMATE : Sunny / Mediterranean
RECOMMENDED FOR : Indoor, Outdoor
Moby Dick Marijuana Seeds For Sale $89 - $189
Moby Dick Feminized Cannabis Seeds

Product Name: Moby Dick Feminized

Product Description: Fast maturing, Sativa-dominant strain with creative, uplifting effects. Perfect daytime strain.

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  • Moby Dick Feminized Cannabis Seeds

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