Northern Lights Seeds

Northern Lights Feminized Seeds

Northern Lights Feminized seeds are one of the oldest, established hybrid strains available. A firm favorite and popular since its creation in Amsterdam during the early 1980’s, Northern Lights contains 90% Indica and 20% Sativa genetics, producing strong, vigorous plants with large colorful buds.

A strong, vibrant plant with deep green leaves, close branches and a resilience to many of the mistakes new and inexperienced growers can make, Northern Lights seeds are a perfect choice for the indoor grower, regardless of their level of experience or expertise.

Grown indoors, Northern Lights Medical Marijuana seeds produce good yields, averaging between 350 – 450 grams of dense, dried buds per square meter. Once the plants are sent to flower, by reducing the light hours to 12/12 light-dark regime, they will require approximately 60 days to fully flower and mature.

Northern Lights seeds are an Indica dominant hybrid strain with 90% Indica and 10% Sativa genetics. With THC levels of approximately 18%, Northern Lights offers a strong physical body buzz that is euphoric and relaxing, culminating in a lazy stoned feeling.

A perfect night-time smoke, inducing a relaxed, euphoric sensation and calming feeling, with the ability to relief the stress and anxiety sometimes caused by modern, fast living. Well known for its pain relieving properties and assistance with inducing sleep, especially helpful for insomniacs.

Buy Northern Lights seeds from I Love Growing Marijuana are available in packs of 5, 10 and 20 feminized seeds, all guaranteed by Robert Bergman himself.

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Northern Lights Feminized Seeds For Sale.

High Quality Marijuana Seeds

Well-known for it’s stable, uniform plants, Northern Lights is an Amsterdam Coffee-shop classic. Pungent, bitter-sweet buds produce a colorful display upon maturity, ensuring a ‘couch-locking’ body-buzz and relaxing, long-lasting euphoria.

PLANT TYPE : Feminized
SATIVA or INDICA : 100% Indica
THC LEVEL : High at 20%
CBD : (Medical) Low
YIELD : High ( 400 gr/m2 – 14oz )
FLOWERING PERIOD : Average ( 76 days )
CLIMATE : Sunny / Mediterranean
RECOMMENDED FOR : Indoor, Outdoor, Medical, Beginner

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