Pot For Pot Grow Kit

Pot For Pot Growing Kit

A Pot Grow Kit – Everything You Need For A Successful Harvest.

Pot Grow Kit is easy but there are a variety of different ways to grow your own Marijuana, both indoors and outside, but the most common and simple method has to be growing your ‘Pot’ in a pot. If you’re new to growing Marijuana you may be wondering how difficult it will be to produce your own, worthwhile smoke. The truth is, it’s easier than you think, especially with the Pot For Pot Grow Kit and our highly recommended Autoflowering seeds.

Perfect for the small, hobby grower, the Pot For Pot Grow Kit contains everything you will need to achieve a successful harvest from your seeds, with a selection of complete Grow Kits to suit all needs and budgets.

Whether you want to grow a small, discreet plant by your window, or on your porch, to larger plants, capable of yielding up to 1 LB of top quality buds, the Pot For Pot Grow Kit contains everything you will need to achieve the very best results from your Marijuana seeds.

A Pot For Pot Review.

The Pot For Pot Grow Kit is a great idea and has grown into a successful international company, supplying grow kits to people all around the world. Used in conjunction with our highly recommended collection of Autoflowering seeds from I Love Growing Marijuana, growing your own Pot has never been easier, or as much fun.

The Pot For Pot Grow Kit is much more than just a pot, it’s all you’ll need to produce a strong, vibrant plant with a high quality harvest. Save $$$ on the cost of retail buds, grow the strains and flavors you desire, and enjoy the satisfaction you’ll get producing your own weed with the Pot For Pot Grow Kit.

Available in four different sizes, the Pot For Pot Grow Kit contains all your seed will require to produce a successful harvest. Used with our high quality feminized Autoflowering seeds, we recommend the 2-gallon grow kit, allowing the plant plenty of space to develop a strong rooting structure. There is the option of the smaller 1/2-gallon grow kit, capable of producing approximately 1-oz plants, together with two larger kits for much bigger yields.

As well as a the breathable fabric pot, the complete Pot For Pot Grow Kit contains everything you will need to achieve a successful harvest, from the perfect seed germination kit, through to the trimming scissors for harvesting.

Receive the perfect blend of soil to ensure your plants receive all the nutrients they will need to produce a top-quality harvest, as well as beneficial bacteria and diatomaceous earth to help fight unwanted bugs and pests.

Growing your own top quality Marijuana plants has never been easier, simply follow the instructions included within the Pot For Pot guide, and used in conjunction with our fast-flowering and easy-to-grow Autoflowering seeds, you could be smoking your own weed in just 80 days.

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A Pot For Pot Contents.

Each Pot For Pot Grow Kit contains everything the first-time grower needs to produce a worthwhile and healthy harvest.

Placed on a balcony, patio or window-sill, the 2-gallon grow kit is capable of producing up to 4 oz of high-quality buds, just add an Autoflowering seed and sunlight.

Autoflowering seeds combine both the vegetative and flowering stages together, growing and flowering simultaneously over an average of 10 weeks.

They are the easiest form of Marijuana plants to grow, and require no set hours of sunlight or darkness to flower, bud and completely mature.

Supplied with the Pot For Pot Grow Kit is a blend of the perfect soil, containing all the nutrients your plant will need from sprouting through to harvest.

Forget about additional nutrients and costs, simply follow the week-by-week instructions to achieve a top-quality harvest.

  • Grow Guide – Step-by-step weekly guide for growing and harvesting in 80 days.

  • Fabric Pot – Specially designed fabric designed to allow the roots to breathe while preventing over-watering.

  • Pot Saucer – Collects spills and acts as a short-term reservoir.

  • Germination Kit – Ensures perfect germination and assists in the early stages of growth.

  • Superb Soil – Complete formula providing all your plant needs through to harvest.

  • Beneficial Bacteria – Breaks down and replenishes nutrients within the soil.

  • Diatomaceous Earth – Helps guard and fight against unwanted pests and bugs.

  • Aeration Top Soil – Balanced top-soil for air and water retention.

  • Coco Brick – Expands with water to regulate moisture within the top-soil.

  • Rooting Booster – Boosts the plants rooting structure for bigger yields.

  • Smartphone Camera Lens – Fits to most modern Smart-phones, magnifying the buds for close inspection.

  • Natural Leaf Shine – Added protection against bugs and mites.

  • Watering Can and Scissors – Necessary additional equipment.

Receive A $40 Discount On Your Seed Order!

All purchases of a Pot For Pot Grow Kit will receive a $40.00 discount code that can be used on any seed purchase from I Love Growing Marijuana. Their complete kit, plus an Autoflowering seed is the easiest way to grow your own weed. With a wide choice of strains available, find your favorite Autoflowering Marijuana seeds.

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Best Pot For Pot Grow System

Using the Pot For Pot Grow Kit will produce far better results than average, and used in conjunction with one of I Love Growing Marijuana’s high quality Autoflowering seeds, the easiest way to grow your own high-quality weed.

Both Pot For Pot and I Love Growing Marijuana are so confident of the results, they have teamed-up to offer you the opportunity of trying their smaller, 1/2-gallon Grow Kit absolutely free.

If you are going to buy a packet of feminized or Autoflowering seeds, why not try the Pot For Pot Grow Kit absolutely free and decide for yourself whether these self-contained Marijuana grow kits can help you achieve the best and easiest harvests possible.

Receiving your free, 1/2-gallon Pot For Pot Grow Kit is easy, simply complete the secure online purchase using a selection of payment methods including PayPal or Credit/Debit card and instantly receive your $40.00 discount voucher to be used at I Love Growing Marijuana.

Select the seeds you require, apply the discount at the checkout and reduce the cost of your purchase by the $40.00 the 1/2-gallon starter Pot For Pot Grow Kit cost, effectively allowing you to try the Grow Kit for free!!!

It’s a great gift for the hobby grower and can save you $$$ compared to the cost of buying retail buds. 

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