Spicy Mix Pack Seeds


Lowryder Seeds:

A highly stable autoflowering strain that grows and flowers simultaneously, reducing the overall time from germination to harvest to an absolute minimum. Lowryder seeds contain 80% Indica and 20% Ruderalis genetics, generating an automatically flowering squat dwarf plant with spicy flavored buds.The plants reduced, mature height of between just 25 cm – 45 cm tall makes them an ideal choice for discreet outdoor growing, generating a large central cola and few side branches.

OG Kush Seeds:

OG Kush is an award winning Marijuana strain, highly prized and sought after from the Amsterdam Coffee-shops to the American Medical Marijuana dispensaries. One of the most unique and unmistakable Marijuana flavors and aroma’s available. A perfect strain for the indoor grower, producing squat, bushy plants with multiple budding sites, perfect for both Screen-of-Green and Sea-of-Green growing techniques. The dominant 95% Indica genetics produce a fast maturing plant, capable of reaching peak maturity in just 55 days given good indoor growing conditions.Generous THC levels produce an energizing, creative high, perfect for sociable and daytime smoking.

Super Skunk Seeds:

Super Skunk seeds were developed for Skunk Marijuana lovers everywhere. Very strong and extremely pungent buds offer great ‘bag-appeal’ with its own distinctive Skunk aroma.A hybrid Marijuana strain containing 90% Indica genes, producing stable, uniform plants with a reduced size and above average yield. Perfect for indoor growers, especially more more experienced growers looking for a good Sea-of-Green or Screen-of-Green strain to grow. Super Skunk is extremely pungent and will quickly fill the room with its strong aroma when flowering. Once dried and cured the buds have a sweet citrus flavor and spicy aroma.

Enjoy the variety offered in this Spicy Mix pack with three unique tasting strains all guaranteed to light up your taste-buds, relax your body, and get your creative juices flowing. OG Kush, Super Skunk and Lowryder, feminised seeds, guaranteed to germinate, producing female-only plants with the spicy flavour and aroma you expect.

Choose between 9, 15 and 30 seed packs, with each packet containing the selected number of seeds for each strain. Growing times and yields vary, but high quality plants are assured.


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High Quality Marijuana Seeds

The fastest strains form the Spicy mix pack with Super Skunk and OG Kush seeds, as well as the autoflowering Lowryder. Very easy to grow, both indoors and outside, perfect for beginners and guerrilla growers across many of the USA states.

PLANT TYPE : Feminized, Autoflower
SATIVA or INDICA : Indica / Sativa Mix
THC LEVEL : High at 16% – 19%
CBD : (Medical) Medium
YIELD : Average
FLOWERING PERIOD : Average ( 52 to 58 days )
CLIMATE : Sunny / Mediterranean
RECOMMENDED FOR : Indoor, Outdoor, Medical, Beginner