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USA Marijuana Seeds For Sale.

In many parts of the USA marijuana seeds can be legally purchased, cultivated, and the subsequent plant and buds harvested, without breaking any State laws. Colorado, California, Massachusetts and many other States have all changed their laws over the last few years, allowing their residents the right to grow a limited number of cannabis and marijuana plants for personal use.

While some people may be able to buy marijuana seeds locally, for others in the USA marijuana seeds by mail is the best option, especially in States which prohibit their sale. Buying marijuana seeds of the highest quality is paramount to producing a good crop. While cheap seeds may at first be appealing, all professional and seasoned growers understand the importance of high quality seeds when producing strong, stable plants and large, potent buds.

We offer a large and comprehensive collection of USA marijuana seeds by mail, with both feminized  and autoflowering strains available. Indoor or outdoor, experienced grower or beginner, with so many Marijuana seeds for sale, you’re bound to find the right strain to suit your needs, tastes and preferences.

3 Popular USA Marijuana Seeds By Mail.

OG Kush Marijuana Seeds

One of our most popular classic strains, these OG Kush feminized marijuana seeds contain the highest quality genetics, guaranteeing the strongest, most vibrant female plants. Containing 95% Indica dominant genetics, the plants grow squat, with a bushy structure and hardy nature, making them perfectly suited to both indoor and outdoor growing techniques.

A cherished strain for many growers, OG Kush has a unique flavor of pine and sour lemons that cannot be mistaken for other strains. Flowering times are short, with the plants requiring approximately 55 days to completely flower and fully mature, producing large, dense buds with a generous coating of resin.

THC levels of 19% produce a fast-acting, powerful high that can be very intense, especially for light marijuana users, creating a euphoric sensation and strong ‘body-stone’. Often prescribed to combat stress, insomnia and chronic pain, these OG Kush feminized marijuana seeds are a favorite of both recreational and medicinal users alike.

You can receive these OG Kush USA marijuana seeds by mail using the best ‘stealth’ postage and packing methods available. Choose from a variety of pack sizes and secure payment methods, including cash, credit card, cheque or Bitcoin, and enjoy guaranteed shipping to all parts of the USA included in the price.

OG Kush Seeds Shipped To USA
Find out more about OG Kush, available in packs of 5, 10 and 20 seeds by mail order.

Purple Haze Marijuana Seeds.

If you like large, colorful buds with lots of bag-appeal, these Purple Haze feminized marijuana seeds are a perfect choice. A firm favorite for many years, these 70% Sativa dominant seeds produce versatile, easy-to-grow plants that can adapt to both indoor and outdoor growing methods and techniques. Guaranteed to produce pure female plants, these feminized seeds are a perfect choice for all levels of experience.

Known for its purple buds, Purple Haze requires approximately 65 days in flower to completely mature, generating large buds and yields of 550 grams per square meter when cultivated indoors under good conditions. Outdoor yields can be much larger, depending upon vegetative time, climate and general growing conditions.

Purple Haze generates a powerful, almost psychedelic high with THC levels of between 17% – 19%. A smooth and sweet tasting strain, the high is long-lasting and energizing. Often prescribed to help combat stress, depression and mental health issues, as well as being enjoyed by recreational users.

Buy Purple Haze seeds online and receive these high quality USA marijuana seeds by mail, with guaranteed delivery included in the price. Select from three different packs containing 5, 10 or 20 seeds, all completely guaranteed to germinate and produce a pure female plant.

Purple Haze Seeds Shipped To USA
Get Purple Haze seeds delivered to your mailbox.

Strawberry Cough Marijuana Seeds.

Strawberry Cough are one of our most popular USA marijuana seeds by mail, with customers returning to purchase the seeds again and again. An 80% Sativa dominant strain, these feminized marijuana seeds are guaranteed to germinate, producing a pure female plant with large buds and a sweet, fruity flavor.

Considered an easy strain to grow, Strawberry Cough feminized seeds can be successfully cultivated both indoors, generating approximately 400 grams of the highest quality buds per square meter, over a flowering period of 56 days. Outdoor harvests can be much larger, depending upon the climate and growing conditions.

A respected medical strain, Strawberry Cough contains high levels of THC, approximately 18%, and a 0.2% CBD content, generating an energizing, creative high that’s perfect for daytime use and enjoyed by both medical, and recreational users alike.

You can buy Strawberry Cough USA marijuana seeds by mail online today and enjoy free ‘stealth’ shipping included in the price. Enjoy guaranteed delivery and all the customer support you may require from purchase through to harvest.

Strawberry Cough Seeds Shipped To USA
Strawberry Cough available in packs of 5, 10 and 20 seeds online.

Free Shipping On All USA Marijuana Seeds By Mail.

We offer a large selection of feminized and autoflowering USA marijuana seeds by mail, sold with ‘stealth’ shipping and guaranteed delivery to all USA States included in the price. Choose from a variety of payment methods, all totally discreet and secure.

Shipped directly by I Love Growing Marijuana, one of the world’s leading producers and suppliers of top quality marijuana seeds, you can enjoy all the help and support you may need, with advice on all aspects of growing your own marijuana, from germination through to harvesting, drying and curing.

With many years of experience and some of the best strains available, buy your USA marijuana seeds by mail through us and receive all the dedicated help and support you may need, as well as access to all the special offers and deals offered by I Love Growing Marijuana.

Best USA Marijuana Seeds By Mail

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