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Best Place To Buy Cannabis Seeds Online.

Buying Cannabis seeds online is far safer and easier than you may think. Gone are the day’s of rip-off, bogus sites, replaced by long-standing and reputable suppliers. Social Media platforms such as FaceBook, Twitter and Reddit soon expose scam websites, with unhappy growers quick to tell of their bad experiences.

Many States have now legalized the possession and cultivation of Cannabis and Marijuana seeds, allowing their residents the opportunity to grow their own medicinal and recreational plants. New York State being the very latest to change its laws.

Buying Cannabis seeds in the USA from a conventional retail outlet is difficult. With a wide variety of seeds, strains and pack sizes, it would be almost impossible to store all the different variations. While some Dispensaries do stock a limited selection, most purchases requiring ordering in advance.

Several highly reputable online Cannabis seed companies offer a guaranteed delivery service. While some charge for this as an extra service, others offer it as standard. Stealth packaging and postage can often help reduce interception. Although with Cannabis now legalized across many of the States in the USA, mail detection for seeds is a very low priority.

So what are the important points to consider when you buy Cannabis seeds online?

One of the first has to be to use a company that you feel you can trust. Several online suppliers have achieved a highly trusted reputation within the Cannabis community, with many positive reviews. Complimentary comments regarding speed of delivery, quality of customer care and seed genetics all help to find and determine where the best place to buy Cannabis seeds online is.

Shipping can make a huge difference. If a company is based in Europe and you’re ordering from the USA, the delivery time will always take longer. If you’re looking to receive your purchase as soon as possible, ensure the seeds are shipped within your country. Imported purchases are subject to much closer checks and scrutiny, compared to internal postal items. This can increase the chances of your seeds being intercepted as they cross different countries borders.

Secure and encrypted payment details. We all live in a digital age, where online purchases are common-place. Giving your details to any company requires a small amount of trust. Although you may join that company’s subscription or mailing list, no reputable Cannabis seed company offer their own payment options. Instead they use the same trusted third-party payment companies as other retail suppliers.

From bad seeds you can’t raise good stock. This is certainly true of Cannabis and Marijuana plants. Quality seeds cost time, effort and money to produce and like any quality item, has a price. Buy cheap, buy twice is the saying, with Cannabis seeds it’s more buy cheap and regret it come harvest time. High-quality Cannabis seeds may cost more, but if you’re looking to produce the best buds and most potent harvests, you’ll require good seed stock.

Quality after-care, help and advice. Some growers know exactly what seeds and Cannabis strain they want to grow, others are undecided and looking for ideas. Helpful strain reviews, including flowering times, average yields, flavor and potency can all help find the best strains for your needs. Cultivating the biggest and best quality crops can require a little skill and experience. Many of the best seed providers supply extensive growing guides to help you achieve the best possible harvests from your seed purchases.

Best Place To Buy Cannabis Seeds Online.

There are many websites offering Cannabis seeds for sale online. Our recommended top three sites all offer something different. If you live in the USA, buying your seeds from a North American based company will reduce delivery times and the risk of interception through border controls and customs checks.

All three websites offer secure, encrypted payment options, including cash, credit/debit card, bank transfer and Bitcoin.

Find the best deals, special offers and free give-away’s from the three best places to buy Cannabis seeds online.

Banana kush Seeds

ILGM Seed Bank

I Love Growing Marijuana

Offering a wide selection of both Feminized and Autoflowering seeds, the company prides itself on its returning customer base.
G13 Feminized Seeds

Crop King Seeds

Crop King Seeds

With offices in both Canada and the USA, they offer world-wide shipping from their many depots and distribution centers.

Gelato Feminized Seeds

Seedsman Seeds

Seedsman Seeds

If you’ve been tempted to try a strain, but don’t want to buy a complete packet, single seed purchases can provide a perfect solution.