Blood Diamond OG Marijuana Seeds

Blood Diamond OG Feminized Marijuana Seeds.

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Our collection of new and usual strains continues to grow with the introduction of these Blood Diamond OG Feminized Marijuana seeds. An updated version of the classic OG Kush strain, expect large, resin-coated buds, mouth-watering flavors and strong powerful effects.

Enjoy direct and guaranteed delivery to all parts of Canada and the USA. With a wide and varied choice, containing some of the best undiscovered Marijuana seeds in Canada. Shipped directly form Crop King Seeds, a leading Canadian Seed Bank.

Blood Diamond OG Feminized Marijuana seeds produce similar plants to the classic OG strain. Updated with fresh, potent genetics, the plants can generate bigger buds, bigger yields and more potent, long-lasting effects.

A powerful, completely Indica strain, the plants are short, squat and robust, able to withstand many common growing errors and mistakes. Highly resilient, they are perfect for the indoor grower, regardless of their level of experience.

Created for recreational and medicinal use, the high levels of THC generate fast-acting, long-lasting effects. While medicinal users will enjoy its relaxing, pain-relieving qualities.

Blood Diamond OG Marijuana Strain Review.

Blood Diamond OG Feminized Marijuana seeds are a pure Indica strain with classic traits and characteristics. Easy to grow and adaptable to a wide variety of growing methods and techniques, they are perfect for beginners and more experienced growers alike.

Small, squat and bushy, they are a great choice for cultivating indoors. Although a hardy Indica strain, it does require slightly longer than some hybrids to ripen and mature. With the fast onset of Winter in Canada, growing Blood Diamond OG Marijuana plants outdoors may not allow sufficient time for the plants to achieve complete maturity.

Completely feminized, all Cannabis seeds for sale are guaranteed to produce a pure female plant. Given warm, well ventilated good conditions, the plants can produce up to 500 grams of dried, top-quality buds per square meter. Flowering times average between 9 – 10 weeks for the buds to achieve complete maturity.

THC levels of between 16% – 20% produce a fast, hard-hitting physical body-buzz that can easily melt you into a feeling of couch-lock. Medicinal users will love the strains deeply relaxing and sedative effects, relieving pain, inflammation and insomnia.

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Blood Diamond OG Feminized

An updated OG Kush classic with bigger buds and heavier yields
PLANT TYPE : Feminized
GENETICS : 100% Indica strain
THC LEVEL : High up to 20%
CBD : Low
YIELD : High ( 450 – 500 grams per plant )
FLOWERING PERIOD : Average ( 56 Days )
CLIMATE : Sunny / Outdoors in warm climates
MEDICAL : Can reduce inflammation, pain and insomnia
EFFECTS : Highly relaxing and sedative
RECOMMENDED FOR : Indoor, Outdoor
Cannabis Seeds For Sale $65 - $240
Blood Diamond OG Marijuana Seeds

Product Name: Blood Diamond OG Feminized

Product Description: A pure Indica strain with strong, pain-reliving properties. A natural anti-inflammatory, it can help to ease joint pain and reduce the effects of arthritis. Also useful in combating sleep disorders and insomnia.

Brand: Crop King Seeds

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  • Blood Diamond OG Feminized Seeds

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