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New Brunswick Marijuana Laws.

Since July 2018, with the passing of the act to legalize the recreational use of Cannabis and Marijuana, Canadian citizens have had the right to possess and cultivate marijuana for their own personal use. These changes include the right to have up to 30 grams of dried buds in public, and to smoke it freely where tobacco smoking is permitted. Each Canadian household now has the right to cultivate up to a maximum of four plants at any one-time, and possess all of the harvests.

These changes in the law allow all residents over the age of eighteen to legally grow, possess and use marijuana, without fear of prosecution. As expected, the last twelve months has seen an increase in internet searches for cannabis and marijuana seeds, with many new, inexperienced growers purchasing unsuitable seeds for either the climate, or their own ability and experience. With many years experience, as both growers and retailers, we can assist in helping you select the best seeds and strains for your chosen growing method or technique.

Growing Marijuana Seeds in New Brunswick.

New Brunswick is a small province covering approximately 73,000 square Kilometers, made up of large areas of forest and woodland. Although its climate isn’t perfect for growing marijuana, it is possible to grow a selection of seeds and strains outdoors, as well as countless varieties indoors. The key to producing a successful harvest is to select the right seeds.

Marijuana plants are deciduous, meaning the seeds produce either a male or female plant and both are required for fertilization. As only the female plant produces flowers and buds, male marijuana plants are usually discarded before they generate pollen and fertilize the females, producing seeds. Buying feminized marijuana seeds eliminates this problem, ensuring that each and every seed you purchase generates a pure female plant, devoid of any male chromosomes.

Growing marijuana outdoors in Canada isn’t easy. Short Summer’s and cold Winters limit the time available for growers to cultivate and mature their crops before the climate becomes too cold and damp for the buds fully develop. With limited time available, selecting fast-flowering, or autoflowering seeds and strains is paramount to producing a good quality harvest outdoors. Alternatively, growing marijuana indoors affords a greater degree of control over the plants environment, permitting a wider variety of strains to be cultivated. Decide whether you wish to grow indoors, or outside, before buying marijuana seeds.

Growing Marijuana Indoors in New Brunswick

Growing marijuana indoors is the preferred method for many experienced growers, allowing for a greater degree of control over the plants environment and conditions compared to outdoor growing. Certain purchases are necessary, such as the correct lighting, fans and air extraction, but once constructed, an indoor purpose-built grow-room can be used to cultivate marijuana all year long.

With total control over the number of light hours the plants receive, humidity levels and room temperature, a wide variety of marijuana seeds can be cultivated, increasing the choice of strains available. While growing longer-flowering Sativa dominant plants outdoors in Canada is virtually impossible, cultivated indoors, the plants can be left to flower and fully mature without fear of bud-rot or mold developing.

Feminized marijuana seeds are the most popular choice, guaranteeing each one of the four permitted plants per household is a perfect female, capable of flowering and budding later in its life-cycle. We offer a wide choice, catering for recreational use with high THC levels, and medical growers with a selection of seeds with an elevated CBD content and low THC alike. Check out some of our most popular feminized marijuana seeds below.

Feminized Seeds
Cali OG Kush Haze Feminized Seeds
Gelato Feminized Seeds
Cali OG Kush Haze Feminized Seeds

Recommended Autoflowering Medical Strain.

CBD Autoflower Cheese Seeds

Over the last decade many trials have shown that an element contained in marijuana called CBD can have positive effects on a range of ailments and conditions, and could be an alternative form of medicine.

Studies have shown CBD can reduce chronic pain, stress and anxiety, relax the mind, ease depression and reduce nausea in chemotherapy patients as well as a host of other medical attributes.

Although most medical strains are developed for indoor cultivation, our highly recommended CB Autoflower Cheese has been created especially for the outdoor grower, producing buds with an elevated CBD content quickly and easily.

Requiring little previous experience or knowledge, these CB Autoflower Cheese marijuana seeds can be cultivated to complete maturity in just eight weeks, producing large, dense buds with that unmistakable cheese aroma and flavor.

Yields are good considering the speed with which these plants grow, generating harvests of between 150-250 grams of good quality marijuana per plant.

With a CBD/THC ratio of 1:1 and both at approximately 8%, the high is gentle and relaxing, allowing the full effects of CBD to take effect. Considered a very easy strain to grow, these seeds are perfect for both new and experienced growers alike.

Find out more about CB Autoflower Cheese Seeds.

Growing Marijuana Outdoors in Nova Scotia

With it’s short Summer season and long Winter, growing marijuana outdoors in New Brunswick is difficult, although not impossible. Seed selection and preparation are vital in producing a worthwhile harvest, with many outdoor growers choosing to grow autoflowering seeds rather than the conventional feminized varieties. Unlike traditional marijuana plants, autoflowering seeds grow and flower at the same time, reducing the total time required from sprouting to harvest to approximately eight weeks.

Marijuana plants grown from traditional seeds require twelve hours of uninterrupted darkness on a daily basis to flower and mature, producing harvests from the middle of September onward. Autoflowering seeds are also feminized and guaranteed to produce a pure female plant, however, they flower under any number of light hours, generating their best and biggest harvests during the very height of Summer, when the daily sunlight hours are at there longest and strongest.

Requiring an average of just eight weeks to grow, flower and fully mature, allows outdoor marijuana growers in New Brunswick the opportunity to potentially produce two outdoor crops over the course of a single season. Autoflowering marijuana plants are smaller and more compact than traditional varieties, but the buds are just as dense, tasty and packed with THC/CBD as their traditional feminized counter-parts.

We offer a wide selection of autoflowering seeds catering for all tastes and requirements. Discover just how easy growing marijuana outdoors in New Brunswick, Canada can be with these easy to grow seeds.

Jack Herer Auto Feminized Seeds
NYC Diesel Auto Seeds
NYC Diesel Autoflowering Seeds

If you are considering growing marijuana indoors, we have a wide and varied selection of recommended strains, perfect for growers of all levels of experience. With a selection of pure feminized seeds, we have recommendations for recreational and medicinal growers, as well as experienced or complete novice growers.

Buying marijuana seeds in New Brunswick at Crop King Seeds, Canada’s most trusted supplier of cannabis seeds.

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