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Marijuana Laws In The Canadian Provinces.

The changes to the laws during 2018 now allows all Canadian residents the right to grow a limited number of marijuana plants and possess up to 30 grams of dried buds in public.

These changes affect both highly populated areas and the lesser provinces including Newfoundland, Prince Edward Island and The Northwest Territories, Nunavut and Yukon. Although growing marijuana in these areas can be challenging, it’s not impossible, and with changes to the laws permitting each household the right to cultivate up to four marijuana plants, indoor growing is becoming more and more popular.

If you are considering growing your own marijuana and live in any of the provinces apart from Prince Edward Island, there is plenty of wide open space to grow marijuana outdoors.

Unfortunately, the short Summers and long Winters make growing difficult and selecting the right seeds and strains becomes one of the most important aspects when buying marijuana seeds. We recommend a variety of seeds to suit all tastes and levels of experience, providing strains for both indoor and outdoor growing techniques.

Growing Marijuana Seeds In The Canadian Provinces.

Marijuana plants can be divided into two distinctive varieties, Sativa and Indica. While the Sativa varieties evolved in warm, sunny areas with a gentle passing of the seasons, Indica plants adapted to harsher conditions with longer, colder Winters. Because of these different climates, the two varieties developed differently, with Sativa’s growing tall, requiring a long, gentle flowering period and Indica’s remaining squat and bushy, maturing much faster and usually able to withstand colder temperatures.

Since the 1980’s and the creation of feminized seeds, more and more strains have been created that combine both Sativa and Indica genetics together. These new strains offer the best characteristics of both types of marijuana and are often know as hybrid seeds. Almost all of the most popular strains of marijuana currently available are hybrids, with a range of tastes, high’s and levels of difficulty to grow and cultivate.

Growing Marijuana Outdoors In Newfoundland and the Northwest Territories

With its wide open spaces there is plenty of area to grow marijuana outdoors in these Canadian provinces. With a sparse population and large areas of forest land, planting discreetly outdoors shouldn’t be a problem, the climate however, can be. With short Summers and the quick onset of Winter the outdoor growing season is limited to just a few months, and selecting the right marijuana seeds and strains is paramount to producing a successful harvest.

Autoflowering seeds offer the best opportunity to grow a good quality outdoor crop, combining the growing and flowering phases together to reduce the overall cultivation time to an absolute minimum. With no requirement for long hours of uninterrupted darkness, and with the ability to grow and flower simultaneously, autoflowering seeds are ready to harvest after approximately eight weeks from planting.

Completely feminized, and with every seed guaranteed to produce a good quality autoflowering marijuana plant, these seeds are extremely easy to grow, requiring little experience or previous knowledge to produce your own good quality marijuana.

We offer a selection of Autoflowering seeds, with different flavors, aromas and effects. Choice from both recreational and medicinal strains with seeds containing high THC levels or an elevated CBD content for medical use.

Jack Herer Auto Feminized Seeds
NYC Diesel Auto Seeds
Trainwreck Autoflowering Seeds

Recommended Indoor Marijuana Seeds.

Buy White Widow Feminized Seeds

If you’re looking for a good, all-round strain to grow indoors, White Widow is one of the most stable and easy to grow strains. Well-known for it’s potent buds, high in both THC and CBD, it’s a firm favourite for many recreational and medicinal users alike.

Feminized White Widow marijuana seeds are very easy to grow and perfect for both new and experienced growers alike. They can be cultivated using a wide range of techniques and styles, responding well to enhanced growing methods.

Yields are good, with between 300-400 grams of high quality marijuana buds per square meter possible, given good growing methods and conditions.

White Widow marijuana is a hybrid strain, containing 60% Indica and 40% Sativa genes. The plants are dense, producing multiple budding sites, requiring approximately eight weeks to fully flower and mature.

With an average THC content of 24% White Widow packs a powerful high that’s relaxing and therapeutic. Often smoked at night, it can help to reduce stress, anxiety and chronic pain.

Now available in a selection of feminized packs, chose the size that suits your needs.

Find out more about White Widow Marijuana Seeds.

Growing Marijuana Indoors in Prince Edward Island

Growing marijuana indoors often produces higher quality plants and buds, and in areas of high population density, is often the easiest option. The changes in the law allow all households to grow and cultivate up to four plants indoors, and in places such as Prince Edward Island, this is the best option.

Growing marijuana indoors requires a small initial investment into the construction of the room and purchase of certain pieces of equipment such as lights, fans and air extraction, but once built your growing area will be able to produce fresh, high quality marijuana all year round. With control over the light hours and plant’s environment, a greater level of care and attention can be given to the plants, with techniques such as super-cropping, bending and topping helping to enhance the total yield.

Marijuana grown indoors is usually of better quality, with more flavor, aroma and effect. Greater control allows for a wider choice of strains and rather than just fast-flowering Indica dominant seeds, slower, longer flowering Sativa dominant strains can be cultivated that provide a more creative, energizing high.

Whether you’re looking for recreation marijuana with a high THC content, pungent aroma and fulfilling flavor. Or a medical strain with high CBD and the ability to help reduce a number of conditions and ailments from reducing stress and depression, to increasing the appetite and assisting sleep. We have a selection of feminized seeds for you to choose from. See some of our most popular recommendations below.

Feminized Seeds
Gelato Feminized Seeds
Cali OG Kush Haze Feminized Seeds
Sour Diesel Feminized Seeds

If you are considering growing marijuana indoors, we have a wide and varied selection of recommended strains, perfect for growers of all levels of experience. With a selection of pure feminized seeds, we have recommendations for recreational and medicinal growers, as well as experienced or complete novice growers.

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