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Ontario Marijuana Laws.

Ontario is the most densely populated province in Canada, with over 13 million residents making up 38% of Canada’s total population. Bordering the American states of Minnesota, Michigan, Ohio, Pennsylvania and New York, the province is sometimes divided into two regions, Northern and Southern Ontario. The majority of people live in the Southern part of Ontario, with Northern Ontario being sparsely populated, with long, cold winters and lots of forestation.

With the passing of the bill permitting the possession and cultivation of cannabis and marijuana for personal use, adult residents of Ontario over the age of nineteen, are now legally allowed to possess up to 30 grams of dried marijuana buds in public, and cultivate a maximum of 4 plants per household at any one-time. Smoking cannabis or marijuana in private, or in many public areas is no longer an offence and can be enjoyed without fear of prosecution.

Growing Marijuana Seeds in Ontario, Canada.

Growing marijuana in Ontario is limited to a maximum of four plants per household, regardless of the number of residents. Under these laws, the plants can be cultivated either indoors or outside, and as either a complete crop, or in a variety of stages, allowing for a regular supply of fresh buds.

Although growing your own marijuana isn’t difficult, there are a variety of different growing methods and techniques that can be utilized to maximize both the quality of quantity of your harvests, as well as a selection of seeds and strains for all levels of experience and requirements.

Growing Marijuana Indoors in Ontario.

The most popular method of growing marijuana in Ontario is indoor cultivation. More expensive to set-up and manage than traditional outdoor growing, it can produce a regular supply of high quality buds, at a fraction of the cost of purchase. Most of the costs are incurred purchasing the necessary lights, fans and other ancillary equipment needed to successfully grow marijuana indoors.

Purpose built indoor grow rooms provide a far greater degree of control than traditional outdoor techniques, temperature, number of light-hours and the humidity can all be controlled, providing the perfect environment for your plants to grow and flourish.

With a greater degree of control, comes greater choice, with almost all of the most popular cannabis and marijuana seeds designed for indoor growing techniques. With plants limited to four per household, it’s important that each plant produces the highest quality buds. As only female marijuana plants produce buds, buying feminized marijuana seeds ensures each seed is guaranteed to provide a healthy female plant.

Feminized Seeds
Blue Cookie Feminized Seeds
Green Crack Feminized Seeds
Sour Diesel Feminized Seeds

Flavor, aroma, weight and the THC/CBD content are all important considerations when choosing the best marijuana seeds for growing indoors. People’s priorities differ, and what’s best for one person isn’t necessarily best for all. Recreational growers often prefer tasty strains with elevated THC levels to provide maximum effect. Alternatively, medicinal growers often purchase seeds high in CBD, providing less of a ‘high’ and more medicinal, therapeutic value.

Recommended Marijuana Strains In Ontario, Canada.

Gelato Feminized SeedsOne of the most popular marijuana strains in Ontario currently is Gelato, a feminized hybrid comprised of Sunset Shebert and Thin Mint Girl Scout Cookies.

A 60/40 Indica dominant strain, it’s an easy strain to grow indoors and a great choice for all cultivation methods, suitable for growers with a little experience.

Maximum yields can be achieved by using super-cropping methods, bending and pruning, while the strain can be cultivated using a number of techniques such as hydroponics, Screen and Sea-of-Green methods, or standard single pot-culture.

Flowering times average 8 – 10 weeks, standard for a high quality marijuana hybrid, with yields returning between 500 – 700 grams of potent, high quality marijuana buds per square meter, depending upon growing technique, environment and level of experience.

Gelato marijuana is well-known for it’s smooth, creamy flavor and explosive high. THC levels can top 27%, and with a low CBD content, the high is fast-acting and euphoric. We highly recommend Gelato seeds for growing marijuana indoors in Ontario.

Find out more about Gelato Marijuana Seeds.

Growing Marijuana Outdoors in Ontario, Canada.

Growing marijuana outdoors in Ontario requires careful strain selection. Time spent choosing the right strains can be the difference between a successful harvest, or a lot of moldy buds. Many marijuana strains are susceptible to bud-rot in the later stages of flowering. This mold thrives when the night-time temperature drops and humidity is trapped in and around the buds, and with the short Summer season and cold Winters, selecting strains with long flowering periods or prone to mold, can have disastrous consequences.

Sativa marijuana strains usually require a long flowering period and are best avoided by outdoor marijuana growers in Canada, Indica dominant hybrids, with shorter flowering times are a better option for those growers wishing to cultivate traditional feminized seeds, as they have a faster flowering rate, mature and ready to harvest from their seventh week of flowering,A better option for those people wishing to grow marijuana outdoors would be to buy autoflowering seeds.

Train Wreck Autoflowering Seeds

Completely feminized, each seed is guaranteed to produce a pure female plant with the ability to grow, flower and completely mature, regardless of the number of hours of darkness the plants receive.

Designed specifically for outdoors growers, many strains have an inbuilt immunity to mold, bud-rot and many other common issues outdoor growers can face.

Requiring approximately just 8 weeks to completely grow, flower and mature allows growers enough time, even in northern parts of Ontario, to grow their own marijuana plants outdoors, and with a wide variety of autoflowering seeds to choose from, finding the right strain for you could be just a click away!

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