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Quebec Marijuana Laws.

Quebec is the second most populated province with a population of approximately 8.5 million people. It’s Canada’s largest province by area, with southern borders to the the U.S. states of Maine, New Hampshire, Vermont and New York. The predominantly French speaking population live primarily in the Greater Montreal area, covering the area between Montreal and Quebec City.

With the changes to the laws governing the possession and cultivation of cannabis and marijuana, residents of Quebec can now legally grow up to four marijuana plants per household, and possess up to 30 grams of marijuana in public. Smoking marijuana is now permitted in most public areas where smoking tobacco is permitted, with standard smoking laws still enforced.These changes allow all residents of Quebec and Canada the right to cultivate up to four marijuana plants, for recreational or medicinal use.

Growing Marijuana Seeds in Quebec, Canada.

Quebec covers a large area of Canada, with differing climates. While southern parts enjoy slightly warmer temperatures and a longer Summer season, the northern area of Quebec is sparsely populated with short Summers and long, cold Winters. Growing marijuana plants in these conditions can be challenging, especially for those people wishing to grow outdoors.

Marijuana isn’t a difficult plant to grow. Give it light, warmth, good quality air, nutrients and plenty of water and it can grow incredibly fast. However, flowering only begins when the plant receives a minimum of twelve hours of uninterrupted darkness per day, and usually requires an average of eight weeks for the buds to fully mature and ripen. With the short Summers and fast onset of Winter in Quebec, producing good quality marijuana outdoors, can be challenging.

Growing Marijuana Outdoors in Quebec.

With a short Summer and long, cold Winter, growing marijuana outdoors in Quebec is going to be limited to a few fast-flowering strains. With residents limited to four plants per household, feminized seeds are recommended, with each seed guaranteed to produce a pure female plant, maximizing your potential yields.

Indica dominant seeds tend to have a shorter flowering cycle compared to Sativa strains, and often cope with adverse conditions better with reduced height, thicker branches and dense buds. Although these strains are faster to mature, they will still require approximately seven weeks in flower before harvesting, and in northern parts of Quebec this may be difficult.

An alternative is to buy Autoflowering seeds, available in a selection of strains, these seeds are specifically created for growing outdoors, with each seed feminized and guaranteed to produce a fast, self-flowering female plant. Unlike traditional feminized marijuana seeds, autoflowering strains grow and flower simultaneously, reducing the time from sprouting to harvest, and without the need for set hours of darkness.

Train Wreck Autoflowering Seeds

Created for simple outdoor growing, many of the strains available are mature and ready to harvest within two months from sprouting, allowing growers with even the shortest Summer months the opportunity to grow their own marijuana plants outdoors. With a choice of popular strains available, learn more about buying autoflowering seeds in Quebec.

Recommended Marijuana Strains In Quebec, Canada.

Buy Blue Cookies Feminized Seeds In Canada

A current popular choice for both new and experienced marijuana growers in Canada is Blue Cookies, a feminized strain that’s perfect for indoor growers of all levels of ability and experience. A 60% Indica dominant, with genetics comprised of Girl Scout Cookies and Blueberry, expect sweet, fruity flavours and a euphoric high.

Cultivated indoors under good conditions, Blue Cookies can produce between 400-550 grams of high quality buds per square meter with an average of nine weeks flowering time.

Easy to grow, the strain can be cultivated using a variety of methods from single pot culture to hydroponics.

A highly potent strain, Blue Cookies has an average 20% THC level and an approximate 0.3 CBD content making it a great choice for both recreational and medical users alike.

The high is relaxing and euphoric, great for socialising and general daytime use. A highly recommended strain for growing indoors in Quebec. Find out more about Blue Cookie Marijuana Seeds.

Growing Marijuana Indoors in Quebec, Canada.

With a maximum limit of four marijuana plants per household, regardless of the number of occupants, many people in Canada are setting up their own indoor, purpose built growing room. Although the initial costs involved are far greater than growing outdoors, an indoor area, providing good conditions, can produce an abundance of fresh, high quality marijuana all year round.

Certain pieces of equipment are necessary for growing indoors, including a good quality light source, fans for air circulation and intake/extraction. Other equipment can be purchased over time to regulate temperature, CO2 levels and humidity, each improving the quality and quantity your plants can yield.

Growing marijuana indoors in Quebec also allows for a greater choice of strains, as the growing environment and daily light hours can be adjusted, without relying on nature to take its course. Plants can be grown with longer vegetative periods, allowing greater development of the branching structure. Growing techniques such as the Screen-of-Green method can be utilized to really maximize ‘per-plant’ yields.

Indoor grown marijuana is generally of higher quality than outdoor produced varieties. Greater control of the climate and general environment can improve flowering, flavour and THC/CBD levels, with the buds having a superior appearance and aroma. Costs are increased, but over the year the initial outlay is soon returned, with money saved from purchasing retail marijuana buds.

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Whether you choose to grow marijuana indoors or outside during the Summer season, we highly recommend buying your favourite strains from Crop King Seeds when buying marijuana seeds in Canada. Highly trusted and with a first-class customer support service, they have helped countless Canadians buy high quality cannabis and marijuana seeds for home growing.

Offering a wide selection of both feminized and autoflowering seeds,  find out more about buying marijuana seeds in Canada.

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