Best Cannabis Seeds For Extreme Climates

Best Cannabis Seeds For Extreme Climates.

Whether it’s hot or cold, we have feminized outdoor Cannabis seeds for extreme climates.

From Arizona and East California, to the northern parts of Alaska, the USA endures both extreme heat and severe cold, depending on where you live. While these conditions can make growing Marijuana difficult, it’s not impossible, with a choice of high quality Cannabis seeds for extreme climates.

There is always the option to grow Marijuana indoors, which, with good conditions, can produce the highest quality buds all year round, as well as generating suitable conditions for a much wider choice of strains. With a comprehensive collection of high quality feminized seeds, find out more about Indoor Marijuana seeds.

However, if you’re new to growing Cannabis, and just want to produce a high quality crop outdoors, which are the best Cannabis seeds for extreme climates? Growing Cannabis seeds outdoors is the cheapest way to produce your own buds, and even under the harshest of conditions, certain strains of Marijuana can survive and even thrive, generating a good quality harvest for a fraction of its price.

Hot or Cold – Best Cannabis Seeds For Extreme Climates.

While some Cannabis seeds are adversely affected by too high, or too low temperatures, certain strains, especially pure Landrace varieties, have learned to adapt and cope with these extreme climates. A strain may grow naturally in areas that suffer from extreme climates, such as heat during the daytime, with night temperatures that may fall considerably, and so these hardy, and often easy-to-grow Marijuana strains are the best Cannabis seeds for extreme climates, either hot or cold.

Durban Poison Feminized Cannabis Seeds.

Durban Poison is a pure Land-race Sativa Cannabis strain that originates from the Port of Durban in South Africa. A hardy Marijuana strain that’s both easy-to-grow and fast to mature, its intense resin production makes it one of the best Cannabis seeds for extreme climates, being able to cope with both extremely hot temperatures, and extremely cold.

Completely feminized, each seed is guaranteed to produce pure female plants, which, given good outdoor conditions, can grow up to 7 feet tall. The buds are large, dense and heavy, with a thick, sticky coating of resin, giving the plant and cola’s a natural defense against both extreme heat, as well as cold, night-time temperatures.

For a pure Sativa strain, Durban Poison Cannabis seeds are fast to mature, requiring between 7 – 9 weeks in flower for the buds to completely ripen ready for harvesting. Yields are good, returning an average of 16 oz per square meter of high quality Marijuana buds., with much of the surrounding sweet-leaf being suitable for use in making Cannabis Butter and edibles.

Durban Poison delivers a powerful Sativa ‘high’ stimulating the mind with creative thought and focus. The perfect day-time strain, it has a 20% THC content that can energize the body like that first morning coffee, leaving the user feeling positive and ready for any challenges ahead.

Durban Poison Cannabis Seeds

Used around the world to help boost energy levels and focus, you can buy feminized Durban Poison seeds in packs of 5, 10 and 20 seeds.

Afghan Feminized Cannabis Seeds.

Afghan feminized Cannabis seeds contain pure Indica genetics, created from the Afghani Land-race strain which grows naturally around the Hindu Kush mountain range of Pakistan and Afghanistan. Well known for its large buds and thick coating of resin, it’s the perfect plant for making hashish from.

With daily high temperatures throughout the Summer months, and cold, harsh winds at night, Afghan is one of the best Cannabis seeds for extreme climates, with its thick coating of resin protecting it from both temperature extremes. An easy-to-grow strain with a forgiving nature, perfect for outdoor growers of all levels of experience.

Vegetative growth produces a large, bushy plant with typically fat Indica leaves, strong, close branching and multiple budding sites. Flowering requires an average of 9 weeks, producing large, dense buds that are extremely sticky, oozing with protective resin.

Yields are between 16 -21 oz per square meter, with a THC content of approximately 20%. Once dried and cured, the buds have a complex flavor and aroma, with an earthy-woody smell, but a spicy-herbal taste. The ‘high’ can be described as a pure ‘body-stone’ almost couch-locking for some.

Afghan Cannabis is often prescribed for those people who suffer from stress, depression and insomnia.

Afghan Cannabis Seeds

You can buy Afghan Cannabis seeds online in packs of 5, 10 and 20, or as part of the Persian Mix Seeds Pack.

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Buy Cannabis Seeds For Extreme Climates Online

Learn More About Growing Cannabis Seeds In Extreme Climates.

It can be fun, easy and legal in many parts of the USA, growing your own Cannabis and Marijuana plants is becoming ever-more popular. Whether it’s for recreational or medical use, learn how to grow Marijuana simply, easily and successfully.

Written by Robert Bergman, the Growing Marijuana Guide is a complete and comprehensive guide to growing Cannabis and Marijuana seeds. Covering all aspects of cultivation, it explains everything you need to know, from germination through to harvesting and drying your buds.

With both indoor and outdoor growing techniques explained it quickly and simply informs the reader of the methods and techniques used by professional growers to enhance the flavor, yield and potency of their crop, helping them achieve the best harvests possible.

You can learn more and download this instance access PDF completely free of charge and without obligation. Whether you choose to buy Marijuana seeds online or not, download the free Marijuana Grow Guide today and learn how you can produce your own high quality plants and buds from the best Cannabis seeds for extreme climates.

Grow Your Own Marijuana Seeds

Tips On How To Grow Cannabis Seeds In Extreme Conditions.

Learn How To Grow Cannabis Seeds In Extreme Conditions.

Find all the answers to growing Cannabis Seeds in extreme hot and cold conditions. I Love Growing Marijuana offer in depth guides packed with information for each stage of the growing process from seed to harvest.

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