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Cash crop Marijuana strains produce some of the largest harvests. Superior, feminized genetics producing the heaviest yields, learn more.

For some Marijuana growers it’s all about the harvest, and the bigger the yield, the greater the pay-day.

“Show me the money” as Tom Cruise said in the film Jerry Maguire, and that’s certainly true of cash crop Marijuana strains, with growers, focusing on producing Marijuana for sale to the mass market.

Cash crop Marijuana strains are well-known for generating large quantities of dense, heavy buds. Completely feminized, each seed germinated will produce a strong and vibrant, pure female plant, with uniform, stable results.

In general, cash crop Marijuana strains are a combination of two, heavy-yielding strains, creating an improved hybrid, containing a mix of both forms of Marijuana genetics. Sativa genes increase the general size of the plants and buds, while the Indica genetics increase density and mass, adding extra weight to the plant’s yield and total harvest.

We have a selection of seeds available, with several cash crop Marijuana seeds for sale. Completely guaranteed to germinate, producing heavy-yielding plants, they offer increased harvests of high-quality, potent Marijuana, and can be purchased in a variety of pack sizes. Check out some of our most popular and best selling cash crop Marijuana strains below.

Cash Crop Marijuana Strains For Sale.

Amnesia Haze Marijuana Seeds

An ‘old-school’ classic and still as popular today as it’s always been, Amnesia Haze is one of our 80% Sativa dominant cash crop Marijuana strains, which can be successfully cultivated both indoors, or outside during the growing season.

Completely feminized, Amnesia Haze plants can grow tall, and require an average flowering time of approximately 9 weeks. Yields are some of the best available, producing between 21 – 25 oz per square meter indoors, and huge, generous plants outdoors, given good growing conditions, with sufficient light, fresh air and the correct nutrients.

Enjoy quality as well as quantity with one of the best cash crop Marijuana strains, producing average THC levels of up to 21%, with the resin coated, sweet lemon and citrus flavored buds inducing a creative, uplifting and euphoric sensation, with an energizing ‘body-buzz’.

Amnesia Haze are one of our most popular cash crop Marijuana strains, available in packs of 5, 10 and 20 seeds

Amnesia Haze Seeds

Amnesia Haze (Fem)

Amnesia Haze Feminized Seeds

One of the most popular and awarded Sativa dominant strains, Amnesia Haze produces a sociable and energizing high from it’s aromatic, lemon citrus flavored buds. Perfect for the indoor grower with yields of 550 per square meter.

Super Lemon Haze Marijuana Seeds

Super Lemon Haze is another of our highly popular and best cash crop marijuana strains, producing similar yields as Amnesia Haze, with average harvests of between 21 – 25 oz per square meter. Considered a moderately easy strain to grow, it can adapted to a variety of both indoor and outdoor cultivation methods and techniques.

A blend of 80% Sativa and 20% Indica, the tall plants produce large, dense buds with a sweet citrus flavor and  herbal aroma. Often prescribed as medical Marijuana, helping to reduce depression, fatigue, stress and pain, it has an average CBD content and THC levels of up to 22%.

With its impressive yields and sweet citrus flavor, Super Lemon Haze is one of our most popular cash crop Marijuana strains, offering quality and quantity. Able to cope with higher levels of humidity, it thrives when cultivated indoors using hydroponic set-ups and systems.

Buy Super Lemon Haze cash crop Marijuana seeds in packs of 5, 10 or 20 feminized seeds

Super Lemon Haze Seeds

Super Lemon Haze (Fem)

Super Lemon Haze Feminized

A perfect marijuana strain for all levels of experience, with a natural immunity to most bugs, pests and mites, and copes well with high levels of humidity. The classic Sativa stretch during the first few weeks of flowering produces a tall plant with large buds.

Chronic Widow Marijuana Seeds

The third of our most popular and best cash crop Marijuana strains is Chronic Widow, an improved and heavier-yielding version of the famous White Widow. A 65% Indica dominant strain, the plants can grow up to six-feet tall, with strong, close branches and multiple budding sites, capable of yielding large quantities of resin coated buds.

Flowering times average between 9 – 10 weeks, depending on conditions, with the plants able to cope with both indoor and outdoor cultivation methods. Expect impressive harvests of between 18 – 24 oz per square meter when grown indoors, with similar per-plant yields when cultivated outside, and allowed to grow and the course of an entire season.

One of the most potent cash crop Marijuana strains, Chronic Widow generates THC levels of up to 23%, and a low CBD content, inducing a relaxed and ‘couch-locking’ high, perfect for night-time use and assisting in reducing pain, stress, depression and insomnia. It is also recommended for people suffering from eating disorders, as it increases the appetite.

Chronic Widow cash crop Marijuana seeds are available in feminized packs of 5, 10 and 20 seeds.

Chronic Widow Seeds

Chronic Widow (Fem)

Chronic Widow Feminized Seeds

An Indica dominant strain combining the potent White Widow and high-yielding Chronic genetics. Extremely high THC and CBD levels, together with a creamy, spicy flavor make it a popular choice for both indoor and outdoor growers.

These are just a selection of our best-selling and heaviest yielding Marijuana seeds, there are many more, including Blue Dream, Girl Scout Cookies, Chocolope and Big Bud. Find all of your favorite cash crop Marijuana strains in our Feminized Marijuana seeds collection.

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