Critical x Green Crack Marijuana Seeds

Critical x Green Crack Feminized Marijuana Seeds.

High Quality Marijuana Seeds

What an incredible combination and a superb addition to our collection of top-quality Marijuana seeds from Canada’s most trusted seed bank and supplier, Crop King Seeds. These Critical x Green Crack Feminized Marijuana seeds are perfect for growing indoors in Canada, or outdoors in warm, sunny climates.

A tall plant with a slight Sativa dominance, it’s fairly easy to grow either indoors or outside. The buds are large, with colorful golden pistils as maturity approaches. The mixture of Critical and Green Crack has produced potent and pungent buds, filling the air with sweet skunk and citrus aromas.

Stable, feminized genetics have created a fast growing plant that only requires a short vegetative period. The Screen-of-Green growing method works well with these Critical x Green Crack Feminized Marijuana seeds, reducing any future height issues and maximizing bud generation from an even canopy.

Great for daytime use, the sweet-flavored buds can deliver a boost of energy just when you need it. Powerful THC levels ensure the effects are long-lasting, while helping to reduce pain, stress and fatigue.

Critical x Green Crack Marijuana Strain Review.

Combining the Critical genes with Green Crack has produced a powerful strain that can help get you through the day. Enjoy an invigorating boost to your energy levels, making you feel energized, creative and motivated. A great strain for daytime use with THC levels up to 20%.

A fairly easy Marijuana strain for growing indoors in Canada, the plants can grow up to 180 cm tall and may require topping, pruning and super-cropping to produce their best yields. Maintaining a level and even canopy is the best way to increase and improve the yields from your plants. The Screen-of-Green technique works well with this Marijuana strain.

Cultivated outdoors in a warm and sunny climate, Critical x Green Crack Cannabis seeds for sale can produce up to 700 grams of high quality buds per plant. A favorite with growers across the southern states of the USA and warmer Mediterranean parts of Europe. Indoor yields average 450 grams of the highest quality buds per square meter.

The buds have a strong skunk aroma and sweet citrus flavor. Large, dense and with a generous layer of thick resin, they have instant bag-appeal for ‘cash-crop’ growers. A favorite with medical Marijuana growers suffering from lethargy and a lack of motivation, it induces a burst of creative energy and inspirational thoughts.

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Critical x Green Crack Feminized

Pungent, sweet-flavored buds with an energizing body-buzz effect
PLANT TYPE : Feminized
GENETICS : Sativa dominant strain
THC LEVEL : High 16% – 20%
CBD : Low
YIELD : High ( Up to 450 grams per sq meter )
FLOWERING PERIOD : Average ( 7 – 9 weeks )
CLIMATE : Sunny / Mediterranean
MEDICAL : Produces a burst of physical energy, can reduce stress
EFFECTS : Energizing, uplifting and creative
RECOMMENDED FOR : Indoor, Outdoor
Cannabis Seeds For Sale $65 - $240
Critical X Green Crack Marijuana Seeds

Product Name: Critical X Green Crack Feminized

Product Description: An energizing strain, generating a boost to your physical energy levels. Great for daytime use, it can reduce stress and anxiety while promoting creative thoughts.

Brand: Crop King Seeds

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  • Critical x Green Crack Feminized Seeds

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