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Cannabis Seeds Grow Set - Easy

The Easy Marijuana Grow Kit.

Our Easy Marijuana Grow Kit contains everything you need for a stress-free harvest. Perfect for all levels of experience, from beginner to the more experienced grower. Cultivate your own Marijuana plants. Suitable for both indoor and outdoor techniques, just add a pot, soil and water.

  • Enjoy potent, powerful buds from the highest quality seeds.
  • A complete nutrient package, with feeding schedules.
  • Three specifically designed formula’s to protect your plants from harm.

Never grown Marijuana before, but always wanted to try?

The Easy Marijuana Grow Kit makes life simple. Complete with 20 Feminized seeds, all guaranteed to germinate, more than enough for several harvests. The complete range of Bergman’s Plant Food, with individual formulas for the plants complete life-cycle. Plant Protectors, designed to defend and combat many of the issues faced by Marijuana growers.

With free, super-fast, guaranteed delivery to all parts of the USA, you could be growing your own high-quality quicker than you think. Find out more about the Easy Marijuana Grow Kit.

 The Complete Easy Marijuana Grow Kit – Contents.

White Widow Seeds

White Widow

White Widow Feminized Seeds

One of the first true indoor marijuana plants and still as powerful and potent as ever, White Widow is a popular medical marijuana choice offering high levels of natural pain relief and relaxing high. Energizing and a great social strain.

The Seeds.

The Easy Marijuana Grow Kit contains 20 Feminized White Widow seeds. A popular, well-known strain, adaptable to a wide number of growing methods,  it’s suitable for both indoor and outdoor cultivation techniques.

Each seed is devoid of all male chromosomes, guaranteeing a pure-female Marijuana plant. Strong, squat and bushy, growth is fast and vigorous while they receive twelve hours or more of daily sunlight. Flowering begins once the plants receive twelve hours of undisturbed darkness per night. Complete maturity requires eight weeks.

A blend of 60% Indica and 40% Sativa, White Widow Marijuana seeds are easy to grow, forgiving of many common growing errors and mistakes. A short vegetative period, followed by eight weeks of flowering, can produce yields of up to 18 oz per square meter, given optimum growing conditions.

With a THC content of up to 19% White Widow Marijuana induces a fast-acting, powerful high. Felt as both a relaxing ‘body-buzz’ and cerebral ‘high’ it can leave you feeling uplifted, creative, relaxed and happy. Enjoyed by many recreational and medicinal users alike.

Bergmans Complete Fertilizer Set



Produced as four separate nutrients, Bergman’s Plant Food contains all the nutrients required at each stage of the plants development, with specially designed formula’s following a designated feeding schedule.

The Nutrients.

One of the key components of the Complete Easy Marijuana Grow Kit is the inclusion of the Bergman’s Plant Food collection. A full, four-part feeding cycle delivering the perfect formula of minerals and nutrients at each stage of the plants development.

There are many different Marijuana nutrient products available. New, inexperienced growers can often to tempted to buy a variety of products to improve the yield, taste and potency of their crop. Bergman’s Plant Food collection has been specifically formulated to give the plant exactly what it requires in the correct doses. No additional nutrient purchases needed.

Each of the four, individual packets contain all the minerals, nutrients and vitamins Marijuana plants require at differing stages of development. The Seedling and Grow-time formulas promote both root and branch development. While the Flower-time and Plant Boost formulas add size, weight and potency to your buds.

Whether you grow indoors or outside, in soil or using a hydroponic set-up, Bergman’s Plant Food is a complete nutrient package, designed to ensure your Marijuana plants achieve their full potential. Together with the easy to read feeding schedule, it provides for all your plants needs, from seedling to maturity.

Bergmans Plant Protector

Plant Protector

Bergmans Plant Protector

Plant protector will give your plants a powerful defense system that makes it easier to produce higher yields, top quality flowers and potent buds with more THC.

The Protectors.

Both new and experienced growers alike can suffer from attacks of mold, root bacteria or bugs. Good ventilation, fresh air and a clean grow-room can help reduce many of the threats, but often spider-mites, bud-rot and root infections are difficult to spot until it’s almost too late. Help is at hand with the 3-pack Plant Protector system.

Root Protector – Used from an early stage in the plants development, the Root Protector formula is designed to stop bacterial ‘build-ups’ around the roots, increasing the plants nutritional uptake. The concentrated formula should be mixed with water and fed to the plants to improve and strengthen the immune system.

Bug Blaster – Bugs come in all shapes and sizes. From easy to spot caterpillars, to tiny Red Spider-mites. All can have devastating consequences on the quality and quantity you achieve from your plants. Help your plants combat bug attacks, together with the added foliage feed it improves the health of your plants.

Mold Control – Probably the worse issue of all, bud-rot and mold. A build-up of fungus spores at the very heart of the biggest and best buds. Left untreated it can ruin an entire crop in a matter of days. There is no cure, only lost buds. Prevention is the only action to stop this happening to your plants.

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You can buy the Easy Marijuana Grow Kit online and enjoy fast, direct shipping to all parts of the USA by I Love Growing Marijuana, one of the highest respected seed banks and producers. All costs are included within the price, with guaranteed delivery as standard.

Receive 20 of the highest quality Feminized White Widow seeds, the full nutrient collection and all three Plant Protectors in this complete Easy Marijuana Grow Kit. Save $$$ on individual purchases and pay nothing for shipping and delivery.

Payment is encrypted and secure, with Credit/Debit card, Bank transfer, Cheque and Bitcoin options. Any questions or concerns you may have regarding your purchase will be dealt with swiftly and promptly by the ILGM customer care department.

Robert Bergman’s Marijuana Grow Guide has become the most downloaded free growing manual available online. Written to help growers of all levels of ability achieve the very harvest from their seeds, it covers all aspects of Marijuana cultivation, both indoors and outside.

Learn the correct germination methods for best results and super-cropping techniques to maximize your harvests. Discover techniques to improve the flavor and aroma of your buds, as well as how to maximize the potency and THC content of your buds.

This completely free and instantly available download will help you master the techniques needed to grow potent, powerful Marijuana. Available without obligation, download your copy of the Marijuana Grow Guide.

The Easy Marijuana Grow Kit is just one of several high-quality Marijuana Seed Kits available.

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