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Enjoy the very best savings with our Free Marijuana seeds 420 give-away’s, a selection of weekly offers with free Cannabis and Marijuana seeds for the whole month of April 2020.

Free Indica Cannabis Seeds 420

Happy 420!

Week Two Promotion.

It’s the second week of April and the I Love Growing Marijuana Free Marijuana Seeds 420 give-away is in full swing, with many people taking advantage of last week’s buy 10 get 10 free Autoflowering seeds offer. This week it’s the turn of the Indica strains, with all of our high quality, Indica dominant varieties included in this special, free Marijuana seeds 420 week.

Indica dominant seeds are a great choice, perfect for both indoor and outdoor growing techniques. Fast-flowering and very easy to grow, they generate dense, hard buds, aromatic fragrances and ‘couch-locking’ high’s.

Originating in the mountainous regions of the Hindu Kush, Indica marijuana evolved enduring harsh winds and shorter Summer’s, creating squat, bushy plants with a multitude of main cola’s and large buds. Unlike Sativa dominant Marijuana strains, Indica strains had to flower and mature quickly, ensuring the creation of mature seeds before the onset of Winter, and the nightly frosts killing the plants.

Typically, Indica dominant Marijuana plants are shorter and bushier than Sativa plants, with a faster flowering cycle, producing dense, resin coated buds. The leaves are often much broader than those from Sativa dominant strains, with the individual leaf blades overlapping, to collect as much sunlight as possible.

If you like fast, hard-hitting marijuana, our selection of Indica Marijuana seeds are some of the best available, and my own personal preference! We offer a wide collection of stable, guaranteed  Indica dominant strains, and for this whole entire week, are selling them as part of our promotional Free Marijuana Seeds 420 month.

Take advantage of this amazing money-saving offer during our month of free Marijuana seeds 420, and get 10 free seeds with every 10 seed pack purchased for this week only.

Your strain not included? Don’t worry, check out next week’s free Marijuana seeds 420 offer.

Free Best Selling Cannabis Seeds 420 Week

Wedding Cake Feminized Seeds

Wedding Cake feminized Marijuana seeds are one of the latest additions to our recommended feminized collection, created by crossing Cherry Pie and Girl Scout Cookies. Now available as stabilized, feminized seeds, each plant germinated, matures into a pure female plant with uniform traits and characteristics.

An easy Marijuana strain to grow, Wedding Cake Marijuana seeds have a natural immunity to many common Marijuana diseases, pests and environmental stresses. Highly adaptable, they can be successfully grown both indoor and outside, producing good harvests of potent buds.

THC levels average approximately 17%, generating a relaxing, yet energizing ‘high’ that invigorates both the mind and body. With a pleasant, sweet vanilla, ginger and earthy flavor, it excites the taste-buds and leaves you wanting more.

You can buy Wedding Cake Cake feminized Marijuana seeds in packs of 10 this week and get 10 seed free, as part of the I Love Growing Marijuana Free Marijuana Seeds 420 offer.

420 Sale Wedding Cake Feminized Seeds

Northern Lights Feminized Seeds

A real Indica dominant classic, Northern Lights contains 90% Indica genes and has won countless Expo’s, awards and Cannabis Cup’s. A long-term ‘go-to’ strain for both recreational and medical users alike, it produces a pain-relieving, ‘couch-locking’ high and relief for insomnia sufferers.

Northern Lights Marijuana seeds can be grown both indoors and outside during the Summer months. An easy, hardy plant, it responds well to many super-cropping techniques, including topping, bending and staking, generating average yields of between 12 – 16 oz of high quality buds per square meter.

Sweet flavors of citrus, lemon and pine arouse the taste buds, while THC levels of approximately 18% invigorate the mind while relaxing the body. Often prescribed for its medicinal, therapeutic benefits, it can help to reduce stress, depression and anxiety as well as being a powerful and natural pain-killing agent.

Take advantage of this free Marijuana seeds 420 offer and receive 10 Northern Lights seeds free with every 10 seed pack purchased.

420 Sale Northern Lights Feminized Seeds

Bruce Banner Feminized Seeds

Although an 80% Sativa dominate strain, Bruce Banner packs an Indica-style punch, with a 25% THC content that’s both fast and hard-hitting. A stable and balanced hybrid, Bruce Banner Marijuana seeds are created from OG Kush and Strawberry Diesel genes, both very popular and potent hybrid strains.

Highly versatile, Bruce Banner can be cultivated indoors or outdoors during the growing season, producing large, dense buds and heavy harvests of up to 14 oz per square meter, when given good growing conditions. Moderately easy to cultivate, it requires just eight weeks for the buds to fully develop and mature.

With such an elevated THC content, the ‘high’ is fast-acting and very powerful, inducing a euphoric, happy feeling that can help reduce stress, tension and depression. Often recommended as a natural pain-killer, it’s an ideal day-time strain that can help boost energy levels and inspire creativity.

Enjoy 10 free Marijuana seeds with every 10 seed pack purchased during this free Marijuana seeds 420 give-away.

420 Sale Bruce Banner Feminized Seeds

Discover more with our free Marijuana seeds 420 collection

With a wide selection of high quality, Indica-dominate Marijuana seeds available, take advantage of this weeks Free Marijuana Seeds 420 offer and get more seeds for your money. Delivery is included within the price, and is fully guaranteed, ensuring your purchase reaches you as quickly as possible.

420 Sale Indica Cannabis Seeds - Buy 10 Get 10 Free

All 420 Indica Cannabis seeds are completely feminized, and sold with guaranteed delivery to all parts of the USA.

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