Growing Cannabis Seeds

Grow Cannabis Seeds

Growing Cannabis from seed – The Vegetative Stage.

Following on from our post ‘Germinating Cannabis Seeds‘ here is a brief review of the growing, or vegetative stage of the plants development. This is the period of time between the seed sprouting and before flowering, and when certain techniques can be utilized, enhancing the yield from your plants. While Cannabis and Marijuana plants receive more than 12 hours of daylight, they will remain in a vegetative state, developing leaves, branches and future flowering sites.

What Is The Vegetative Stage?

Your seeds have sprouted and have begun to grow, they are now entering the vegetative stage. The longer the plants remain in this phase, the larger, in general, they will become. Indoor growers have the option of moving from this stage through to flowering whenever they wish, while outdoor growers will have to wait until the daylight hours reduce to approximately 12 hours per day, before their plants will transition through to the flowering phase.

The vegetative stage of a Cannabis or Marijuana plants life is extremely important, structuring the plant’s development for later flowering. While some growers allow their plants to grow naturally, many others, especially indoor growers, use this phase of the plants life to prune or structure the plants to improve air-flow, growth, the number of budding sites and ultimately the amount they harvest.

There are a variety of methods utilized by both indoor and outdoor growers to help improve the yields, a brief description of each is summarized below;

  • Sea-of-Green – Limited vegetative time together with pruning produces short, squat, bushy plants that are grown in close proximity together to form a canopy over the growing area.
  • Screen-of-Green – Longer vegetative period training the branches to cover an entire area. Often uses a wire screen or chicken wire to form an even canopy of buds.
  • Pruning – The removal of the lower branches and shade leaves to promote better growth of the upper-most tips and budding sites.
  • Super-Cropping – The slight crushing and stressing of a joint between the stem and branch to create a thick ‘knuckle’ allowing more nutrients to pass through, encouraging stronger growth.
  • Topping – Removing the top from your plants will encourage the lower branches to develop, this helps increase the yields and reduce the mature height.
  • Fiming – A more delicate technique designed to remove just the upper-most growing tip to double the number of main cola’s. Can be performed on both the main stem and each branch.
  • Bending and Staking – Rather than remove the main stem, it is bend over to grow laterally, often tied or staked down. Great for height control with no loss of main cola.

With good growing conditions, such as plenty of fresh air, quality light, together with the correct watering and nutrient patterns, Cannabis and Marijuana seeds can grow extremely quickly. A well pruned and managed plant can yield for more weight than a poorly managed one, and by utilizing a number of different methods and techniques over the vegetative period, both the quantity and quality of your harvests can be improved.

How To Grow Cannabis and Marijuana.

Growing Cannabis and Marijuana isn’t difficult, the plant’s been around millions of years and will grow naturally in most countries. The aim of the Cannabis grower is to achieve the best quality and quantity possible from each of their seeds, releasing the plant’s true potential.

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