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Looking for something new and exciting? These Humboldt Feminized Marijuana seeds offer soaring highs, sweet aroma’s and fast-maturing harvests. An all-American classic created in Humboldt County.

With its mysterious past, it’s difficult to find the true genetics, but its shape, resin production and size, define it as a high-quality Afghani. However, add to that a soaring, cerebral, ‘Haze-like’ high and you’ve got Humboldt Marijuana.

Not the easiest strain to grow, it requires a little care, attention and experience to help it produce its best harvests and yields. Its dense, bushy structure makes it perfect for both Sea-of-Green and Screen-of-Green cultivation techniques.

An adaptable strain that grows well outdoors in warm, sunny climates. Not advisable to grow outdoors in Canada, as the cold night-time temperatures and fast onset of Winter do not allow for maximum bud growth and development.

Give these plants the care time and effort they deserve and the rewards are fast and plentiful. Delicious flavored buds with a sweet, spicy and subtle orange aroma, producing a focused, euphoric high.

Humboldt Marijuana Strain Review.

A well-known strain, loved by growers for its fast harvests and heavy yields. While recreational users enjoy the strong, potent effects. Typically Indica dominant in its appearance, with large fan-leaves and a strong. close lateral branching structure.

Stable and feminized, every Humboldt Feminized Marijuana seed you germinate will produce a pure female plant. With no unwanted males, or need to sex your plants, yields are maximized as each plant produces a high-quality, worthwhile harvest.

Growers in Canada are recommended to grow these plants indoors to achieve the best quality buds. With greater control over the plants light-hours, temperature and general environment, indoor cultivated Marijuana is usually of a higher quality. This is especially true in countries with a cooler climate.

Fast-flowering and quick to mature, Humboldt Feminized Marijuana seeds can flower and completely ripen in 7 – 8 weeks, given good conditions. Training techniques helping to create an even canopy, filling the growing area. Harvests of between 600 – 650 grams per square meter are achievable by experienced growers.

THC levels of between 17% – 21% induce a fast-acting high, very uplifting, cerebral and euphoric. The Indica effects are slower to surface, leaving you feeling relaxed and sleepy. Perfect for night-time use, it can help combat insomnia and reduce chronic pain.

Humboldt Feminized

Fast to mature, producing dense buds with a sweet aroma and flavor
PLANT TYPE : Feminized
SATIVA or INDICA : Indica dominant
THC LEVEL : High 17% – 21%
CBD : Low
YIELD : High ( 500 – 550 grams per sq meter )
FLOWERING PERIOD : Average ( 7 – 8 Weeks )
CLIMATE : Sunny / Mediterranean
MEDICAL : Natural pain relief, can reduce inflammation and insomnia
EFFECTS : Uplifting and euphoric with a relaxing body-buzz
RECOMMENDED FOR : Indoor, Outdoor

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Humboldt Marijuana Seeds

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