Growing Marijuana Seeds Using Hydroponics

Growing Marijuana Using Hydroponics.

The majority of people begin growing marijuana in a simple pot filled with soil, and although many stay with this growing method, others begin searching for ways to improve their yield and automate their systems. While growing marijuana in a pot, or straight into the prepared ground can yield great results, hydroponics can produce faster harvests and bigger yields when constructed and maintained correctly.

There are several different types of hydroponic systems available to the indoor grower, although almost all of them work on one of two different principles. Many pump the nutrient solution from the main tank to each individual plant, draining the excess back and repeating at regular intervals. Others raise the water level, flooding the pots, then allow it to drain back over a set period of time. These two systems are known as Ebb and Flow, and Flood and Drain respectively.

Although these systems can be set-up outdoors, they will need access to power in order to run the pumps and other additional equipment. Often used by indoor growers, these hydroponic units come in a variety of sizes, purpose built for a defined number of plants.

Does Hydroponics Produce Better Yields?

Many believe growing marijuana in a hydroponic unit produces bigger plants, buds and increased yields. This is often the case, however, it does require a degree of experience, knowledge and care. Mistakes can be extremely costly, an incorrect PH level can lead to your plants becoming ‘sick’, over-watering can lead to the plants ‘drowning’ and an unobserved pump malfunction can lead to the plants not being watered at all, and dying.

However, with a little care, knowledge and experience, growing marijuana hydroponically can increase the size of your plants and their subsequent yield. So how does it work?

Hydroponics Systems For Growing Marijuana

Both the Ebb and Flow, and Flood and Drain systems rely on giving the plant all the necessary nutrients it needs for maximum growth on a regular, continuous basis. The reservoir, often situated under the plants, uses a pump to push the ready mixed water and nutrients to the plants, with the excess draining back down ready for the next cycle. The key to success with this system is to ensure the nutrients the plants receive are of the correct strength and PH level to allow for the plants maximum uptake.

Bergmans Plant Food


Marijuana Nutrients

High quality Nutrients for your marijuana plants. Protect your cannabis crop and grow large strong plants with increased yields from your buds with Bergmans plant food.

Bergman’s complete nutrient system provides the plants with the correct balance of vital minerals at each stage of development to ensure maximum uptake and growth.

If you are growing your marijuana plants in a hydroponic system this is the perfect product to use, feeding your plants from seedlings through to maturity.

Each pack is correctly formulated to enhance development from Seedling, Growtime, Flowertime and Boost, packing into the plant everything it needs for fast, vigorous growth and flower development.

Available in 5 or 25 plant pack sizes, the complete fertilizer range provides for all your plants needs, from seedling through the harvest.

Best Marijuana Seeds For Hydroponics.

Choosing the right marijuana seeds for your hydroponic set-up is another important factor to consider. Feminized seeds are a ‘must’ as growing a rogue male in these systems will significantly reduce the overall yield, and at worst could ‘seed’ an entire crop. Indica dominant seeds are usually preferred due to their bushy nature and faster flowering phase. Sativa dominant strains can be grown hydroponically, however, expect extremely tall plants that will require a lot of care to achieve a worthwhile harvest.

We offer a wide selection of Feminized Marijuana Seeds that are perfect for growing in hydroponic systems, and when grown in conjunction with the Bergman’s Fertilizer range, can produce high quality, heavy yielding plants with fast flowering times and dense, potent buds. Here are three of our most popular feminized marijuana seeds for growing hydroponically.

Gelato Feminized Seeds


Gelato Feminized Seeds

A potent strain with a high THC content, perfect for relaxing in the evening and socializing. Can help to reduce stress, ease depression and reduce chronic pain.


A fast, easy to grow feminized strain that hits the spot every-time, even with the most seasoned of smokers. Comprised of 55% Indica and 45% Sativa genes, it produces ‘ice-cream’ tasty, dense buds with an average 20% THC content and a low CBD level.

The ten week flowering period can be reduced when grown hydroponically, while yields average between 16 – 18 oz of top quality dried buds per square meter. Well-known for its uplifting, happy high, it’s a great day-time smoke, as well as helping to decrease stress, depression, pain and insomnia.

You can buy feminized Gelato marijuana seeds in complete packs of 5, 10 or 20 seeds, all sold with free delivery and guaranteed germination.

Learn more about Gelato Feminized Marijuana Seeds.

Crystal Seeds


Crystal Feminized Seeds

Extremely potent with approximately 25% THC and high CBD levels. Easy to grow both indoors and outside, producing many strong lateral branches and multiple budding sites. Heavy yields of large cola’s totally coated in resin.


Crystal feminized marijuana seeds are extremely popular with both recreational and medical marijuana users. With an average THC content of 25% and a very high CBD level, it’s one of the strongest forms of marijuana available.

The 60% Indica dominant genetics produce a very bushy plant with multiple branches and budding sites, making it a perfect choice for the hydroponic grower. The ten week flowering period is often reduced when these plants are grown in hydroponics, with yields averaging around 15 oz per square meter. Can be used to treat nausea, stress and pain.

Crystal feminized marijuana seeds can be purchased in packs of 5, 10 and 20 seeds, available with free, guaranteed delivery and germination.

Learn more about Crystal Feminized Marijuana Seeds.

Afghan Seeds


Afghan Feminized Seeds

A 100% pure Indica with a relaxing high and long-lasting euphoric effects. Increased resin production and sweet, earthy flavored buds make Afghan one of most popular Indica strains available. Potent medical marijuana with a 20% THC content.


Afghan feminized marijuana seeds are 100% Indica and have been developed from a pure land-race strain. Its 20% THC content and medium CBD levels produce a hard-hitting ‘body-stone’ high, perfect for unwinding at the end of the day. Deeply relaxing, it’s enjoyed by both recreational and medical users alike for its euphoric, happy and sleepy effects.

An easy to grow strain, Afghan marijuana plants strive when grown well in a hydroponic system, producing strong, squat, bushy plants with multiple budding sites and main colas. Quoted flowering times are 9 weeks, but this is reduced when grown hydroponically, producing yields between 16 – 21 oz per square meter.

Purchase Afghan feminized marijuana seeds in complete packs of 5, 10 and 20 seeds, all sold with free delivery and guaranteed germination.

Learn more about Afghan Feminized Marijuana Seeds.

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