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Marijuana Seeds For Sale In Iowa

Iowa isn’t a ‘marijuana friendly’ state, preferring to stick with federal law and prohibit the possession, cultivation and use of both recreational and medical marijuana. It has no exceptions for medical purposes, and only offers marijuana extract for the most debilitating epileptic conditions. If you want to buy marijuana seeds in Iowa, the only option available is to purchase the seeds online from a secure and reputable website.

Buying marijuana seeds online can be safe, secure and guaranteed, no different to any other purchases, and with thousands of items of mail and parcels travelling across the country at any time, a well disguised packet of marijuana seeds is hardly likely to arouse suspicion. In certain cases seeds have been intercepted and confiscated, although this rarely happens, and apart from removing the seeds, no further action is ever taken. All seeds supplied through us are shipped using the very best ‘stealth’ shipping methods and practices, rarely arousing suspicion, and should they become lost, confiscated or for any reason fail to reach their intended destination, replacements will be shipped as soon as possible.

Buying marijuana seeds in Ohio online isn’t illegal, once they are germinated, however, they are, and if caught, growing them can result in a fine and jail term. If you are growing marijuana in Ohio keep it quiet and discreet to reduce the risks. Growing outdoors and away from your own property offers the greatest protection, and although there is a chance your plants could be discovered, eaten or destroyed, the risks are reduced compared to growing marijuana in Iowa indoors.

Planting marijuana seeds in Iowa away from your own property is often referred to as ‘guerrilla growing’, a set of techniques designed to reduce to risks of detection, while still producing a high quality harvest. Performed across many states in America, ‘guerrilla growing’ is increasing in popularity as more people choose to grow their own recreational buds and medical marijuana. Selecting the right seeds and strains is paramount in achieving a good yield and high quality harvest, and while it may be tempting to plant your own favorite strains, sometimes these are not the best choice, and you should buy marijuana seeds in Iowa based upon your level of experience and growing techniques, rather than by flavor, aroma or ‘high’.

Feminized marijuana seeds are the best choice for ‘guerrilla’ growers, producing female-only plants with similar traits and characteristics from every seed. Devoid of any male chromosomes, feminized marijuana seeds guarantee a healthy harvest without the need to sex the plants as they pre-flower. Many of the traditional feminized marijuana seeds for sale can be grown both indoors and outside during the Summer season, although grown outdoors, they won’t begin to flower until later in the Summer, as the hours of darkness per night slowly increase.

Many new and inexperienced growers are unsure which seeds and strains are best for them to grow, especially when offered such a wide selection. It’s often easier to break the seeds collections down and eliminate strains that don not suit your growing style or experience. If you are growing outdoors and looking for a fast and easy harvest, autoflowering seeds are often the better choice. While more experienced growers planting at the start of the growing season, may prefer to cultivate an assortment of traditional feminized marijuana seeds, producing larger plants and heavier yields. View some of our recommended marijuana seeds for sale in Iowa below and choose the seeds and strains that suit your requirements best.

High Quality Of Marijuana Seeds.

Autoflowering Marijuana Seeds.

Over the last decade autoflowering marijuana seeds have become more and more popular, producing better quality harvests and bigger, heavier yields. We offer a selection of the very best autoflowering seeds, each feminized and guaranteed to germinate, creating a fast-maturing, easy to grow plant that requires very little attention or experience to produce an outstanding harvest. Even first-time growers can produce high quality buds and cola’s quickly and easily with our feminized autoflowering seeds.

Autoflowering seeds can be grown almost anywhere and require very little care or attention. Once germinated, these seeds begin to grow and flower simultaneously, controlled by time and age, rather than by the number of hours of darkness they receive. This makes them the perfect choice for outdoors growers, especially during the Summer months when the days are longer and sunlight more intense. In fact, it’s during these Summer months that autoflowering seeds produce their biggest, heaviest harvests, producing dense and compact plants, often with one large central cola.

Find some of our most popular and highly recommended feminized autoflowering seeds below, each perfect for growing outdoors in Iowa.

Autoflower 2.0 Mix Pack Seeds

Auto 2.0 Mix Pack

Autoflower 2.0 Seeds Mix

A perfect choice to provide regular harvests throughout the growing season. Contains Bubblegum, Jack Herer and OG Kush Autoflowers.
Autoflower Classics Seeds Mix

Auto Classic Mix

Autoflowering Classic Seeds Mix

If you’re looking for a variety of easy-to-grow Marijuana seeds, the Autoflower Classics Seeds Mix Pack is a perfect choice. Containing three classics strains. AK 47, Sour Diesel and Super Skunk
Autoflower Super Seeds Mix

Autoflower Super Mix

Autoflowering Super Seeds Mix

Great for beginners and those growers looking for a quick and easy harvest, these super-fast Autoflowering Marijuana seeds require no set hours of darkness to fully ripen and mature.

Bigger Harvests With Feminized Marijuana Seeds.

More experienced, and indoor marijuana growers, prefer to buy feminized marijuana seeds in Iowa to produce larger, heavier yields.

Unlike autoflowering seeds which will grow and flower regardless of the number of hours of darkness they receive, traditional feminized marijuana seeds require approximately twelve hours of uninterrupted darkness to flower, and will remain growing in their vegetative state until the seasons change.

Planted at the beginning of Spring, feminized marijuana seeds have a complete season to grow before commencing flowering, and can reach heights of over two meters, becoming ‘tree-like’ in structure with extraordinarily heavy yields.

We offer a wide and varied selection of feminized marijuana seeds for sale online, from pure Indica’s to longer flowering Sativa dominant strains.

Choose between long-term favourites such as Northern Lights, White Widow or AK 47, or try some of our popular strains, including Blue Dream, Trainwreck and Chronic Widow. All our recommended seeds are sold with guaranteed delivery and germination, assuring you of the finest quality seeds and most potent, vibrant plants.

AK 47 Seeds

AK-47 Feminized

AK-47 Marijuana Seeds

Highly popular Sativa dominant hybrid with a long-lasting cerebral high. A complex strain combining three different natural varieties, AK 47 has a sweet, earthy flavor and aroma. Highly stable and uniform with generous harvests of potent buds.

Northern Lights Seeds

Northern Lights Feminized

Northern Lights Marijuana Seeds

Well-known for it’s stable, uniform plants, Northern Lights is an Amsterdam Coffee-shop classic. Pungent, bitter-sweet buds produce a colorful display upon maturity, ensuring a ‘couch-locking’ body-buzz and relaxing, long-lasting euphoria.

White Widow Seeds

White Widow Feminized

White Widow Marijuana Seeds

One of the first true indoor marijuana plants and still as powerful and potent as ever, White Widow is a popular medical marijuana choice offering high levels of natural pain relief and relaxing high. Energizing and a great social strain.

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With secure payment options including cash, encrypted credit card payment facilities and Bitcoin, you can buy marijuana seeds online safely and securely.

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