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Marijuana Seeds For Sale In Pennsylvania

With no medical marijuana policy or dispensaries, you cannot legally buy marijuana seeds in Pennsylvania from any commercial outlets and will have to rely on the internet to supply you with any seeds you may wish to purchase. This is probably the best option anyway, as both possession of marijuana and the cultivation of the plants is strictly prohibited, and if caught, both will probably result in a jail sentence. Although many states are adopting a more liberal stance on the growing and possessing of marijuana, Pennsylvania has no interest in changing it’s laws in the near future, despite being the fifth most populated state in the Union.

If caught, possessing up to thirty grams of marijuana may result in a $500 fine and up to a year in jail, although the state will consider condition discharge for small, first-time amounts. Growing marijuana in Pennsylvania is a more serious crime, considered as a felony, with sentences of up to five years and large $15,000 fines. Before you consider buying marijuana seeds in Pennsylvania and growing your own buds, ensure you are fully aware of the risks and severe penalties that may be incurred should you be caught.

Buying marijuana seeds in Pennsylvania online isn’t a crime, subsequently germinating and growing them is. Although they are deemed an undesirable object if detected by customs officers, the worst that can happen is they are confiscated and removed from the package. In the past, poor packaging and easy to detect parcels made identifying marijuana seeds sent through the post easy. All our recommended seeds are dispatched directly by I Love Growing Marijuana, a world leader in the distribution of marijuana seeds. Super stealth packaging, cunningly disguises the true contents, causing even some customers to wonder where they are, and, with guaranteed delivery provided as standard, at no extra cost, you are fully assured of your purchase arriving safely at it’s intended destination.

If you decide to buy marijuana seeds in Pennsylvania, we offer a wide selection of seeds and strains catering for all growing styles, tastes and levels of experience. Whether you’re an experience grower, or a first-timer, producing a potent, worthwhile harvest often comes down to correct seed selection. Buying marijuana seeds that best suit your growing method is a great place to begin. Feminized seeds provide the best returns, as each seed is guaranteed to produce a strong, vibrant female plant, these are available in two distinctly different formats. Traditional feminized varieties that are perfect for the indoor grower, and those wishing to grow plants outdoors over an entire season. or autoflowering seeds that are very quick and easy to grow, perfect for the shorter growing season experienced in most parts of Pennsylvania compared to more southern states.

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Buying The Right Feminized Seeds.

Many plants are capable of seeding and reproducing themselves, marijuana isn’t one of them. If you have found seeds in buds you have bought before they are the outcome of male pollen fertilizing the female flower and creating a seed within the bract. Our recommended feminized seeds contain no male chromosomes, guaranteeing each seed will germinate, producing the highest quality female plant with seed-free buds and cola’s.

Although considerably more risky, growing marijuana indoors in Pennsylvania usually produces the best quality buds, and also allows the grower to select from a much wider selection of seeds. Outdoor growers, especially those in northern areas, have less choice over the strains they grow, as the quicker onset of Fall makes growing many of the Sativa dominant strains impossible before mold and bud rot appears due to the cold night-time temperatures.

One of the key factors in producing a high quality harvest is to buy marijuana seeds that best reflect your level of experience, and the level of care you will give to the plants. While some strains are considered easy to grow, others are far more difficult to achieve the best results. PH balance, air quality and nutrient strengths all play a major part in the plant’s well-being, and without experience and dedication, many of the early ‘tell-tale’ signs can be missed by new, inexperienced growers.

Easy to grow and beginner strains do not produce less, nor are they less potent, they are simply easier to grow often due to a hardier and more forgiving nature. Whether it’s fast maturing, easy to grow, or strains requiring increased levels of attention, you should buy marijuana seeds in Pennsylvania online that best reflect your levels of experience and growing style, to achieve the best harvests, both inside and outdoors.

Big Bud Seeds

Big Bud Feminized

Big Bud Marijuana Seeds

A legendary strain producing large, dense buds with a low leaf ratio. Big Bud is a potent hybrid with strong skunk influences and a sweet fruity flavor. An easy to grow indoor strain, popular with medical marijuana growers.

Cheese Seeds

Cheese Feminized

Cheese Marijuana Seeds

A highly pungent and aromatic skunk strain with elevated CBD levels makes it the choice of many medical marijuana growers. Easy to grow, both indoors and outside, producing good yields in as little as 60 days of flowering.

Jack Herer Seeds

Jack Herer Feminized

Jack Herer Marijuana Seeds

Jack Herer was a prolific campaigner for the right to use medical marijuana, and this strain was named in his honor. Dutch medical grade buds with a relaxing and creative high, perfect for indoor growing techniques and methods.

Autoflowering Seeds For Growing Outdoors In Pennsylvania.

Growing marijuana seeds outdoors in Pennsylvania in full view would be one of the quickest ways to get a jail sentence. While many growers do grow outdoors, few are that foolish, employing a strategy often known as ‘guerrilla growing’ to lessen and reduce the risks involved. Although this style can take on many guises, including renting entire warehouses to set up as growing areas, the most common is outdoors, using secluded and remote locations. Visits are kept to a minimum to further reduce any association with the plants, making easy-growing, fast-maturing plants the best choice.

While this limits the number of traditional feminized marijuana seeds to choose from, as the require a change in light hours to commence flowering, and with such a limited time between Summer and the colder, Fall nights, it’s difficult for these strains to produce their best yields. Alternatively autoflowering seeds require no change in light hours, producing their biggest and best yields at the very height of Summer.

Their ability to grow, flower and completely mature in approximately ten weeks makes them the perfect choice for many ‘guerrilla growers’, who can almost plant and forget these seeds, returning once or two before harvesting. Easy to grow and extremely hardy, their yieldsmay not be as heavy as traditional feminized marijuana seeds, but you are guaranteed a harvest of high quality, potent, tasty buds in under ten weeks from germination.

Blue Dream Autoflowering Seeds

Blue Dream Autoflower

Blue Dream Autoflowering Seeds

Blue Dream is a popular West Coast Marijuana strain with a relaxing, but energizing high, perfect for daytime use. Now available in Autoflowering form, you can grow your own Blue Dream Marijuana in just 56 days.

Gorilla Glue Autoflowering Seeds

Gorilla Glue Autoflower

Gorilla Glue Autoflowering Seeds

A complex strain, Gorilla Glue Autoflower seeds are comprised of three different varieties blended together; Sour Dubb, Chem’s Sister and Chocolate Diesel.

Zkittles Autoflowering Seeds

Zkittlez Autoflower

Zkittlez Autoflowering Seeds

Zkittlez Autoflower seeds produce dense, fruity buds with a powerful 23% THC content inducing a relaxing high.

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Buying marijuana seeds in Pennsylvania online is safe, secure and simple when you order through us. Choose from a wide selection of strains, and pay using a variety of secure methods including fully encrypted credit card facilities, cash payments or Bitcoin.

All our recommended seeds are dispatched directly by I Love Growing Marijuana who offer all the help, assistance and support you may need to produce the very best harvest possible.

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Once a full-time Amsterdam commercial grower, Robert Bergman, owner and founder of I Love Growing Marijuana has produces several growing guides to assist you in all aspects, from germination and super-cropping, through to how and when to harvest your buds for the heaviest, most potent harvest.

Download the guides totally free of charge and regardless of whether you buy marijuana seeds in Pennsylvania online through us, or somewhere else. Learn all you can about the methods and techniques used by professional growers to help you grow marijuana in Pennsylvania this coming season.

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Did you know the success to the perfect taste, highest potency and best buds is when you harvest!

Marijuana Grow Bible

Find out more:

  • Marijuana grow guides, learn the basics from building a grow room to starting your seeds and through the different stages to harvest.

  • Plant care guides, follow the simple steps and be aware of the signs of nutrient effeciences, pests, diseases, mold and more.

  • Medical Guides, With more USA states legalizing marijuana learn about growing your own medical marijuana and its uses and effects.

  • The grow bible also teaches you how and when you should harvest your plants for maximum taste, potency and how to get the most THC.