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A trusted and well established Dutch Cannabis Seed Bank with multiple Cup winning strains.

The Royal Queen Seeds Bank was originally conceived back in 2007 by a group of growers and Cannabis seed breeders. Their collective aim, to improving the plants  genetics and world-wide availability. Based in Amsterdam, Holland, the team opened their first Cannabis seed shop in 2010.

Located on Damstraat, in the very heart of the city, the Royal Queen Seeds shop quickly gained a reputation for supplying the highest quality strains. Focusing on supplying the finest, most stable genetics, their popularity grew. Not only with Dutch growers, but soon Cannabis enthusiasts from all around the world were visiting the shop. Purchasing strains from the Royal Queen Seeds collection.

Expansion soon followed, with the opening of a second shop in 2015, located in Haarlemmerstraat, Amsterdam. Then in 2016 a third shop was launched. This time at The Carrer De Pelai, in the heart of Barcelona, Spain.

In 2011 Royal Queen Seeds launched their website, catering for online customers all across Europe. Slow and steady growth over the next 10 years saw an increase in online sales. Leading to further development and the introduction of a wide selection of Feminized, Regular and Autoflowering Marijuana seeds.

With the rise in Cannabis use and legalization over the last decade, the Royal Queen Seeds Bank has gone from strength to strength. Now operating in over 17 European countries, they offer a diverse collection of Marijuana genetics, with a dedicated selection of high CBD, medical-grade strains.

Although they do not ship directly to the USA, you can still purchase their seeds, enjoying some of the best genetics. Available through Seedsman, the Royal Queen Seeds Bank collection is available to all our USA customers, at no extra cost.

Royal Queen Seeds Bank Feminized Collection.

During the last decade, Royal Queen Seeds have developed an outstanding collection of high-quality Feminized Marijuana seeds. A Seed Bank with multiple Cannabis Cup winning strains, culminating with the award for Best Seed Bank 2019 at Spannabis, Barcelona.

Unique strain development has always been a priority with the Royal Queen Seed Bank. Focusing on producing their own unique flavors and adaptations of popular seeds and strains. Using the best breeding facilities, they produce stable, pure feminized seeds with dependable, repeatable results.

With a collection of 54 different Feminized Marijuana seeds for sale, they have a strain to suit all tastes, needs and levels of experience. With many Cannabis Cup winners included, you know these seeds produce the very best plants, buds and harvests!

Feminized Marijuana seeds are the most popular and commonly purchased by growers all around the world. Specially created, devoid of all male chromosomes, they are guaranteed to produce pure-female plants.

With every seed purchased, capable generating a worthwhile harvest, per-plant yields are maximized. Eliminating the need to sex your plants.

Available in a choice of 1, 3, 5 or 10 seeds per packet, the Royal Queen Seeds Bank caters for all. Whether you’re a small, hobby enthusiast, or cash-crop producer. Full and complete strain reviews are available for all to read. With comments from many previous customers and growers.

Discover a comprehensive collection of ‘Old-School’ classics and new hybrids, all completely feminized, guaranteeing the finest female plants. Selective breeding and genetics have produced one of the highest quality collections.  Offering both indoor and outdoor varieties to their growing customer base.

All of the Royal Queen Seeds Bank Feminized Marijuana collection are available through Seedsman. Choose from a selection of packet sizes and delivery options when you buy Feminized Marijuana seeds online.

Gelato Feminized Seeds


Gelato Feminized Seeds

A potent strain with a high THC content, perfect for relaxing in the evening and socializing. Can help to reduce stress, ease depression and reduce chronic pain.

Girl Scout Cookies Seeds

Girl Scout Cookies

Girl Scout Cookies Feminized Seeds

Created by crossing an OG Kush with a Durban Poison, Girl Scout Cookies is a highly popular Californian strain that’s achieved legendary status. Very potent, generating a relaxing, euphoric high, recommended for recreational and medical users.

Gorilla Glue Feminized

Gorilla Glue

Gorilla Glue Feminized Seeds

Gorilla Glue marijuana seeds are a highly popular choice for both indoor and outdoor growers, and are one of the latest additions to our feminized seeds collection. Created from a blend of three strains, Chem’s Sister, Chocolate Diesel and Sour Dubb.

Royal Queen Seeds Bank Autoflowering Collection.

Back in the late 1990’s a Cannabis seed breeder known as The Joint Doctor introduced a new Marijuana strain called Lowryder. The plant’s unique ability to grow, flower and completely mature under any number of light-hours made it unique. However, due to its very small yield, it was hardly a commercial success.

Although created from a strain known as Williams Wonder, it used genes found in a wild form of Hemp, known as Ruderalis. Found growing naturally in parts of northern Russia, this distant relation of Marijuana and Cannabis has the ability to automatically flower, even under 24 hours of constant light.

Seen original as a gimmick, these new Autoflowering seeds offered growers the opportunity to plant their seeds outdoors and generate early Summer harvests. Over the coming years they gained in popularity. This encouraged many of the main-stream Seed Banks to begin developing their own collection of Autoflowering seeds and strains.

Royal Queen Seeds were one of the teams interested in producing their own, high-quality Autoflowering seeds for sale. Taking their original Feminized strains and incorporating the Ruderalis gene.

Their collection now offers 32, top-quality Autoflowering seeds, in a variety of pack sizes. Using the best breeding facilities and quality genetics, their Autoflowering collection is one of the finest online. Even incorporating an Autoflowering Cannabis Cup Winner with their Royal Haze Automatic.

Easy to grow, perfect for all levels of experience, Royal Queen Seeds Autoflowering collection offers something for everyone. The seeds produce stable, dependable results, offering identical flavors, aromas and effects to their traditional feminized varieties.

Now available to our USA customers, you can buy Royal Queen Seeds Autoflowering strains online. Choose from 1, 3, 5 or 10 feminized Autoflowering seeds per packet and relax, with these easy-to-grow, fast, dependable seeds.

Banana Kush Autoflowering Seeds

Banana Kush

Banana Kush Autoflower Seeds

Banana Kush Autoflower seeds are a 60% Indica dominant strain, first bred and created in California, A mix between Ghost OG and Skunk Haze strains.

Blue Dream Autoflowering Seeds

Blue Dream

Blue Dream Autoflower Seeds

Blue Dream is a popular West Coast Marijuana strain with a relaxing, but energizing high, perfect for daytime use. Now available in Autoflowering form, you can grow your own Blue Dream Marijuana in just 56 days.

Bruce Banner Autoflowering Seeds

Bruce Banner

Bruce Banner Autoflower Seeds

Enjoy an energizing, euphoric high, that’s fast-acting and hard-hitting, leaving you feeling alert, creative and positive with these Bruce Banner Autoflower seeds.

Royal Queen Seeds Bank CBD Collection.

The Royal Queen Seeds Bank have always been advocates of the medicinal benefits of Cannabis and Marijuana. Many recent studies and reports show that CBD, the second most common natural compound found in the plant, may have medicinal and therapeutic benefits.

With medical evidence now supporting what Cannabis and Marijuana users have known for centuries. Breeders, including the Royal Queen Seeds Bank, have increased their range of CBD Marijuana seeds.

Where once the emphasis was on generating more potent strains. Increasing and elevating the THC levels. These new CBD Marijuana strains have been created to reduce these levels, lessening the psychoactive effects.

Concentrated, high levels of CBD can have a dramatic effect on a person’s health and mental well-being. A natural form of pain relief, it can help to reduce inflammation, lessening the effects of arthritis and rheumatism.

Many people suffering from mental issues such as PTSD, ADHD and depression have found that CBD-rich Marijuana can have a positive effect on their health and mood. Propelling the demand for CBD Marijuana seeds even further.

With a selection of 15 different varieties, Royal Queen Seeds is at the forefront of the CBD movement. From balanced strains, offering equal measures of both THC and CBD. To both Feminized and Autoflowering seeds, with strong concentrations of CBD, and only trace amounts of THC.

With a wide and diverse selection, all medical needs are catered for. Read a full and complete review explaining the benefits from each variety to learn more.

You can find all of the Royal Queen Seeds CBD collection on the Seedsman website. With guaranteed shipping to all parts of the USA.

Blueberry CBD Feminized Seeds

Blueberry CBD

Blueberry CBD Feminized Seeds

Blueberry CBD is a potent high-CBD Indica dominant marijuana strain. It delivers a unique euphoria while also providing relief.

Carmagnola CBD Feminized Seeds

Carmagnola CBD

Carmagnola CBD Feminized Seeds

Carmagnola CBD is an Indica dominant marijuana strain with close to no THC. Growing Carmagnola CBD seeds are a great way to enjoy GMO free legal cannabis.

Kush CBD Feminized Seeds

Kush CBD

Kush CBD Feminized Seeds

Kush CBD is a medicinal strain which produces high CBD and low THC levels, These seeds can be grown under most conditions producing great yields.

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With their distribution center based in Spain, Royal Queen Seeds can be purchased from their website and dispatched to all parts of Europe. Unfortunately, their delivery options do not extend to Canada or North America. However, help is at hand.

Through their partnership with Seedsman, you can buy Royal Queen Seeds online at no extra cost. Through his dedicated website, offering seeds and strains from all of the world’s top Seed Banks, you can purchase any of the Royal Queen Seeds collection and enjoy delivery to all parts of the USA.

Sale offers, free Marijuana seeds and all the help and assistance you may require is quickly and easily available. Find articles, posts and tips covering all aspects of Cannabis and Marijuana cultivation, indoor and outside.

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