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High Performance Blockchain.

To the followers of Crypto-currencies, the name High Performance Blockchain answers one of the fundamental issues currently faced by Blockchain technology, the speed with which transactions can be sent and received without compromising underlying security protocols. However, to many new investors, the name HPB means very little. In this article we will explain the fundamentals of High Performance Blockchain, its potential use case, and underlying economics from which to formulate your own opinions from…

HPB Revolutionizing Blockchain Infastructure

What Is High Performance Blockchain?

High Performance Blockchain (HPB) aims to decrease the ‘bottleneck’ caused on many blockchains by increasing the available Transactions Per Second (TPS) through the use of both a hardware and software solution. The combination of the HPB Foundation and Shanghai Zhaoxi Network Co. Ltd. are resolved to increasing the blockchains transactions per second to a usable speed, without compromising decentralization and, in turn, the trust-less security that blockchain technology offers.

There are several different approaches being taken at present to address this problem; The Lightning network and Segwit are trying to increase speed, blocksize and micro-payments using off-chain solutions, Sharding and cross-channel payment solutions offer potential solutions for other crypto-currencies. While they may all offer a solution, only High Performance Blockchain combines both a hardware and software solution to address the underlying problem.

The hardware is designed to fit into a motherboard, and comes with the Ecliptic Curve Digital Signature Algorithm pre-installed, allowing for thousands of signatures to be verified at a high rate. Anyone wishing to attack or defraud the system would have to overcome both the software, and the decentralized network of hardware components fitted within the active nodes. Without getting too technical, one of the other major advantages of the hardware is its ability to offload CPU load from the node servers. Live tests in 2018 resulted in the hardware taking only 5% of the CPU and processing 200,000 in 5 seconds, compared to the 40 seconds required by the conventional, unfitted server.

What is High Performance Blockchain BOE? – A hardware and software solution dedicated to bringing blockchain transaction speed in-line with conventional fiat payment gateways.

Adoption Of High Performance Blockchain

High Performance Blockchain is very similar to Ethereum, sharing between 80-90% its base-code. This can be seen as a major as a major advantage, making it far easier for existing Ethereum dapps to migrate easily to the HPB chain with the minimum of necessary modifications to the code. With Ethereum currently able to handle approximately 15 transactions per second, any dapps requiring a higher TPS rate could easily migrate.

Unlike Ethereum however, High Performance Blockchain doesn’t restrict its programming language to Solidity. With its open-source permissionless blockchain, anyone is able to deploy their own smart contracts, whether large company or small start-up, and with the ability to support various data applications and mainstream programming languages, developers are able to use a host of common languages including Python, Java, Javascript and C+, as well as Solidity as course.

So, what makes HPB so different from so many other Crypto-Currencies trying to become the internet currency or payment gateway of the internet? The answer quite simply is in the future partnerships that are already formed with many traditional payment options looking to employ Blockchain technology for both speed and a reduction in costs.

High Performance Blockchain Confirmed Partnerships Include :


UnionPay – Larger than both Visa and Mastercard combined, UnionPay handles approximately 80% of all financial transactions in China as part of its data division Union Pay Smart is developing a dapp on HPB.


SME Finance Forum – HPB is the only Blockchain project on the members list of the Small to Medium Enterprises Finance Forum, giving it a voice in the expantion and development of small to medium businesses.


Laya.One – The Laya engine is the fastest growing H5 engine in China with over 367,000 developers, and with over 80% of all HTML5 games worldwide developed in China, this has huge potential within the online gaming industry.


HPB partners with different social platforms that connect people to the blockchain from all over the world, helping foreign blockchain related projects to grow their business and community in China.


BeFull offer community members the chance to learn and participate in tasks that enhance their knowledge of Blockchain, improving their investment skills and risk management.


Several of China’s best universities have been invited to run High Performance Blockchain nodes to assist in the research, development and expansion of Blockchain technology.

The HPB foundation are continuing to build out the eco system and more connections are being made… simply search Google for ‘Confirmed High Performance Blockchain Partnerships‘.

HPB Wallet For Crypto Management

The HPB Wallet has been designed to be the main gateway for the High Performance Blockchain and can be downloaded quickly and securely to run on any IOS or Android system, providing fast transaction speeds, low latency and extremely low transaction costs (Gas Fees).

  • HPB Wallet – Easy to use mobile app

  • HPB Community – Vote for Nodes

  • General Users – Access to in built Games

  • HPB Web Wallet – Supports Ledger Nano X/S and Trezor
  • HPB C. Wallet – Offline Cold Storage

High Performance Blockchain Wallet

Founder and CEO Xiaoming Wang leads this world class developer team in the battle for HPB to become industry leaders and the worlds Fastest Blockchain.

HPB Blockchain Offload Engine (BOE) hardware solution, Multiple High Performance Blockchain Wallets and HPB Scan, the first HPB blockchain explorer for the network are now complete and live highlighting the outstanding progress being made, if all the partnerships come to fruition over the coming months, High Performance Blockchain could easily become one of the main underlying payment protocols, as well as used for a range of other applications.

Over the last three month period, up to 31th July 2019, High Performance Blockchain’s price has been as low as $0.30 and as high as $0.55, with today’s price around $0.39, while its Bitcoin value has decreased from 0.00005975 to 0.00004057 due to the increase in Bitcoin dominance over the corresponding period.

High Performance Blockchain has a total supply of 101,119,950, with 43,619,949 HPB currently circulating. Its current market cap is approximately $16.8 million.

HPB is extremely undervalued and there’s plenty of room to the upside, an initial target of top 50 rank on Coin Market Cap looks promising for the HPB community.

Currently listed on OKEx, as well as a number of smaller exchanges, a future listing on Binance or another large exchange could also help to inflate the price of High Performance Blockchain.

High Performance Blockchain latest prices can be found under the ticker HPB in any of the listed exchanges.

Bibox Exchange
Bitmax Exchange
Kucoin Exchange

*HPB / BTC*   *HPB / ETH*   *HPB / USDT* trading pairs now available for High Performance Blockchain.

High Performance Blockchain Review by Audiobully

Name: HPB Wallet

Description: Secure Cryptocurrency Wallet For Digital Assets

Offer price: FREE Download

Currency: HPB, BTC, ETH, NEO

Operating System: "IOS" or "Android"

Application Category: Crypto Storage, Games

  • The HPB Wallet has been designed to be the main gateway for the HPB Ecosystem.

HPB Summary

Through the High Performance Blockchain, the HPB Wallet completes transactions at industry leading speeds making it arguably the fastest blockchain with 5000 + TPS.

The wallet is an easy-to-use mobile app, providing users a simple and secure method to access HPB’s voting system, and a place to store and manage digital assets.

HPB Wallet security features guarantee your cryptocurrency assets and I.D are safe with the added bonus of anonymous transactions for privacy protection.

This is the only blockchain that can solve scalability issues with its BOE, a hardware accelerator that provides enterprise level security – double encryption, faster transaction speeds, low cost fees.

It’s no surprise UnionPay Smart chose to build their highly anticipated dapp on HPB, clearly High Performance Blockchain is the leader coming out of China.