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Buy AK-47 marijuana seeds online, one of the USA’s classic strains. Created from a blend of Colombian, Mexican and Thai Sativa, mixed with an Afghani Indica, AK-47 is a 65% Sativa, 35% Indica hybrid plant with high THC levels. Made for the indoor grower, the plants are easy to grow, requiring just a small amount of care and knowledge to produce a high-quality harvest.

AK 47

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AK 47 Seeds

AK 47 Marijuana Seeds Growing Review.

Created in Holland in 1992, AK-47 marijuana seeds were one of the first feminized hybrid strains for sale to the public. A blend of three top-quality Sativa’s and a highly resinous Afghani, the seeds are devoid of male chromosomes, guaranteed to germinate, producing the finest, pure-female plant. Perfectly suited to indoor growing techniques, they can also be successfully cultivated outdoors, in warm, sunny climates.

The blend of genetics produces a fairly tall plant, with long-bladed, thin leaves and a bushy appearance. The plants thrive when cultivated indoors, within a controlled environment, adapting to both soil and a wide selection of hydroponic growing methods. As maturity approaches, reduce the humidity levels and increase the air-flow around the buds, to avoid mold and bud-rot issues.

As with all feminized marijuana seeds, flowering begins as the daylight hours decrease below twelve per-day. Cultivated outdoors in a warm, sunny climate, the plants mature around the middle of October. With good conditions, expect to harvest up to 14-ounces of good-quality buds per-plant.

AK-47 marijuana seeds produce their best-quality harvests when they are cultivated indoors, within a controlled growing environment. Ensure your area has adequate ventilation and plenty of fresh air to avoid bud-rot and mold issues. The plants grow to an average of one-meter tall, producing up to 14-ounces of top-quality buds per square meter. Complete maturity requires between 53 – 63 days in flower.

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Seed Bank ILGM Seeds
Plant Type Feminized
Genetics 35% Indica 65% Sativa
Yield 14 oz per plant
Flowering 9 – 10 weeks
Harvest Month October
Climate Mediterranean | Indoors
Grow Difficulty Easy
Medical Grade Cannabis Yes
AK 47 Feminized Strain Effects
THC High up to 20%
Pain Relief 8/10
Appetite 7/10
Anxiety 6/10
Nausea 6/10
Sleepiness 7/10
Effects Relaxed | Uplifted
Taste and Smell Earthy | Sweet

AK-47 Marijuana Seeds Taste and Effects.

  • AK-47 marijuana buds have a strong, complex aroma, with hints of earth and spices, mixed with a strong ‘skunk’ smell. The flavors are subtle and smooth, with a sweet, floral taste and herbal spiciness that lingers on the tongue. An enjoyable smoke, with a creamy smoothness when correctly dried and cured.
  • With THC levels of up to 20%, this Sativa-dominant variety packs a fast-acting, long-lasting high. Well-known for enhancing a person’s mood, its uplifting, euphoric effects leave you feeling happy, relaxed and content for hours to come. A great social strain, it can stimulate creativity and amusing thoughts.
  • Although predominantly a recreational strain of marijuana, it can help to reduce stress, enhancing a person’s mood and sense of well-being. The energizing boost and uplifting effects are perfect for daytime use, leaving you feeling happy, relaxed and content.

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AK 47 Seeds

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Product Description: Enjoy a strong, long-lasting high, with uplifting, euphoric effects. Available in packs 5, 10 and 20 feminized marijuana seeds.

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