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Buy Carma CBD marijuana seeds online and receive fast, free shipping to all parts of the USA. Looking for an easy-to-grow strain with high CBD levels and a low THC content? Our Carma CBD marijuana seeds for sale are the perfect choice. A blend of 80% Indica, 20% Sativa genes, these feminized seeds are guaranteed to germinate, producing the finest, pure-female plant. Enjoy easy harvests of resin-coated buds, perfect for making oil, edibles and concentrates. Or just simply smoking.

Carma CBD

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Carmagnola CBD Feminized Seeds

Carma CBD Marijuana Seeds Growing Review.

Our Carma CBD marijuana seeds for sale are an improved version of the famous Carmagnola strain found around the outskirts of Turin, Italy. The feminized seeds are the perfect choice for medicinal growers, generating tall plants and generous harvests. Low THC levels and its easy-to-grow nature, have made the strain a favorite with many outdoor growers.

Cultivated outdoors from the middle of Spring, Carma CBD marijuana seeds excel given warm, Mediterranean conditions. The plants can grow up to 20-feet tall, given ideal conditions, requiring little care or attention. As the daylight hours decrease over the Summer months, the plants will begin to flower. Expect early-October harvests, yielding between 14 – 17 ounces per-plant.

Carma CBD marijuana seeds can be cultivated indoors, or within a greenhouse. Growers will need to use low-stress training and advanced growing techniques to avoid height issues as the plants mature. Flowering times average approximately 7-weeks, producing generous yields, depending on plant-size and the duration of vegetative development.

Growing your own high-quality CBD-rich plants is easy with these Carma CBD marijuana seeds for sale. Enjoy all the benefits at a fraction of its retail costs. Planted outdoors in the Spring, easily and cheaply, generate ounces of high-quality buds for that late-Summer harvest.

Carma CBD Marijuana Seeds From $89.00
Seed Bank ILGM Seeds
Plant Type Feminized
Genetics 80% Indica 20% Sativa
Yield 16 oz per plant
Flowering 7 – 8 weeks
Harvest Month October
Climate Indoors | Mediterranean
Grow Difficulty Easy
Medical Grade Cannabis Yes
Carma CBD Feminized Strain Effects
THC 0.3% (slight deviations may occur)
CBD 6 to 9%
Pain Relief 9/10
Appetite 7/10
Anxiety 7/10
Nausea 7/10
Sleepiness 7/10
Effects Relaxed | Happy
Taste and Smell Citrus | Tropical

Carma CBD Marijuana Seeds Taste and Effects.

  • Once fully mature, the buds are identical to those produced by more traditional strains. Long and dense, they have a light, earthy aroma and generous coating of resin. Once dried and cured, a tropical and citrus essence becomes apparent, transferring to the flavor. A light, enjoyable smoke with an enjoyable fruity flavor.
  • Carma CBD marijuana seeds have a very low THC content, averaging approximately 0.3%, with a CBD content of between 6% – 9%. The effects are subtle, with no euphoria high or intense body-buzz sensation. Used for its medicinal properties, it leaves you feeling relaxed, motivated and focused.
  • High levels of CBD have proven medicinal benefits for many people. Its ability to calm anxiety and reduce stress is well-known. Chronic pain and inflammation, such as arthritis and rheumatism can be reduced, helping to improve many people’s quality of life. With it’s sweet, fruity flavor and low THC level, Carma CBD marijuana is a great choice for edibles such as chocolate, gummies and cookies.

Carma CBD Marijuana Seeds For Sale.

Buy Carma CBD marijuana seeds online and begin growing your own high-quality medical cannabis. Available in a choice of 5, 10, or 20 feminized seed packs, perfect for all levels of experience and growing styles. Whether you grow indoors, or outside, our Carma CBD marijuana seeds for sale produce the very best harvests,

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Carmagnola CBD Feminized Seeds

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Product Description: Enjoy easy harvests of resin-coated buds, perfect for making oil, edibles and concentrates. Or just simply smoking. Available in packs 5, 10 and 20 feminized marijuana seeds.

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