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Buy Durban Poison marijuana seeds online, one of the USA’s most-popular Sativa strains. For many growers and smokers, Durban Poison marijuana seeds are the ultimate strain. A natural, land-race variety, with 100% pure-Sativa genetics. Found growing naturally around the Port of Durban, South Africa, the seeds were introduced into the USA during the late-1970’s. A highly sought-after strain, its impressive resin content and energizing ‘high’ has made it a favorite with both recreational and medicinal users alike.

Durban Poison

Feminized Seeds

Durban Poison Feminized Seeds

Durban Poison Marijuana Seeds Growing Review.

Our Durban Poison marijuana seeds for sale are a feminized version of the land-race strain. A natural, 100% pure-Sativa, every seed is guaranteed to germinate, producing the finest female plant. A very easy plant to cultivate, given warm, sunny conditions, they almost grow themselves. A great choice for growing outdoors in warm, southern states.

The plants have a natural resilience to mold, pests and many common diseases, making them an ideal strain for all levels of experience. Outdoor growers should germinate and sprout the seeds, before planting from the middle of Spring. Expect rapid growth, creating a tall plant with long-bladed leaves. Flowering begins once the daylight hours decrease below twelve per-day.

Given plenty of room and a warm, sunny climate, Durban Poison marijuana plants can reach up to 8-feet tall when fully mature. The buds are large, dense and coated in thick resin. Branches may require support as maturity approaches, due to their excessive weight. Harvest-times are from late-September, generating yields of up to 18-ounces per-plant.

Many growers across the USA, buy Durban Poison marijuana seeds and grow the plants indoors. The strain responds well, to many, low-stress training techniques and is a favorite with Screen-of-Green growers. Fast growth and development over an average 4 – 8 week vegetative cycle, produces large plants with multiple budding sites. Average flowering times of between 7 – 9 weeks can generate yields of up to 13-ounces per-plant.

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Seed Bank ILGM Seeds
Plant Type Feminized
Genetics 0% Indica 100% Sativa
Yield 18 oz per plant
Flowering 7 – 9 weeks
Harvest Month October
Climate Indoors | Mediterranean
Grow Difficulty Easy
Medical Grade Cannabis Yes
Durban Poison Feminized Strain Effects
THC Up to 20%
CBD Insignificant amount
Pain Relief 9/10
Appetite 10/10
Anxiety 4/10
Nausea 4/10
Sleepiness 7/10
Effects Happy | Uplifting
Taste and Smell Fruity | Skunky

Durban Poison Marijuana Seeds Taste and Effects.

  • The majority of marijuana seeds for sale are hybrid strains, containing both Indica and Sativa genetics. One of the main reasons people buy Durban Poison marijuana seeds is for its true Sativa heritage. The large, dense buds are coated in resin, with a strong, earthy-pine flavor and aroma. A favorite for making oils, edibles and concentrates from.
  • With THC levels of 20% and a low CBD content, the effects are energizing and focused. A ‘clear-headed’ high provides inspiration and creativity, together with the energy and motivation to perform everyday tasks. A great choice for smoking throughout the day and a favorite for socializing with friends.
  • Despite its low CBD content, Durban Poison is a favorite with medical cannabis users and often prescribed for a number of ailments and conditions. Its uplifting, energizing effects can help inspire and motivate the mind, while combating fatigue, stress and depression.

Durban Poison Marijuana Seeds For Sale.

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Durban Poison Feminized Seeds

Product Name: Durban Poison Feminized

Product Description: A natural, land-race variety, with 100% pure-Sativa genetics. Found growing naturally around the Port of Durban, South Africa, the seeds were introduced into the USA during the late-1970's. Available in packs 5, 10 and 20 feminized marijuana seeds.

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