Buy Marijuana Seeds In Arkansas

Buy Marijuana Seeds In Arkansas

With harsh penalties for cultivation you cannot legally buy marijuana seeds in Arkansas from any retail outlet. Although the popular vote on November 9th 2017 decided to legalize medical marijuana for registered patients, as yet, there are no dispensaries currently licensed and for those people that do not qualify as a registered patient, growing marijuana seeds in Arkansas remains illegal.

Until the recent vote, both cultivation and possession of marijuana within the state of Arkansas was prohibited for all residents, and although there are no direct laws governing it’s cultivation, growing marijuana seeds remains illegal for all residents, whether a registered patient or not.

These state laws prohibit retail outlets from selling or stocking seeds, but you can legally buy marijuana seeds in Arkansas online, as possession of marijuana seeds is not an offence, only germinating and cultivating them. Marijuana seeds bought online may still be confiscated by border or customs control, but with so many parcels and items of mail passing through every day, ‘stealth’ packaging and shipping can easily disguise the true contents.

Unlike many states, Arkansas has specific laws regarding the possession of what it describes as marijuana cultivation equipment. Having indoor lights, hydroponic tanks or nutrients intended for growing marijuana is a class D felony, and whether you are using the equipment or not, can warrant up to six years in jail. Unless you can prove they are for an alternative use, having or storing these items of indoor growing equipment can land you in as much trouble as buying marijuana seeds in Arkansas and planting them.

Although we do not condone breaking the law, we understand that many people wish to buy marijuana seeds in Arkansas, and offer a wide and varied selection containing some of the most stable, vibrant strains and mouth-watering flavors. Indoor growing often produces the best plants and buds, but with laws governing the possession of the equipment, can be rather risky. Growing marijuana seeds outdoors in Arkansas doesn’t require the purchase or use of specialist equipment, and with it’s long, warm growing season, offers a safer alternative by adopting ‘guerrilla’ growing techniques.

Growing Marijuana Seeds In Arkansas

Feminized Marijuana Seeds

Whether you choose to grow indoors or outside, buying the highest quality seeds possible is vital to achieving a good harvest. Low, poor quality seeds may be cheap and appealing, but they seldom produce the quality plants or buds people desire. With the risks, and often season-long waits involved while your plants are growing and flowering, ensuring that each of the seeds you purchase and cultivate produces the best quality buds is of the highest importance.

Feminized marijuana seeds are devoid of all male chromosomes, generating female-only plants. Without male pollen for fertilization, the plants grow seedless buds of the highest quality, and don’t require sexing or separating at the start of flowering. This means that every germinated marijuana seed will produce buds when fully mature, and eliminates the wasted time, effort and space that growing male marijuana plants can be to most growers.

Feminized marijuana seeds are the most commonly purchased, and if you want to buy marijuana seeds in Arkansas online, offers the widest choice of strains. There are a wide variety of seeds available, with strains for both indoor and outdoor growing styles. Although all seeds can be grown outdoors, certain varieties are better suited than others. However, with it’s warm climate and long growing season, almost any marijuana seeds can be successfully grown outdoors in Arkansas, including fast-flowering Indica’s, tasty hybrids and Sativa dominant strains.

Girl Scout Cookies Seeds

Girl Scout Cookies Feminized

Girl Scout Cookies Marijuana Seeds

Created by crossing an OG Kush with a Durban Poison, Girl Scout Cookies is a highly popular Californian strain that’s achieved legendary status. Very potent, generating a relaxing, euphoric high, recommended for recreational and medical users.

Gold Leaf Seeds

Gold Leaf Feminized

Gold Leaf Marijuana Seeds

A high quality hybrid with dominant Indica genetics, Gold Leaf seeds produce tall, fast-flowering plants with a generous coating of resin. An easy strain to grow both indoors and outside, recommended for medical users needing high CBD levels.

Green Crack Seeds

Green Crack Feminized

Green Crack Marijuana Seeds

A highly potent Sativa dominant strain which leaves the user feeling euphoric and energized. A firm favorite with many medical and day-time smokers for it’s positive and uplifting effects. Easy to grow and recommended for beginners.

Buy Marijuana Seeds In Arkansas – Guerrilla Growing

Arkansas offers the perfect climate for growing marijuana seeds outdoors. The long, warm Summer’s provide a long period of vegetative growth, while the gentle onset of the Fall, allows the buds and cola’s plenty of time to develop and mature. Over the years this has created an abundance of freshly dried and cured marijuana from late October onward, but very little during the peak Summer months, prior to harvesting.

Lately however, these Summer shortages have been reduced and now it’s possible for outdoor growers to harvest their plants from the middle of Summer, through to the end of late Fall, depending on your location within the state. This has been due to the advancement in autoflowering seeds and strains over the last decade. Originally perceived as a gimmick,  autoflowering seeds have gone ‘mainstream’ thanks to their ability to flower regardless of the number of light hours they receive.

Unlike traditional feminized marijuana seeds, autoflowering seeds are controlled by age, rather than photo-period. While both regular and feminized seeds require twelve hours of continuous darkness to flower and mature, auto’s grow, flower and mature regardless of the number of light hours they receive, in fact, longer hours of direct, strong sunlight produce the largest plants and best yields.

Typically, autoflowering seeds require approximately ten weeks to grow from seedling through to maturity, meaning two and even three harvests can be produced through the long Arkansas growing season. With a variety of flavors, high’s and effects, autoflowering seeds provide a means of early harvesting and Summer yields while traditional plants are still in their vegetative stages.

Autoflower Mix Pack

Autoflower Mix Pack

Autoflowering Seeds Mix

Compact, easy to grow, and capable of producing their best harvests during the very height of Summer make autoflowering seeds a popular choice for growing outdoors in the USA. Contains Amnesia Haze, Blueberry and Northern Lights.

Super Skunk Autoflower Seeds

Super Skunk Autoflower

Super Skunk Autoflowering Seeds

Speed, ease and quality combine in these autoflowering Super Skunk seeds, providing the quickest and easiest means of producing your own recreational and medical marijuana. The number #1 choice of ‘guerrilla growers’ across the USA.

White Widow Autoflower Seeds

White Widow Autoflower Seeds

White Widow Autoflowering Seeds

The most famous medical marijuana strain just got easier to grow with these White Widow autoflowering seeds. Great for beginners, requiring very little knowledge to produce a high quality crop, within twelve weeks from germination.

Buy Marijuana Seeds in Arkansas with 100% support.

Whether it’s traditional feminized seeds or autoflowering strains, we offer a wide assortment of seeds to satisfy all tastes and levels of experience.

Autoflowering seeds require little knowledge or experience, and are often referred to as ‘throw and grow’ seeds, while some feminized varieties require a little more knowledge and experience to achieve the best yields and most potent buds.

Marijuana Seeds For Sale

Whatever your level of experience, you can buy marijuana seeds in Arkansas online and receive full support from purchase to harvest, and the guarantee of assured delivery to any part of the USA, through our links with I Love Growing Marijuana, one of the world’s leading marijuana seed produces and suppliers.

With free, no obligation downloads, and the very best customer support available, buying marijuana seeds in Arkansas has never been easier or more assured.

Learn How To Grow Marijuana Seeds

Did you know the success to the perfect taste, highest potency and best buds is when you harvest!

Marijuana Grow Bible

Find out more:

  • Marijuana grow guides, learn the basics from building a grow room to starting your seeds and through the different stages to harvest.

  • Plant care guides, follow the simple steps and be aware of the signs of nutrient effeciences, pests, diseases, mold and more.

  • Medical Guides, With more USA states legalizing marijuana learn about growing your own medical marijuana and its uses and effects.

  • The grow bible also teaches you how and when you should harvest your plants for maximum taste, potency and how to get the most THC.