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Buy Pure Indica marijuana seeds, a highly popular strain with growers around the world. Our Pure Indica marijuana seeds for sale are of the highest quality. Completely feminized, every seed is guaranteed to germinate, producing the finest female plant.

An easy-to-grow strain, adaptable to a wide number of indoor and outdoor cultivation techniques. From beginner to seasoned veteran, enjoy high-quality buds, with fast, generous harvests, when you buy Pure Indica marijuana seeds online.

Pure Indica

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Pure Indica Seeds

Pure Indica Marijuana Seeds Growing Review.

In this age of exotic flavors, soaring effects and multiple, new hybrids, these Pure Indica marijuana seeds are a rarity. 100% Indica genetics, unaltered and untouched. It may be small, with a lower THC content than many, modern strains, but these buds induce a serious bout of relaxation. A favorite with recreational and medicinal users alike.

A tough, hardy plant, it doesn’t require the Mediterranean climate demanded by many hybrids. In fact, it’s one of the few varieties that can withstand cooler temperatures and higher levels of moisture. Mold resistant and naturally resilient, the plants thrive when cultivated outdoors, across the growing season.

If you’re looking for discreet, outdoor plants, these Pure Indica marijuana seeds are the perfect choice. A short vegetative cycle produces, squat, dense plants, reaching no-more than a meter tall. Outdoors, given more time to develop over the Spring and Summer months, plants are taller, with a dense appearance, thick stems and strong branches.

A favorite with indoor, Sea-of-Green growers, the short flowering cycle of around 8-weeks produces dense, nugget buds. Typical yields, averaging 6-ounces per square meter, may not be the biggest, but their easy harvests make the strain a favorite. Highly recommended for smaller growing areas, quickly forming a dense, even canopy.

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Seed Bank ILGM Seeds
Plant Type Feminized
Genetics 100% Indica 0% Sativa
Yield 6 oz per plant
Flowering 8 – 9 weeks
Harvest Month October
Climate Indoors | Mediterranean
Grow Difficulty Easy
Medical Grade Cannabis Yes
Pure Indica Feminized Strain Effects
THC Up to 14%
CBD Insignificant amounts
Pain Relief 9/10
Appetite 9/10
Anxiety 4/10
Nausea 4/10
Sleepiness 9/10
Effects Happy | Euphoric
Taste and Smell Fruity | Sweet

Pure Indica Marijuana Seeds Taste and Effects.

  • A strain with a sweet, slightly pungent aroma, hints of earth and ripe fruits are easily detectable, as the buds mature. Dried and cured, the smell increases slightly, adding to their bag-appeal. The flavor is similar, sweet and pleasant, with a slightly spicy after-taste. A thick, rich smoke, very smooth and enjoyable.
  • THC levels of 14% may seem quite low compared to many new hybrids, but the pure-Indica genetics induce powerful effects. Considered by many as the perfect evening and night-time strain, it quickly soothes the mind and body, easing stress, tension and anxiety. A great choice for long, lazy afternoons and relaxing evenings.
  • A favorite with medicinal marijuana growers and smokers, the strain’s pure-Indica genetics, manageable THC levels and medium CBD content, offers many health benefits. The effects ease muscular aches, pains and spasms, reducing pain and inflammation. An aid to sleep, as well as helping to stimulate the appetite.

Pure Indica Marijuana Seeds For Sale.

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Pure Indica Seeds

Product Name: Pure Indica Feminized

Product Description: An easy-to-grow strain, adaptable to a wide number of indoor and outdoor cultivation techniques. From beginner to seasoned veteran, enjoy high-quality buds, with fast, generous harvests. Available in packs 5, 10 and 20 feminized marijuana seeds.

Brand: ILGM Seeds

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