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Cannabis Seeds For Sale In Arizona.

Marijuana Arizona State Law

Is Cannabis Legal In Arizona?

Arizona legalized the use of medicinal Cannabis when voters enacted Proposition 203 in November of 2010. Since that time, further legislation has led to its legalization for recreational use, as well as a licensed retail framework and taxation policy.

Recreational users can legally purchase and possess up to one ounce of dried Cannabis buds, with no more than five grams in the form of concentrates. Medicinal users can possess up to two-and-half ounces with a valid medical card.

All Cannabis must be purchased from a licensed, state registered outlet. However, adult residents may cultivate up to six Cannabis plants, with no more than three mature, flowering plants at any one-time. You can legally possess all the Cannabis you produce securely within the home.

Up to one ounce of Cannabis or six plants can be gifted from one individual to another, as long as they remain within the legally specified limits.

Growing Cannabis In Arizona.

Cannabis Seeds For Sale In Arizona are available for all adult residents who have the right to grow up to six Cannabis plants. However there are certain restrictions. No more than twelve plants can be cultivated per house-hold, regardless of the number of adult residents. Plants must be out of visible site from public view.

Residents can grow Cannabis either indoors or outside within a secure area. Indoor growing rooms and small greenhouses are both popular choices. In general, indoor cultivated plants produce the highest quality buds, due to greater environmental control.

Initial set-up costs can be quite expensive. Growing Cannabis indoors requires a secure area, lighting and air filtration. Outdoor growers will also incur costs, such as a greenhouse and air movement/filtration.

You can learn more about indoor and outdoor cultivation techniques with the Marijuana Grow Guide. A complete and comprehensive manual, covering all aspects of growing Cannabis and Marijuana.

Download your free, no obligation copy today.

Growing Marijuana Legally In USA

Running costs should also be considered before you begin growing Cannabis in Arizona. High-quality seeds can  be expensive and will require a quality growing medium in which to develop.

Nutrients will be necessary to promote healthy growth and bud development. While protectors may be needed to prevent bud-rot or spider-mite issues. Pots, timers, fans, supplemental lighting, all these costs add up, requiring initial investment.

You can reduce your costs by taking advantage of our special offers and seed promotions. Buy high quality Cannabis seeds at the cheapest prices.

Buy 10 Get 10 Free Cannabis Seeds

Super Silver Haze Seeds

Super Silver Haze

Super Silver Haze Feminized

An almost pure Sativa, Super Silver Haze is well-known for it’s large glistening buds and generous coating of resin. A fast-maturing Haze producing a clear, energizing high that can be enjoyed all day with no loss of effect.

Super Skunk Seeds

Super Skunk

Super Skunk Feminized Seeds

Predominately an Indica, Super Skunk amplifies the potency, flavor and aroma of the original Skunk strain. Fast to mature and perfect for beginners, generating very good yields of pungent, sweet tasting buds with a powerful, relaxing effect.

White Widow Seeds

White Widow

White Widow Feminized Seeds

One of the first true indoor marijuana plants and still as powerful and potent as ever, White Widow is a popular medical marijuana choice offering high levels of natural pain relief and relaxing high. Energizing and a great social strain.

Feminized Cannabis Seeds.

Feminized Cannabis seeds are by far the most popular and commonly purchased. Devoid of all male chromosomes, they are guaranteed to germinate, creating a pure female plant. As only the female plant produces buds, cultivating feminized Cannabis seeds maximizes your crops potential yield.

Choose from a wide selection of strains, offering a variety of flavors, aromas and high’s. Select between Indica or Sativa dominant varieties. In general, Indica plants are squat and bushy, producing dense, resin-coated buds with a relaxing ‘body-buzz’ effect. Sativa strains induce a more cerebral euphoria and are best enjoyed in the daytime.

Choose Cannabis seeds that suit your level of experience and growing technique. Some strains are easier to cultivate than others, offering new and beginner growers a greater chance of a successful harvest. Many of the modern, popular hybrid strains produce their best yields when cultivated indoors.

We have a wide and varied selection of high-quality Cannabis seeds for sale, with strains for both recreational and medicinal use. Completely feminized and guaranteed to germinate, discover the widest choice of Cannabis seeds for sale in Arizona.

Bruce Banner Feminized

Bruce Banner

Bruce Banner Feminized Seeds

Created by Delta 9 Labs, Bruce Banner feminized marijuana seeds are a combination of Strawberry Diesel and OG Kush, creating an 80% Sativa dominant plant with huge yields and an extremely strong, fuel-like aroma. An awarded Cannabis Cup winner.

Gelato Feminized Seeds


Gelato Feminized

A potent strain with a high THC content, perfect for relaxing in the evening and socializing. Can help to reduce stress, ease depression and reduce chronic pain.

Super Lemon Haze Seeds

Super Lemon Haze

Super Lemon Haze Feminized

A perfect marijuana strain for all levels of experience, with a natural immunity to most bugs, pests and mites, and copes well with high levels of humidity. The classic Sativa stretch during the first few weeks of flowering produces a tall plant with large buds.

Autoflowering Cannabis Seeds.

Autoflowering Cannabis seeds are a popular choice for outdoor growers. Completely feminized, they produce buds of similar flavor, aroma and potency as traditional seeds, but are easier to grow and faster to mature.

Once germinated and sprouted, Autoflowering Cannabis plants grow, develop and flower simultaneously. They achieve complete maturity over an average 8 – 10 week period, producing smaller harvests of similar quality buds.

Autoflowering seeds are perfect for growing outdoors in Arizona. With no requirement for set hours of darkness to induce flowering, they produce their biggest and best quality harvests when given as many hours of strong sunlight as possible.

Planted from the early Spring, Autoflowering Cannabis seeds can produce regular harvests throughout the Summer months and into the Fall. A fast, easy and cost-effective way to produce your own high-quality Cannabis buds outdoors.

Find out more about our popular Feminized Autoflowering Cannabis seeds for sale.

Banana Kush Autoflowering Seeds

Banana Kush (Auto)

Banana Kush Autoflower Seeds

Banana Kush Autoflower seeds are a 60% Indica dominant strain, first bred and created in California, A mix between Ghost OG and Skunk Haze strains.

Gorilla Glue Autoflowering Seeds

Gorilla Glue (Auto)

Gorilla Glue Autoflower Seeds

A complex strain, Gorilla Glue Autoflower seeds are comprised of three different varieties blended together; Sour Dubb, Chem’s Sister and Chocolate Diesel.

Zkittles Autoflowering Seeds

Zkittlez (Auto)

Zkittlez Autoflower Seeds

Zkittlez Autoflower seeds produce dense, fruity buds with a powerful 23% THC content inducing a relaxing high.

Mix Packs Offer Greater Savings and Variety.

Cannabis has a wide variety of flavors, aroma’s and effects. Some have a fruity flavor, others are spicy, earthy or with a chemical after-taste. With so much variety, why limit your growing to just one strain?

We have a selection of Mix Pack Cannabis seeds for sale in Arizona, each containing three of the highest quality strains at the lowest of prices. Each packet contains three, individually packaged strains with an underlying trait or feature.

Choose from a 5 or 10 seed packet, containing a total of 15 or 30 seeds. From beginner to ‘cash-cropper’ there’s a Mix Pack to suit all levels of experience and palettes. Feminized and Autoflowering varieties available, as well as recreational and medicinal Mix Packs.

Find out more about our best selling Mix Pack Cannabis seeds for sale.

Autoflower Classics Seeds Mix

Classic Auto Mix

Autoflowering Classic Seeds Mix

If you’re looking for a variety of easy-to-grow Marijuana seeds, the Autoflower Classics Seeds Mix Pack is a perfect choice. Containing three classics strains. AK 47, Sour Diesel and Super Skunk

Feminized Super Seeds Mix

Super Mix

Super Mix Feminized Seeds

The Super Mixed Pack Seeds contains three feminized and highly popular Marijuana strains in one packet. Save $$$ compared to individual pack prices, with free shipping and guaranteed delivery to all parts of the USA.

Sweet Seeds Feminized Mix

Sweet Mix

Sweet Mix Feminized Seeds

Offering variety and huge discounts on individual pack purchases, the Sweet Mix Pack is a perfect choice for growers of all levels of experience. Three highly-prized Marijuana strains that can be successfully cultivated either indoors, with a purpose-built growing area, or outside, during the growing seasons.

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