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Cannabis Seeds For Sale In Colorado.

Marijuana Colorado State Law

Is Cannabis Legal In Colorado?

Colorado has always had a liberal attitude towards the use of Cannabis and Marijuana. In 2000 it was one of the first states to approve its use for medical purposes. Later legalizing recreational use in 2012. Now ten years on, Colorado has established a successful licensed retail framework, including a home delivery service.

All adult residents in Colorado can legally possess up to one ounce of dried Cannabis buds, or eight grams of concentrate. Visitors to the state can also purchase, possess and use up to one ounce, from any of the licensed retail outlets.

Home cultivation is permitted. Adults over the age of 21 can grow up to six mature plants at any one-time, with a maximum of three in flower. In shared homes, no more than twelve plants can be cultivated per household.

Colorado continues to support the use of medical Cannabis, permitting registered patients higher levels of possession.

Cannabis Seeds For Sale In Colorado.

Cannabis Seeds For Sale In Colorado are now available to all adult residents over the age of twenty-one who can legally grow up to six plants at home in Colorado. No more than three plants can be in flower at any one-time. Regardless of the number of residents, there is a twelve plant maximum, per household.

You can legally keep all the Cannabis you cultivate, but it must be secure and out of sight at home. Possession outside of the home is limited to one ounce, or two for medical card holders. Medical Cannabis users may be permitted to grow more plants, if it’s recommended by a qualified physician.

Indoor cultivation for personal use is extremely popular across the state, with many residents producing their own high-quality buds. Growing Cannabis outdoors in Colorado is possible, but rarely produces good quality harvests.

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Growing Marijuana Legally In USA

Growing Cannabis indoors can be fun, relaxing and very productive. What could be better than tending to the plants, while enjoying the fruits of your labor? With good equipment, a little knowledge and careful strain selection, you can soon begin producing your own high quality buds.

Feminized Cannabis seeds are the most popular and commonly purchased. Devoid of all male chromosomes, each seed is guaranteed to germinate, producing a pure female plant. Perfect for indoor growers, they offer a wide choice of flavors, aroma’s and effects.

Enjoy classic strains with potent, powerful high’s. Find our best Cannabis seed deals below.

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White Widow Seeds

White Widow

White Widow Feminized Seeds

One of the first true indoor marijuana plants and still as powerful and potent as ever, White Widow is a popular medical marijuana choice offering high levels of natural pain relief and relaxing high. Energizing and a great social strain.

Super Skunk Seeds

Super Skunk

Super Skunk Feminized Seeds

Predominately an Indica, Super Skunk amplifies the potency, flavor and aroma of the original Skunk strain. Fast to mature and perfect for beginners, generating very good yields of pungent, sweet tasting buds with a powerful, relaxing effect.

Super Silver Haze Seeds

Super Silver Haze

Super Silver Haze Feminized

An almost pure Sativa, Super Silver Haze is well-known for it’s large glistening buds and generous coating of resin. A fast-maturing Haze producing a clear, energizing high that can be enjoyed all day with no loss of effect.

Medical Cannabis Seeds For Sale.

Cannabis has been used as a medicine for thousands of years, with records describing its use dating back to ancient China. It was commonly used across Europe and the USA, until its subsequent prohibition during the 1940’s.

With reports and research proving its medicinal value, many states across the USA permit registered patients the opportunity to legally possess and grow their own medical Cannabis for personal use. There are presently thirty-five states that approve the use of medical Cannabis.

For some people, obtaining a medical Marijuana card gave them the opportunity to buy and use good quality Cannabis. For others, it offered a natural form of medicine. Capable of reducing chronic pain, inflammation, epileptic seizures and mental health issues, such as ADHD and PTSD.

Cannabis contains many natural compounds. The two primary being THC, responsible for the ‘high’ and CBD, containing the plants medicinal qualities. Almost all Cannabis strains produce varying levels of these compounds.

Demand has increased substantially for more medicinal Cannabis varieties. Seed producers have developed several new strains for this market. Most contain much stronger levels of CBD and a lower THC content that traditional Cannabis plants.

We have a selection of premium quality medical Cannabis seeds for sale online. Choose from strains with a balanced CBD/THC content, to those with little, if any cerebral effects. All seeds are completely feminized and guaranteed to germinate.

Carmagnola CBD Feminized Seeds

Carmagnola CBD

Carmagnola CBD Feminized Seeds

Carmagnola CBD is an Indica dominant marijuana strain with close to no THC. Growing Carmagnola CBD seeds are a great way to enjoy GMO free legal cannabis.

Harlequin Feminized Seeds

Harlequin CBD

Harlequin Feminized Seeds

Harlequin marijuana seeds are a complex blend of four pure strains; Columbian Gold, Swiss and Thai Sativa’s, together with an Nepalese Indica. Together they produce a moderately easy to grow strain that offers exceptionally high levels of CBD, and a reduced THC content.

Strawberry kush CBD Feminized Seeds

Strawberry Kush CBD

Strawberry Kush CBD Feminized Seeds

Strawberry Kush CBD has less than 0.2% THC with a very high CBD levels upto 8%. These hand selected indica dominant seeds produce small easy to grow plants ideal for beginners.

Recreational Cannabis Seeds For Sale.

For recreational users it’s all about the effects. THC, the chemical compound found in Cannabis causes changes in the brain that can be relaxing and sedative, to creative, energizing and euphoric. In general, the higher the THC level, the stronger the effects.

The effects that Cannabis induce in a person depends upon the genetics of the strain. Cannabis can be split into two varieties; Indica, which produces a ‘body-buzz’ relaxing, physical effect and Sativa, which produces a more cerebral, euphoric high.

Many of the most popular, modern strains contain elements of both Indica and Sativa genetics. The effects can be fast-acting and long-lasting, with strains often described as ‘day’ or ‘night-time’ varieties, depending on their effects.

During the 1980’s the USA’s ‘war on Cannabis’ forced breeders abroad, where Amsterdam, Holland, became the world’s ‘Weed Capital’. Development forced on creating exciting flavors and aroma’s with stronger and stronger levels of THC.

Original ‘Land-race’ Cannabis varieties such as Thai, Jamaican and Columbian, contain between 10% – 15% THC. Many of the new hybrids have pushed that level to 25% and beyond. Ultra-strong and powerful, they produce an intense ‘high’ that can become ‘couch-locking’.

Highly popular and of the highest quality, find our more about our popular recreational Cannabis seeds for sale in Colorado.

Blue Dream Seeds

Blue Dream

Blue Dream Feminized Seeds

Extremely aromatic and filled with an explosive fruit flavor, Blue Dream is an highly popular West Coast strain producing a relaxing and balanced high. Easy to grow and capable of producing large harvests, a perfect choice for indoor growers.

Durban Poison Feminized Seeds

Durban Poison

Durban Poison Feminized Seeds

Now available in feminized form, each of these Durban Poison seeds is 100% guaranteed to germinate, producing a vibrant and stable, high quality female plant. Expect vigorous growth and dense, sticky buds, coated with some of the largest resin filled glands possible.

Sour Diesel Seeds

Sour Diesel

Sour Diesel Feminized Seeds

Highly recommended strain for both recreational and medical users, Sour Diesel induces a creative, dreamy cerebral high that energizes and invigorates. Perfect for relieving stress, pain and depression with a unique flavor and aroma.

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