Free Marijuana Seeds 420 Week.

To celebrate this year’s special Marijuana day, we are giving away some of the finest, highest quality strains with our free Marijuana seeds 420 offer. Enjoy the biggest choice, and largest savings when you buy Cannabis and Marijuana seeds online.

Free Best Selling Cannabis Seeds 420 Week

Happy 420! – Week Three Promotion.

This year, April 2020 should have been a month of Marijuana celebrations and parties, with more and more people legally able to buy, grow and enjoy Marijuana for both medicinal and recreational purposes than ever before. However, due to the Covid 19 pandemic that has swept the globe, these parties and gatherings will have to wait until next year.

You can still celebrate of course, and to mark this special day we are giving away a selection of the finest strains with our Free Marijuana Seeds 420 offer. With ‘old-school’ classics, new popular strains, and even a selection of our best Autoflowering seeds included, save $$$ when you take advantage of this exceptional offer, available for one-week only.

All our recommended Cannabis and Marijuana seeds are dispatched directly from I Love Growing Marijuana, one of the world’s leading producers and suppliers of high quality feminized and Autoflowering seeds. Postage and packing is included in the price, with ‘stealth’ shipping and guaranteed delivery on all purchases.

Take a look at some of the best strains available below, and enjoy this free Marijuana seeds 420 special offer.

Free Marijuana Seeds 420 Bestseller’s.

Blue Dream Feminized Seeds.

An 80% Sativa dominant strain created from Blueberry and Super Silver Haze genes. Originally from California, Blue Dream has become one of our most popular feminized Marijuana strains, loved by recreational and medical users alike. Requiring a small amount of experience and knowledge to produce its most potent harvests, the plants can be successfully cultivated either indoors or outside, with an average flowering time of 9 weeks.

A great day-time strain, Blue Dream produces a creative, mellow high, invigorating the body and stimulating creativity. THC levels of up to 21% and a moderate CBD level produce a mild euphoria, helping to reduce pain, anxiety and depression, as well as headaches, menstrual cramps and inflammation.

Yields are generous, with average harvests of approximately 21 oz per square meter indoors, and similar per-plant harvests from outdoor cultivated plants, grown over the course of an entire season. Known for its purple/blue appearance and sweet berry and vanilla flavor, it’s the choice strain of many day-time smokers.

Buy 10 Blue Dream feminized Marijuana seeds today and receive 10 extra with the free Marijuana seeds 420 special offer.

420 Sale Blue Dream Feminized Seeds

Girl Scout Cookies Feminized and Autoflowering Seeds.

A well-known and loved strain, famed for its unique, sweet flavor, Girl Scout Cookies is an 80% Indica dominant strain combining genes from OG Kush and Durban Poison. Available as either conventional feminized or Autoflowering seeds, they grow well both indoors and outside with an average 10 weeks in flower to achieve complete maturity, or 8 weeks total from seedling to maturity for the Autoflowering variety.

Yields are above average, with the feminized seeds producing approximately 21 oz of dried, high quality buds per square meter and the autoflowering versions between 4 – 6 oz but in a far shorter time, and regardless of the number of hours of daily sunlight the plants receive.

With its Indica dominant genetics, Girl Scout Cookies is an easy Marijuana strain to grow, generating good harvests of pungent, sweet-tasting buds. THC levels of approximately 21% produce a creative, euphoric and happy sensation, helping to reduce stress, pain and depression, as well as improving the appetite.

Buy Girl Scout Cookies feminized or Autoflowering seeds during the free Marijuana seeds 420 offer and receive 10 extra seeds absolutely free.

420 Sale Girl Scout Cookies Extreme Feminized Seeds

Gorilla Glue Feminized and Autoflowering Seeds.

Gorilla Glue Marijuana seeds are an extremely popular strain, created from a blend of 50% Indica and 50% Sativa genes. Very easy to grow, and available as both feminized and Autoflowering seeds, all completely guaranteed to produce the finest, pure-female plants either indoors, or outside over the growing season.

Extremely potent and well-known for its thick coating of sticky resin, Gorilla Glue Marijuana seeds produce some of the strongest THC levels, up to 26%, inducing a euphoric, uplifting ‘high’, and is often prescribed to help reduce depression, insomnia and stress, while increasing and improving the appetite.

Feminized Gorilla Glue seeds are perfect for indoor growers, producing 16 – 18 oz of the highest quality buds per square meter, over an average eight week flowering period. Gorilla Glue Autoflowering seeds are also feminized and guaranteed to produce pure female plants, but require just 8 weeks in total to grow, flower and completely mature, producing between 4 – 6 oz per square meter, and similar per-plant harvests when cultivated outdoors.

Buy either versions of Gorilla Glue in packs of 10 this week and receive an extra 10 seeds at no extra cost with the free Marijuana seeds 420 offer.

420 Sale Gorilla Glue Feminized Seeds

Grand Daddy Purple Feminized Seeds.

Created by crossing Purple Urkle and Big Bud, Grand Daddy Purple is a heavy-yielding pure 100% Indica strain with a sweet, fruity flavor and wonderful purple colored flowers and buds. A generous and easy Marijuana strain to grow, either indoors or outside, producing large yields of approximately 14 – 17 oz of dense buds per square meter.

Grand Daddy Purple is loved by recreational users for its colorful appearance and fast, hard-hitting high. THC of 23% produce potent, uplifting effects, leaving the user feeling happy, creative and energized. Often prescribed for medicinal use, it can assist in reducing pain, stress and depression, as well as increasing the appetite and assisting in a good nights sleep.

With a 9 week flowering cycle, these feminized Marijuana are a great choice for cultivating indoors, or outside over the growing season. Squat and bushy, they are perfectly suited to a variety of growing techniques, including Sea-of-Green, Screen-of-Green, super-cropping, pruning, bending and training.

Buy 10 Grand Daddy Purple feminized Marijuana seeds today and get 10 extra seeds at no extra cost with our free Marijuana seeds 420 offer..

420 Sale Grand Daddy Purple Feminized Seeds

Free Marijuana Seeds 420 Bestsellers Deals.

If you didn’t see your favorite strain above, don’t worry, we have many more seeds and varieties available during this special Free Marijuana Seeds 420 week, with a wide selection of both feminized and Autoflowering seeds for sale, all sold with guaranteed delivery and 10 extra seeds totally free!

If you’ve been tempted to buy Marijuana seeds online in the past, now is the perfect time to get twice as many seeds for the same price, while enjoying the benefits of free, guaranteed delivery to all parts of Europe and the USA.

Many of our new strains are included in this free Marijuana seeds 420 offer, including Banana Kush, Wedding Cake and Gelato, a selection of new and highly potent varieties with sweet flavors and great yields for both indoor and outdoor growers.

420 Sale Best Selling Cannabis Seeds - Buy 10 Get 10 Free

Take part in the free Marijuana seeds 420 celebrations with some of the best deals and special offers available.

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