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The Dank Cake Marijuana Seed Sale.

The Dank Cake Marijuana Seed Sale starts today, If you like having your cake and smoking it, this Dank Cake marijuana seed could be the sale you’ve been waiting for. Starting today, November 2nd and running through until November 6th, our friends at I Love Growing Marijuana and featuring two of their most-celebrated strains, in a special buy-10-get-10-free offer.

Two, mouth-watering varieties, Wedding Cake and LA Kush Cake, both available in this time-limited offer. Receiving your free, 10-seed packet couldn’t be easier. Simply purchase a 10-seed packet during this special Dank Cake marijuana seed sale, and a second, identical packet will automatically be added to order. No fees, no extra costs! Just free marijuana seeds.

Postage, packing and delivery are all included in price. Enjoy fast, guaranteed delivery to all parts of the USA, when you buy marijuana seeds online. These two, top-selling strains are available in both feminized and female autoflowering seeds. Buy a 10-seed packet and enjoy an identical packet, absolutely free.

Whisk away those early winter blues, because it’s time to have your Dank Cake and eat it! Ten free seeds for every 10-seed packet purchased during the Dank Cake marijuana seed sale.

ILGM are thrilled to announce this special promotion with two of their most outstanding strains that promise to enchant growers from all corners! Dive right in and explore the unparalleled effects of LA Kush Cake and Wedding Cake!

Feminized LA Kush Cake Marijuana Seeds

Ready for a slice of plant paradise? LA Kush Cake will have you craving more! This incredible hybrid is a delightful blend, layering earthy undertones with a rich and sugary frosting of flavors. Every puff? Pure dessert-like bliss that relaxes you to your core. It’s the cherry on top of a relaxing day!

A blend of 60% Indica, 40% Sativa, these feminized seeds are guaranteed to germinate, producing the finest, pure-female plants. An easy-to-grow variety, the plants display typical Indica-dominant traits and characteristics. Expect squat, bushy plants with large, dark-green leaves, strong branches and thick stems. Perfect for Sea-of-Green cultivation techniques.

With THC levels that can reach up to 25%, the effects are strong enough for even the most seasoned smoker. The intoxicating blend of Sativa and Indica genetics, produces a strong, powerful, yet relaxing high, very sociable and creative. A great choice for enjoying with friends, it can help reduce stress and anxiety, allowing stimulating, happy thoughts and a relaxed, positive outlook.

Buy 10, get 10 free LA Kush Cake during this special, time-sensitive sale.

LA Kush Cake

Feminized Seeds

LA Kush Cake Feminized - Buy 10 Get 10 Free Seeds

Feminized Wedding Cake Marijuana Seeds

If you’re on the hunt for that show-stopping flavor profile, let Wedding Cake strut down your garden’s aisle! Imagine savoring a potent mix of flavors, enveloped by a gentle herbal embrace. It’s like having your cake and smoking it too! Yield, flavor and potency. The Holy Trinity for all growers.

Wedding Cake marijuana seeds have become a favorite with indoor growers across the USA. Their Indica-dominance makes them the perfect choice for modern, Sea-of-Green methods, quickly producing a thick, even canopy across the growing area. A short vegetative period, followed by 8 – 10 weeks in flower, can generate impressive yields of up to 18-ounces per square meter.

From its blend of Indica and Sativa genes, the buds induce a powerful, long-lasting high. A favorite with many recreational users, strong THC levels of up to 25%, are more than enough for even the most seasoned veteran. The fast-acting effects induce a relaxed sensation, easing aches, pains and the stress of the day. Perfect for lazy afternoons and into the evening.

Receive a free 10-seed packet with every 10-seed purchase. More seeds for your money.

Wedding Cake

Feminized Seeds

Wedding Cake Feminized - Buy 10 Get 10 Free Seeds

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Over the last few years, I Love Growing Marijuana have become one of the USA’s most trusted and respected online suppliers of high-quality cannabis and marijuana seeds. Each seed is guaranteed to germinate, or replaced, free of charge. Get the very most from your Winter grow, with these premium quality seeds, offering mouth-watering flavors and full-on effects.

With a wide choice of seeds and strains, there’s always plenty of choice with a selection of top-quality feminized and autoflowering marijuana seeds. Recreational seeds with strong levels of THC. Medicinal varieties with elevated CBD content for added health benefits. Fast easy-growing autoflowering seeds, perfect for all levels of experience. Choose from one of the widest selections of premium-quality marijuana seeds for sale online.

Receive all the help you need to enjoy the rewards of a successful grow. There’s always something to learn, when your’re growing marijuana, especially during those first, early, indoor-grows. Read or download free grow guides and feeding schedules, helping you achieve the best harvests ever. All completely free of charge.

Buy two of the very best-loved and most-purchased strains across the USA. Receive an extra 10-seed packet with each and every purchase. The more packets you purchase, the more free marijuana seeds you’ll receive. Don’t miss out! Act today, it may be a while before these strains are on offer again.

Find all the very best marijuana seeds for sale online. Enjoy special offers and deals, giving you more free marijuana seeds for your money.

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ILGM Dank Cake Seed Sale

Store Name: ILGM

Store Description: Starting from November 2nd and running through November 6th, we're celebrating these fantastic strains with a special dank cake seed sale. During this limited-time offer, when you buy 10 seeds, you'll receive an additional 10 seeds absolutely free!

Price range: $89 - $420

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