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Black Friday Sneak Peek Marijuana Seed Sale.

We all love a Black Friday bargain, so what could be better than a free, 10-seed packet of your favorite marijuana seeds? November is well-known for pre-Christmas sales and give-away’s, so before the main event begins, let’s start the season off with this Black Friday Sneak Peek Marijuana Seed Sale. Your chance to grab a free 10-seed packet with each qualifying packet purchased.

Don’t accept free marijuana seeds of unknown, unwanted strains. Simply select a 10-seed packet from any of the qualifying strains and a second, identical packet will automatically be added to your order. There’s no limit to the number of 10-seed packets you can purchase, so the more packets you buy, the more, free marijuana seeds you qualify for. Save yourself money and double your stocks for free, during this Black Friday Sneak Peek marijuana seed sale.

There’s a wide, varied choice of seeds, suitable for all cultivation methods and levels of experience. Choose from a wealth of top-quality seeds, all completely feminized and guaranteed to germinate. For those looking for the quickest, easiest harvests, check out out selection of female autoflowering marijuana seeds. Top-quality strains, guaranteed to germinate the produce the finest, pure-female plants.

Get your holiday shopping done for all the growers on your list, or treat yourself to something new with fresh strains, including; Durban Poison, GMO Cookies, Wedding Cake and more!

Durban Poison Feminized Marijuana Seeds.

Many growers across the USA, buy Durban Poison marijuana seeds and grow the plants indoors. The strain responds well, to many, low-stress training techniques and is a favorite with Screen-of-Green growers. Fast growth and development over an average 4 – 8 week vegetative cycle, produces large plants with multiple budding sites. Average flowering times of between 7 – 9 weeks can generate yields of up to 13-ounces per-plant.

The majority of marijuana seeds for sale are hybrid strains, containing both Indica and Sativa genetics. One of the main reasons people buy Durban Poison marijuana seeds is for its true Sativa heritage. The large, dense buds are coated in resin, with a strong, earthy-pine flavor and aroma. A favorite for making oils, edibles and concentrates from.

With THC levels of 20% and a low CBD content, the effects are energizing and focused. A ‘clear-headed’ high provides inspiration and creativity, together with the energy and motivation to perform everyday tasks. A great choice for smoking throughout the day and a favorite for socializing with friends.

Buy Durban Poison marijuana seeds, get a 10-seed packet free of charge.

Durban Poison

Feminized Seeds

Durban Poison Feminized - Buy 10 Get 10 Free Seeds

Wedding Cake Feminized Marijuana Seeds.

If there was ever a pedigree, hybrid strain, these Wedding Cake marijuana seeds would be top-of-the-list. Created from two, exceptionally popular hybrids; Girl Scout Cookies and Cherry Pie, these 70% Indica, 30% Sativa plants are completely feminized, guaranteed to germinate and easy to grow. Who doesn’t like a piece of wedding cake?

Wedding Cake marijuana seeds have become a favorite with indoor growers across the USA. Their Indica-dominance makes them the perfect choice for modern, Sea-of-Green methods, quickly producing a thick, even canopy across the growing area. A short vegetative period, followed by 8 – 10 weeks in flower, can generate impressive yields of up to 18-ounces per square meter.

From its blend of Indica and Sativa genes, the buds induce a powerful, long-lasting high. A favorite with many recreational users, strong THC levels of up to 25%, are more than enough for even the most seasoned veteran. The fast-acting effects induce a relaxed sensation, easing aches, pains and the stress of the day. Perfect for lazy afternoons and into the evening.

Double your stocks with twenty Wedding Cake seeds and pay for just ten.

Wedding Cake

Feminized Seeds
Wedding Cake Feminized - Buy 10 Get 10 Free Seeds

GMO Cookies Feminized Marijuana Seeds.

GMO Cookies marijuana seeds deliver the best of both Sativa and Indica characteristics. A blend of 90% Indica, 10% Sativa, these special seeds grow like a Sativa, tall, with long branches, while flowering like an Indica, generating an abundance of dense, hard buds. With a little knowledge and experience, generate heavy harvests of top-quality buds.

GMO Cookies marijuana seeds can be successfully cultivated indoors, but require a little more knowledge and experience, than many other, Indica-dominant varieties. Height can be an issue, with pruning, topping and the Screen-of-Green technique all reducing their size, while helping form an more even canopy. Flowering times average 8-weeks, with yields dependent on environment.

A strong, powerful strain with THC levels of up to 28%. The effects are fast-acting and long-lasting, beginning as waves of uplifting euphoria, before slipping into a deeply relaxed, almost ‘couch-locking’ state. A great afternoon and early-evening strain, inducing a sociable, relaxed sensation and creative, stimulating thoughts. Heavier use can induce ‘couch-locking’ effects.

Receive 20 feminized GMO Cookies marijuana seeds for the price of ten, during the Black Friday Sneak Peek sale.

GMO Cookies

Feminized Seeds
GMO Cookies Feminized - Buy 10 Get 10 Free Seeds

Buy Marijuana Seeds Online.

Buy marijuana seeds online, from one of the world’s most respected suppliers. All our marijuana seeds for sale are dispatched directly by I Love Growing Marijuana. Based in Modesto, California, they have become one of the leading suppliers of high-quality marijuana seeds, across the USA. Buy from the very best online suppliers and enjoy the highest quality seeds, biggest, best quality harvests and mouth-watering flavors.

With no added costs or fees, enjoy postage, packing and fast, guaranteed delivery to all parts of the USA. Your free marijuana seeds will be automatically added to your order, prior to dispatch. With a first-class, dedicated customer care team, all queries regarding your order will be swiftly answered and dealt with.

There’s a wide assortment of high-quality strains available in this special, Black Friday Sneak Peek Marijuana Seeds sale, click through the banner below to see the complete selection. You’ll find the widest selection of popular. new hybrids, as well as some of best-loved, ‘Old-School’ varieties, still as good today as they’ve always been!

Receive the freshest, highest quality seeds and all the help you need to produce a successful harvest. Find free growing guides, helping you produce the best plants and biggest harvests possible. With access to feeding schedules, together with customer reviews and complete, up-to-date analysis, you’re sure to discover the best marijuana seeds for sale online.

Find mouth-watering flavors and potent new hybrids, during the Black Friday Sneak Peek Marijuana Seed Sale.

Best Black Friday Marijuana Seed Deals
ILGM Seeds Black Friday Sneak Peek Sale

Store Name: ILGM Seed Bank

Store Description: We all love a bargain, so what could be better than a free, 10-seed packet of your favorite marijuana seeds? November is well-known for pre-Christmas sales and events, so before the main event begins, let's start the season off with this Black Friday Sneak Peek Marijuana Seed Sale. Your chance to grab a free 10-seed packet with each qualifying packet purchased.

Price range: $79 - $420

Address: 931 10th Street, #272 95354 Modesto, California USA

Telephone: (415) 906-0434

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